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PMG 2 Chapter 113: I Killed Him!

PMG 2 Chapter 113: I Killed Him!

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Lin Feng stretched out his hand at Holy Leng Mian. His hand was about half a meter away from Holy Leng Mian’s head. It contained a terrifying demon Dao strength, as well as an explosive forbidden strength. Everybody stared at them.

Sage Jin punched Fan Tian Gang and pushed him back. Then he looked Holy Leng Mian, his face paling. He used his full strength to fly towards Lin Feng.

“Try and dare, young man!” shouted Sage Jin furiously, flying towards Lin Feng. Sage Jin was fast, but Lin Feng’s hand was even faster.

As Sage Jin flew towards him, he saw Lin Feng’s hand crash onto Holy Leng Mian’s head. Lin Feng’s hand continued piercing through his body vertically from top to bottom, until it reached the battle stage. A huge crater even appeared on the battle stage.

“AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! My head!” screamed Holy Leng Mian. His seven apertures were badly injured. He slowly fell down from the sky. Lin Feng flashed towards him again and caught him.

“Everybody stop moving!!!!” shouted Lin Feng firmly. Suddenly, everybody stopped.

Holy Tie Mian turned to Lin Feng and saw that he was holding Holy Leng Mian by the head. His expression changed drastically.

All the members of the Spiritual Region’s Holy Leng Mian stopped fighting. They all stared at Holy Leng Mian. Lin Feng was holding him by the head, what a humiliation for them.

Lin Feng glanced at the crowd and then at the Holy Leng Mian he was holding. He said indifferently, “Since it was a battle to the death, I will take his life.”

“Try and dare, fellow!” snarled Sage Jin in icy fury. His eyes were filled with murder. He released Qi, trying to intimidate Lin Feng to prevent him from killing Holy Leng Mian.

Sage Jin didn’t know Lin Feng, though!

Lin Feng smiled cruelly. Everybody saw him raise his left hand and put his right hand on Holy Leng Mian’s temples. Strength pierced through Holy Leng Mian’s face, and he looked dumbstruck. His Qi weakened, and vanished.

“Now, don’t tell me I am a coward again. The fact that I don’t feel like fighting doesn’t mean I’m a coward or a weakling. It just means I don’t feel like killing anyone. And today, I killed Holy Leng Mian because the members of the Spiritual Region’s Holy Shrine humiliated us. Your insolence killed him.

“Oh, by the way, I almost forgot, the first disciples who humiliated me were members of your Shrine who were hiding among our people, right? Hehe, morons, don’t blame me then!” Lin Feng smiling icily and glancing at Sage Jin. He sounded amused.

Sage Jin looked glum. He had been careless, and because of that, he had lost a holy cultivator.

Even though Holy Leng Mian was a new holy cultivator and was weaker than the others, it was still a pity that he had been killed like that by Lin Feng, especially since Lin Feng was also a new holy cultivator and he had used his own strength to kill Holy Leng Mian. He hadn’t even used a godly imperial weapon. Not only had the Spiritual Region’s Holy Shrine lost their honor and dignity, but they had also lost a holy cultivator!

“I killed him, but you can’t blame me. You came to cause trouble. We know that, and now you paid the price for it. I don’t care how many holy cultivators, High-Level Holy Emperors or Low-Level Holy Emperors you sent.

“I don’t care about the tensions which exist between the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine and your Holy Shrine, it has nothing to do with me. If you humiliate me again, if you call me a piece of trash, a coward, or a weakling again, I will be merciless.

“Remember what I said; if you come and piss me off again, I will kill you without hesitation!”

“Die!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He looked like a demon.

Sage Jin’s expression looked ferocious and hideous, as he stared at Lin Feng. In the end, he burst out with a strange laugh.

“Alright, haha! Good boy! You’re strong. I wish you much success, Holy Lin Feng!

“Let’s go. Hmph!” shouted Sage Jin, rolling up his sleeves. All the members of the Spiritual Region’s Holy Shrine gathered together again. Holy Tie Mian looked absolutely furious. He flew towards Lin Feng and slowly stretched out his left hand, demanding, “Give me the corpse!”

“The corpse is useless to me. You can have it!” said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently. He threw the corpse with both hands at Holy Leng Mian. Holy Leng Mian caught the corpse, glanced at Lin Feng, but said nothing as he left.

Sage Jin was furious. He didn’t say goodbye to Fan Tian Gang, either. All the members of the Spiritual Region’s Holy Shrine disappeared quickly.

The great competition was over. Nobody had thought things would happen that way. Nobody had thought a holy cultivator of the Spiritual Region’s Holy Shrine would die on today. The members of the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine wouldn’t forget about it for a long time.

“Lin Feng, you took risks for the Holy Shrine. The Holy Shrine must give you even more. I am going back to the Holy Shrine and inform the Holy Shrine’s Leader, he will know what to do. Take care for now,” said Fan Tian Gang, as he left quickly.

Di Shu and Sheng Hui flashed and landed in front of Lin Feng. Di Shu shouted, “You plotted and caused trouble! I hope the Gods Sect won’t be in trouble because of you!”

“Caused trouble? You think I caused trouble?” Lin Feng asked Di Shu.

Di Shu smiled icily and said, “What? You think nobody knows it?”

“Ridiculous. You’re the leader of the Supreme Elders but you’re just the biggest joke in the world. If I hadn’t gotten involved, what would have happened? It has nothing to do with me. If it weren’t for the honor and dignity of the Gods Sect and the Holy Shrine, why would I have gotten involved?”

“If you want to be an ingrate Supreme Elders’ leader, it’s your problem, but you can’t blame for what happened. Di Shu, if you really believe that, you’re truly a moron,” hissed Lin Feng. He was furious. Everybody stopped moving when they heard them.

“You want to die!” shouted Di Shu when Lin Feng humiliated him. He clenched his fists and released his Qi at Lin Feng, but Lin Feng didn’t retreat at all.

“You keep provoking me all the time, you think I’m afraid of you?” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He turned into a gigantic demon and released absorbing strength. Many disciples had to release strength to block his power.

Mo Da sensed Lin Feng’s demon’s strength, and was stupefied. Lin Feng had only used fifty percent of his strength! At that moment his demon strength was already so pure…

“You want to die! I will kill you! I don’t care if you’re a holy cultivator, I will kill you!” shouted Di Shu ferociously throwing out his hand and releasing golden holy energy. A gigantic hand imprint appeared and moved towards Lin Feng quickly.

Lin Feng smiled icily and released explosive forbidden strength. Their Qi destroyed the protective layer around the battle stage as their energies collided again.

It was almost as if both cultivators didn’t need to fight directly. Their energies moved almost automatically. Their strength descended from the sky and collided.

“Stop! Why are you fighting again!?”

Someone appeared and bombarded their energies, dispersing them!

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