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PMG 2 Chapter 116: Demon King Ox’s Real Body!

PMG 2 Chapter 116: Demon King Ox’s Real Body!

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The old ox was stunned. Lin Feng slowly stood up and gave out a long cry.

The Godly Leader smiled and calmly watched Lin Feng. Then he raised his left hand and disappeared, reappearing on his gigantic throne.

Lin Feng took a deep breath. His Qi had become more powerful, and it flew through his body quickly. What an intense sensation! He could sense life and death, slow and fast, action and calm, as well as the Five Elements Dao in his body. Some of them were already level two!

Since those special kinds of Dao had improved, he naturally became a High-Level Holy Emperor. At the same time, he had also become as strong as Di Shu, or maybe even Patriarch Zi Jian. Lin Feng wanted to get his demon Dao to the fourth level and become even stronger!

“Lin Feng, congratulations, you finally became a High-Level Holy Emperor!” said the old ox, smiling broadly. He was really happy for Lin Feng.

Lin Feng came back to his senses. He looked at Demon King Ox and asked him, “Master Ox, what are you doing here?”

“Young man, do you know where you are?” asked the old ox, smiling awkwardly. Lin Feng suddenly remembered he had come to the Holy Shrine.

“Where’s the Godly Leader?” asked Lin Feng, after remembering what had happened. When the old ox told him what had happened, Lin Feng was surprised.

As expected, it was the same person he had seen in the star world. It was the same Mister Zhou as he had seen in the Gods Village, Demon King Ox’s Master, the God who had chosen him as an heir, the Holy Shrine’s Godly Leader!

“Young man, finally we meet!” said the Godly Leader, smiling gently. He seemed warm and friendly. Lin Feng felt upbeat near him.

“Hello, Master!” said Lin Feng cupping his fist respectfully.

Blue lights flashed. Those blue lights showed that he was indeed the person Lin Feng had met before.

“Young man, I know you have many questions, but keep them in mind. First, look at Demon King Ox, who has accompanied you for a hundred years, he will transform back into his original shape,” said the Godly Leader. He knew Lin Feng probably had many questions, but first Demon King Ox was going to return back into his original form.

What did that mean, though? Wasn’t he in his real body?

When Demon King Ox heard the Godly Leader, his eyes twinkled. Finally! He had been waiting for tens of thousands of years, and now he was going to recover his original body and strength.

Demon King Ox smiled calmly. “Lin Feng, if you have questions, you can ask my Master later. I am going to get my original body back now,” said Demon King Ox. His face began to change. He looked grim as his eyes became grey and gigantic, lights emerged from them and dashed to the skies. He raised his arms and demon strength rolled around him.

“Original Body Back!” shouted Demon King Ox. Lin Feng sensed that the whole palace was shaking. The Demon Qi was growing denser and denser.

At that moment, something astonishing happened. An ox-horned silhouette came in from the outside, wearing a black robe. His Qi was impressive, no weaker than Di Shu.

“That’s a… High-Level Holy Emperor?” Lin Feng couldn’t believe his eyes. The silhoutte quickly moved towards Demon King Ox.

Demon King Ox shouted furiously and threw out his fist. The silhouette was extremely fast, their strengths collided.

Lin Feng didn’t understand. Were they enemies? He was just astonished.

Lin Feng gradually realized that Demon King Ox and his opponent were turning into one person. They weren’t actually fighting. Their bodies were fusing together, their Qi harmonized slowly.

Lin Feng understood. The silhouette was original Master Ox’s shadow. His real body had gone back into his body. They were fighting to harmonize their Qi.

Finally, they completely fused together. The old ox had recovered his true body!

Lin Feng looked at him, he couldn’t see how strong the old ox was. He was stronger than a High-Level Holy Emperor!

“Master Ox, your strength…” Lin Feng walked towards Demon King Ox slowly, curious.

Demon King Ox closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He slowly opened his eyes again. Demon King Ox’s eyes were grey and Lin Feng found it difficult to look him in the eyes.

“Lin Feng, I am now a Peerless Holy Emperor,” said Demon King Ox calmly.

Lin Feng sensed a familiar Qi. It had changed and become colder, like the first time they had met.

But at that moment, Lin Feng was even more curious about the ox’s strength. He had already become a High-Level Holy Emperor, how strong was Demon King Ox?

If Demon King Ox was so strong, Hu Mo couldn’t possibly be only a High-Level Holy Emperor. They were probably the Five Dhammapalas? And how strong was the Godly Leader?

“Little ox, you can go,” said the Godly Leader at that moment, waving him off casually as the Leader stood up. The Demon King Ox nodded respectfully. He cupped his fist and left the main hall without glancing at Lin Feng.

“Young man, if you have any questions, just ask me. I will tell you everything I know,” said the Godly Leader, smiling at Lin Feng kindly.

Lin Feng nodded. Indeed, he had many questions, and hoped the Godly Leader would be able to enlighten him honestly.

“Master, what exactly did you transmit to him? The ability to become a god?”

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