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PMG 2 Chapter 115: Breaking Through!

PMG 2 Chapter 115: Breaking Through!

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Lin Feng pointed at a portrait with his finger.

“Hehe, you found me. Indeed. The Four Sages, the Five Dhammapala, and the three Godly Sons have their portraits here,” confirmed Song Zhuang, continuing on his way. Lin Feng followed him.

They walked out of the corridor and arrived in a starry landscape. The scenery suddenly changed and turned into a gigantic hall, a few thousand square meters in size. There was a gigantic golden throne at the opposite end, and three smaller ones at its foot. The Qi there was familiar.

Lin Feng sensed several sorts of Dao. They were different from outside. The Dao strengths here were purer and more complex.

It was like the difference between a drop of water and an ocean. The ocean was in that room, the drop of water was in the outside world.

Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes. He started studying the different sorts of Dao.

Space and time Dao, life and death Dao, slow and fast Dao, action and calm Dao, the Five Elements.

The Daos started rotating around his head. Lin Feng’s Dao strengths started shaking in his body, and fusing together with the Dao strengths outside.

He was pleasantly surprised and excited.

He almost forgot about the Godly Leader and Song Zhuang. He only had one thing in mind at that moment… cultivation!

Song Zhuang looked puzzled. Why had Lin Feng started meditating here?

He was in the Holy Shrine, in front of the Godly Leader’s throne!

The Godly Leader appeared there and saw Lin Feng.

Song Zhuang couldn’t disturb Lin Feng, he was studying. Nobody could disturb Lin Feng or he would lose his senses. Song Zhuang wouldn’t do such a thing to Lin Feng, he considered him a friend.

“What to do?” asked Song Zhuang, smiling wryly.

“Don’t worry. Let him practice. Let’s see how different he is from other people,” replied a voice. That voice sounded like the voice of the Buddha and the Devil at the same time.

“Greetings, Master!” said Song Zhuang hastily cupping his fist when he noticed the blue silhouette.

“Sage Xie, go back and don’t let anyone disturb Lin Feng, including the three Godly Sons,” said the Godly Leader calmly and serenely. Song Zhuang glanced at Lin Feng and left the room.

Only Lin Feng and the Godly Leader were left in the room. The Godly Leader’s face became more distinct. As expected, he looked exactly like the god Lin Feng had seen long ago.

He was wearing blue clothes, and wearing a crown. He looked like a twenty-year old, heroic and valiant. It was impossible to know how old he was.

“Old ox, come out,” said the Godly Leader, standing up and walking towards Lin Feng. He stopped a dozen meters away.

Demon King Ox came out of Lin Feng’s spirit world, standing next to him. When he saw his Master, he knelt down and said, “Greetings, Master!”

“Good little ox. You’re finally done with your mission. Congratulations! You can stay with me now,” said the Godly Leader, smiling. The old ox was extremely excited to see his Master again. He had rarely been so happy in his life.

“Master, Lin Feng isn’t strong enough to become a Godly Son yet,” appraised the old ox honestly.

“No need to tell me. I’ve been paying attention to him since he left the Continent of the Nine Clouds. He’s not experienced enough to become a Godly Son yet, but in the future, it won’t be a problem.

“I made you five go and look for heirs. Three of them came back already and passed the test, now they’re Godly Sons. Only Lin Feng is left. He became a holy cultivator, but he still needs to make great efforts to become a Holy Son.”

“Master, what about Hu Mo, Great Ape Emperor, Venerable Three Eyes, Venerable Insane? Have they come back yet?” asked the old ox to the Godly Leader.

“Hu Mo came back thanks to Lin Feng. If Lin Feng didn’t have forbidden strength, the situation could have been problematic. Great Ape Emperor came back a hundred years ago with his descendants. Venerable Three Eyes came back, too. Only Venerable Insane hasn’t come back yet,” said the Godly Leader to Demon King Ox. Demon King Ox was surprised.

“We all received the same order, even I came back. But Venerable Insane…”

“No need to worry about him. He needs to solve a big problem as well. He probably hasn’t found a descendant so far, but one of his descendants is strong enough. Besides, he knows Lin Feng. He’s quite strong too,” said the Godly Leader with a smile. Demon King Ox nodded.

“Master, I…” said Demon King Ox. He wanted to say something, but at that moment the Qi in the main room turned wild. Demon King Ox and the Godly Leader were both astonished, and looked at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng’s forbidden strength was rolling in waves around him. All sorts of Dao strengths flashed.

“Space and time Dao? Fast and Slow Dao? Action and calm Dao? Five Elements Dao? That young man managed to use so many kinds of Dao strengths in my palace?”

The Godly Leader’s eyes gleamed with pleasant surprise. Lin Feng’s potential had his attention!

At that moment, Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes and raised his arms. Demon energy filled the air. It contained an incredible absorbing strength.

A second later, the space and time Dao exploded out, and the main hall became illusory, as if it didn’t exist.

After that, Demon King Ox sensed his blood flow accelerate as if time were speeding up.

Demon King Ox and the Godly Leader sensed all sorts of Dao strengths in the matter of a few seconds. Lin Feng’s eyes were open, but he didn’t look around him. He was using his full strength to become stronger.

“Break!” finally shouted Lin Feng. All the sorts of Dao strengths surged up and rippled out. Demon King Ox released some Qi and wrapped himself up in it. Curious to see what was going to happen, he stared at Lin Feng.

Finally, there was an explosion, as if something had happened in Lin Feng’s body. Qi exploded all around him.

“Qi of the High-Level Holy Emperor layer! Lin Feng succeeded!”

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    Vernerable Insane is the world clan’s leader & descendant is Lang Ye.

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    Since he comes to this continent of Gods Within 1 year. Lin Feng level up 3 times.
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    Lin Feng comprehensive processor is indeed the same level as intel10 latest generation.

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