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PMG 2 Chapter 114: Leader

PMG 2 Chapter 114: Leader

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“Song Zhuang, is that you?” asked Di Shu. He looked astonished.

“Greetings, Sage Xie!” Xie Sha said respectfully when Song Zhuang appeared, cupping his fist.

Di Shu looked at Song Zhuang, and couldn’t believe his ears. Lin Feng was puzzled; didn’t Di Shu know that Song Zhuang was Sage Xie?

But they seemed to know each other, how come he didn’t know that Song Zhuang was Sage Xie?

“Stand up,” said Song Zhuang, smiling at Xie Sha, who had just knelt down.

Xie Sha stood up and walked over to Song Zhuang.

Di Shu stared at Song Zhuang and blurted out, “You…?”

“Indeed. I am Sage Xie, Di Shu. You never thought of that?” asked Song Zhuang, smiling mockingly.

Di Shu shook his head several times. He looked furious, but Song Zhuang didn’t care.

“Lin Feng, come with me. The Godly Leader wants to see you!” said Song Zhuang, turning to Lin Feng.

Many people’s eyes went wide when they heard Song Zhuang, staring at Lin Feng intently. Lin Feng? The Godly Leader?

Was it because of what had happened on today? Did the Godly Leader already think highly of Lin Feng? Apart from the Four Sages, the five Dhammapalas and the three Godly Sons, nobody could see the Godly Leader easily. But Lin Feng could now!

Lin Feng had the impression he was in a dream. He couldn’t believe it either. Of course, it only lasted for a few seconds. Lin Feng wasn’t too pleasantly surprised, though. He didn’t care about the Godly Leader, Lin Feng cared about Master Ox.

Soon Master Ox would be able to see his Master. Master Ox’ master was probably the Holy Shrine’s Leader.

But Lin Feng also had many questions. For example, why had Mister Time taught things to Master Ox back then in Ganges Time? Master Ox and the Godly Leader were now stronger than Mister Time.

Why had the Demon King Ox ended up in the Godly Grave in the Continent of the Nine Clouds? Lin Feng wanted to understand some things, and the Shrine’s Leader had told him there were some people he knew in the Holy Shrine, who could they be? Lin Feng wanted to see some familiar faces.

“Lin Feng, hurry up. What are you doing standing there?” asked Patriarch Zi Jian. Lin Feng came back to his senses and looked at Patriarch Zi Jian, before nodding and walking over to Song Zhuang.

“We’re going. Everybody can disperse,” said Song Zhuang to the crowd, waving his left hand. He took out a shuttle and they left, Xie Sha coming with them Song Zhuang.

The three of them instantly disappeared from the sky of the Gods Sect, heading towards the Holy Shrine. Everybody watched them disappear into the horizon.

“Move!” shouted Di Shu furiously. He looked extremely angry as he left the battle stage.

Sheng Hui looked indifferent. He watched Di Shu leave, and then glanced after Lin Feng in the horizon. He sighed. Lin Feng was truly lucky. If Sage Jin hadn’t caused trouble, Lin Feng would have just remained an ordinary holy cultivator and the Godly Leader wouldn’t have asked to see him. What kind of reward would he obtain this time?


When they arrived in the Holy Shrine, they got out of the shuttle and walked inside.

“Lin Feng, young man, you’re quite strong. You managed to defeat Shui Ning recently; you could write your name on the Holy Stone Plate of Heroes, but you refused, and you humiliated Sage Shui by doing that. He was furious.”

“When you meet the Godly Leader, be careful, Sage Shui is very angry. You made his son lose face, so he wants to avenge his son,” said Song Zhuang, smiling broadly.

When Lin Feng heard that, he was stunned. He didn’t know that the Four Sages had seen that fight.

“Song Zhuang, I have a question, can you reply?” Lin Feng asked Song Zhuang.

Song Zhuang smiled silently, but didn’t stop walking.

“I know what you want to ask. Di Shu and I know each other, but we are not friends, we are enemies.”

“Enemies? What enemy?” asked Lin Feng. He didn’t understand Song Zhuang’s point of view.

“You saw my name the other day when you looked at the Stone Plate of Heroes, right?” asked Song Zhuang, smiling ironically.

“What you mean is that you competed over that position, and you defeated him?” guessed Lin Feng.

Song Zhuang chuckled and said, “You’re smart. Indeed. He just didn’t know I was Sage Xie.”

“Haha! Interesting. If he knew, he wouldn’t have tried to compete over that position with you, right?” said Lin Feng, laughing too.

When they arrived outside of the Holy Shrine, Xie Sha bowed and headed back to Sage Xie’s palace.

Lin Feng felt tiny in front of the Holy Shrine.

The blue color of the Holy Shrine was splendid. Lin Feng loved it.  

The Holy Shrine contained all sorts of Dao strength: calm Dao, space and time Dao, the Dao of the Five Elements, fast and slow Dao, and more.

Lin Feng wanted to sit down cross-legged and meditate, but he couldn’t.

“Let’s go, Lin Feng. The leader is waiting for you. Remain focused. You will be surprised inside,” Song Zhuang told him. He knew Lin Feng was curious and wanted to explore the whole world.

Lin Feng couldn’t wait. He followed Zhuang Song and they entered the Holy Shrine.

Lin Feng suddenly sensed his spirit world shake. The old ox had reacted. Lin Feng was now convinced that the Shrine’s leader was the old ox’s Master.

The Holy Shrine was immense. Lin Feng walked a hundred meters along a corridor, its walls made of blue stones. There were portraits along the walls. Lin Feng even recognized some of them.

“Isn’t that you?”

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