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PMG 2 Chapter 112: Even Without Godly Imperial Weapons, I Can Kill You…

PMG 2 Chapter 112: Even Without Godly Imperial Weapons, I Can Kill You…

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Lin Feng smiled mockingly and asked Sage Jin that question. He sounded indifferent.

Everybody gulped down. Sage Jin was astonished, too.

Battle to the death? These people were all gods, they didn’t want to die recklessly, they had already taken so many risks in life to reach such a level, and were even more afraid of death at their level than at the beginning of their cultivation.

Death frightened them more and more with time.

Sage Jin remained silent. Even though he wasn’t afraid of Lin Feng, he didn’t think the latter was strong enough. The problem was that if an accident happened, he wouldn’t be able to explain it to the Holy Shrine.

“You don’t dare? Then why are you begging to fight? Winning or losing is not interesting, it’s boring,” taunted Lin Feng, smiling mockingly when he saw that Sage Jin didn’t reply. Many of the Gods Sect’s disciples looked delighted. They were regaining face.

“If you don’t dare, then piss off!” shouted all the disciples of the Gods Sect furiously. The members of the Spiritual Region’s Holy Shrine all pulled long faces.

They didn’t know what to do anymore. Lin Feng was just crazy!

“I’ll battle to death,” said Holy Leng Mian finally. He was convinced he couldn’t die against Lin Feng.

Sage Jin wanted to prevent him from going, but after careful consideration, let him pass.

They had reached a point of no return. They had already humiliated the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine, they couldn’t give up halfway, even if they had to take the risk losing a holy cultivator.

“Fight!” said Sage Jin. Holy Leng Mian instantly threw himself at Lin Feng, firmly holding his axe. The Qi around his weapon became explosive, and had already surpassed his own Qi by far.

“Lin Feng, take my godly imperial weapon,” said Patriarch Zi Jian, giving Lin Feng a godly imperial weapon. He was afraid that Lin Feng would get injured if he didn’t use a godly imperial weapon, so he gave him one of his. That godly imperial weapon was probably enough against Holy Leng Mian’s axe.

Holy Leng Mian looked grim. With a weapon, Lin Feng was going to be much stronger, but Holy Leng Mian still didn’t think that Lin Feng could win.

What astonished the whole crowd was that Lin Feng didn’t take Patriarch Zi Jian’s weapon, a purple sword, and instead, he took out his own God’s Sword.

“I can kill you even without a godly imperial weapon!” declared Lin Feng firmly. He threw his sword, and released fast strength in his feet. Lin Feng remembered what he had studied back then in the Godly Grave, and used what he had learned.

Holy Leng Mian had managed to defeat Mo Da just before even though he hadn’t used much strength. He had only won using his godly imperial weapon. Therefore, Lin Feng avoided using a godly imperial weapon.

When Holy Leng Mian saw that Lin Feng wasn’t using a godly imperial weapon, it influenced him in a bad way, he didn’t assess the situation that well. His axe attacks all failed, and Lin Feng’s sword moved towards him quickly and he didn’t know how to react.

Lin Feng raised his left foot and his sword moved towards Holy Leng Mian’s face incredibly fast. Lin Feng’s God’s Sword contained an incredible energy and was extremely sharp. Many people gulped down.

Mo Da looked grim. He had fought against Holy Leng Mian and he had lost a few attacks. Lin Feng didn’t seem to be the one who was going to lose at that moment and he wasn’t using a godly imperial weapon. Mo Da was furious and his cheeks were burning.

“Lin Feng, I will show you how powerful a godly imperial weapon can be! You refused to use one, it shows how naive you are, argh!” shouted Holy Leng Mian after dodging Lin Feng’s sword. He jumped back a hundred meters and turned into a beam of light. A demon dragon appeared around his axe and a powerful hurricane started blowing around it. The lights from the axe illuminated the whole stage as it hacked towards Lin Feng’s chest extremely quickly.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Feng sensed a very oppressive strength surround him. He had the impression he was fighting against a High-Level Holy Emperor. That godly imperial weapon was extremely powerful, it almost gave a cultivator the strength of a High-Level Holy Emperor.

Lin Feng released forbidden strength, he didn’t mind using it in front of other people anymore. With forbidden strength, Lin Feng’s attacks were all much more powerful.

Lin Feng shouted and raised his God’s Sword. White lights flashed and streaked across the sky. Lin Feng flashed and raised his left hand, releasing an explosive forbidden strength.

Conflicting energies exploded. The stage shook violently. The scenery looked apocalyptic.

“Forbidden strength, go!” Lin Feng shouted furiously. He condensed all his forbidden strength in his God’s Sword. The God’s Sword became incredibly dazzling, like it could overrun all defenses.

Holy Leng Mian looked grim. He stared at Lin Feng and raised his arms. His axe moved to intercept the God’s Sword.

When the two weapons collided, the forbidden strength and the Qi of the God’s Sword weren’t any weaker than the Qi of the axe.

The two Qis collided, and the space went dark. The whole Godly Mountain shook violently. Many people left the stands and released Qi to protect themselves.

Disciples at the foot of the battle stage were scared, and some of them were blown away. Their faces paled. They had released Qi to block the energy, but they felt like small boats in a roaring ocean. Releasing strength was useless. Energies churned violently all around them.

Fan Tian Gang’s expression changed drastically. Without thinking, he jumped to the stage and raised his hands. A curtain of light appeared all around and blocked the energies created by the collision of the two weapons.

“Haha, Sage Tian Gang, fight against me, haha!” Sage Jin started laughing frantically, jumping and attacking Fan Tian Gang by surprise. He suddenly looked angry.

“People from the Spiritual Region’s Holy Shrine are not going to leave today!” shouted Fan Tian Gang furiously. Then he flashed and attacked Sage Jin.

Holy Tie Mian also looked grim and ice-cold. He threw his fist at some disciples from the Gods Sect. attacking them. He was also using a weapon.

“Try and dare!” shouted Di Shu furiously. He threw his hand out at Holy Tie Mian, slapping him violently. The latter was pushed a thousand meters away, but he wasn’t injured. Di Shu was irate.

“Demon Transformation!” shouted Holy Tie Mian. He raised his hands and everybody sensed an incredible demon energy fill the air in waves. His eyes became bloodshot. At that moment, Holy Tie Mian’s strength was also that of a High-Level Holy Emperor!

After his transformation, Holy Tie Mian had the strength of the High-Level Holy Emperor layer. Simply terrifying!

Di Shu looked grim, while Holy Tie Mian didn’t say anything, he just attacked. Di Shu and Holy Tie Mian also started fighting.

“Crush all the members of the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine! Kill as many as you can!”

shouted Sage Jin to all the members from the Spiritual Region. Suddenly, Lin Feng saw dozens of people come out of the crowd. They were almost all Low-Level Holy Emperors, the weakest ones were Half-Holy Emperors!

It was a plot. No matter who the winner was that day, the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine would suffer great losses anyway!

Lin Feng turned around, raising his left hand with his God’s Sword. He disappeared. Holy Leng Mian looked furious. He flew forwards with the greatest care, looking for Lin Feng.

“Since you wanted a battle to death, I will kill you!!”

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