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PMG 2 Chapter 119: Competing

PMG 2 Chapter 119: Competing

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The Godly Leader went back to his throne and sat down. He asked all the Dhammapala and Sages that question.

The people glanced at one another. Demon King Ox frowned, but said nothing. Hu Mo cupped his fist respectfully and said, “Master, I think Lin Feng will definitely become a dazzling cultivator of our Shrine.”

“Master, I think Lin Feng will be a source of unnecessary trouble for the Shrine. He has a bad temper. He’s not a good resource for us.” Sage Shui didn’t even wait for Hu Mo to finish talking before he came out and shouted angrily in rebuttal.

Hu Mo looked at him coldly. Sage Shui didn’t care about Hu Mo’s expression.

“I think Sage Shui is right. Master, I’ve never seen Lin Feng, but I’ve heard about him. Even though the Spiritual Region’s Holy Shrine went a bit too far today, Lin Feng didn’t need to kill that boy. He could have just defeated him. That would have been enough, right?

“With such people, we will only have problems in the Holy Shrine. We don’t lack holy cultivators, we have people who are probably more outstanding than Lin Feng, such as Di Shu,” said an old man in black clothes. He had one more eye than the others.

“Yuan Kui, you have three eyes, but you’re blind!” shouted Hu Mo angrily.

“You stinky corpse, you finally stopped rotting? You’re not dead, you’re lucky! Why do you need to get involved in this affair?” shouted Yuan Kui at Hu Mo.

Hu Mo was furious, and clenched his fists. His hands crackled. The atmosphere in the Holy Shrine became oppressive.

“Stop being annoying. Our master will get angry otherwise,” said the Demon King Ox sternly. Hu Mo and Yuan Kui instantly stopped talking.

“You’re funny. You’re fighting because of that young man,” said the Godly Leader. He wasn’t angry, but rather smiling broadly.

“Sage Huo, what do you think about Lin Feng?” the Godly Leader to Huo Zhu Rong pleasantly.

Sage Huo looked back at the Godly Leader. He took a step forwards and took out his fire talisman. The temperature around them went up instantly.

“Master, Lin Feng is already a member of the Fire Palace. No matter what, I support him,” said Huo Zhu Rong firmly. The others were startled, especially Yuan Kui. He didn’t know who Lin Feng was precisely. The other sages stared at Sage Huo, the leader of all the sages.

The Godly Leader was surprised, too. Not only was Lin Feng lucky that he had become Holy Fifth and could come to the Holy Shrine, he was also a member of the Fire Palace! The Godly Leader had expected that Lin Feng would go to Sage Xie’s Palace, because they were quite close.

“Old buddy, I support you,” said a great ape, laughing at that moment.

Lin Feng would have been astonished if he had heard that voice. It was the Great Ape Emperor. He had disappeared a long time ago from the Continent of the Nine Clouds. He was alive, and in the Continent of the Gods!

“Great Ape Emperor. You were in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, you probably know Lin Feng well,” the Godly Leader smiled.

“Indeed, Master! I was in Ba Huang. That young man and my descendant became good friends. That young man is determined. He has a bad temper, but he’s also very good to his friends,” said Great Ape Emperor with a huge smile.

Sage Shui and Yuan Kui frowned. They always had the impression Great Ape Emperor didn’t speak like a Dhammapala.

Great Ape Emperor didn’t care about conventions and what other people thought.

The Godly Leader nodded when he heard Great Ape Emperor, “Indeed. Lin Feng has many qualities. From now on, everybody must help him. He’s also one of my ears…”

As he finished, blue lights flashed and he disappeared from his throne.

“Let’s go. Our Leader is gone,” said Demon King Ox patiently. He left the palace without talking to the others.

Sage Huo and Sage Shui also left. Dhammapala Yuan Kui left with them.

Hu Mo and Great Ape Emperor burst into laughter together, and walked out of the palace.

Fan Tian Gang hadn’t said anything. He was surprised when the Godly Leader had said Lin Feng was one of his heirs. Didn’t that mean that Lin Feng would become a Godly Son at some point?

Thinking about that, Fan Tian Gang had the impression life could be unfair sometimes. Lin Feng had just become a holy cultivator, and now he could already focus on becoming a Holy Son.

He didn’t know whether he should feel happy or sad for Lin Feng.


Time passed. Lin Feng arrived at Sage Xie’s Palace. Xie Sha welcome him.

“Sage, Prince Lin Feng,” said Xie Sha when he opened the door.

Song Zhuang smiled at Xie Sha and said ironically, “Young man, you know how lucky you are that Lin Feng taught you some things? Even though Lin Feng wasn’t as strong as he is now, what he transmitted to you is priceless.”

“I know. Without Prince Lin Feng, I wouldn’t have become a High-Level Holy Emperor,” replied Xie Sha honestly. He didn’t care if Song Zhuang got angry.

But he had spoken the truth. If Lin Feng hadn’t helped him, he would have remained an ordinary person, but after he became stronger with Lin Feng’s help, he became the best servant of Sage Xie’s Palace.

Lin Feng’s help had been precious. Xie Sha felt infinitely grateful.

“Anyway, let’s not waste time. Go to your palace. I have a few questions to ask you,” said Lin Feng to Song Zhuang. They were like friends, and Song Zhuang and Yan Di were very similar. They had the same temperament.

Lin Feng and Yan Di had risked their lives many times together. That’s how they had become so strong.

Because of that, Lin Feng treated Song Zhuang like Yan Di. He didn’t need to feel ill at ease when talking to Song Zhuang.

Song Zhuang was delighted. After he had become Sage Xie, all his friends had cut ties with him or tried to benefit from his rank.

Lin Feng was different, so Song Zhuang was happy.

Song Zhuang took Lin Feng to his small world. Xie Sha continued guarding the palace’s entrance.

In Song Zhuang’s small world, the Qi was evil and disgusting. It was different from the Qi of other people’s small worlds.

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