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PMG 2 Chapter 12: Luo Ze’s Banquet

PMG 2 Chapter 12: Luo Ze’s Banquet

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The Cheng Clan was in the northern part of Zhongzhuan City. The headquarters of the Cheng Clan were over a kilometer square, with a big tower dominating the area. Cheng Shan had explained to Lin Feng that that tower contained many mysterious scriptures regarding deployment spells, and there were also details only known to insiders regarding the ancient past.

Lin Feng was curious, especially regarding the details only known to insiders. Since he had arrived in the Continent of the Gods, he felt like a stranger, an alien even. He knew nothing here. He wasn’t in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and the Continent of the Gods was so much bigger.

Therefore, Lin Feng was curious and wanted to know more about this new place. It felt like a new life here, and it was important for him to understand the environment in which he was going to evolve. Therefore, Lin Feng asked Cheng Shan what he had to do to go inside the tower. When Lin Feng heard Cheng Shan’s answer, he quickly gave up on the idea.

Cheng Shan told him that Luo Ze was responsible for the entry and exit of the tower right now. Asking Luo Ze was completely out of the question for the time being. Lin Feng was a bit disappointed, but it didn’t matter, because he would be able to ask Cheng Shan, who would be responsible for the tower on tomorrow. Each day, a different person was in charge of the tower.

Lin Feng followed Cheng Clan to a main hall. The Cheng Clan had prepared some rooms for all the people who were going to help during the deployment spell competition. Therefore, Cheng Shan first took the external participants to their rooms.


They arrived in a quiet garden. It was very beautiful, with trees, grass, water, flowers, and birds. There was even a small stream in the distance. It felt wonderful.

“It’s where the ladies of the Cheng Clan rest. Your courtyard is next to theirs,” said Cheng Shan to Lin Feng, taking them to a courtyard.

Lin Feng entered the courtyard. It was also a small garden, where Cheng Ya Nuo rested. Lin Feng initially thought it would be his own courtyard during his stay there but no. It didn’t matter though, at least it was clean and tranquil.

Lin Feng entered the courtyard. He let the others choose their rooms and chose last. He didn’t care about such trivial things.

“Brother Mu Feng, have a rest. Don’t walk around. I’ll come and pick you up tomorrow!” said Cheng Shan, smiling at Lin Feng. Then he said a few words to the other external fighters, and then left the courtyard.

Lin Feng went to his room, and then into his own world.


Lin Hai and Yue Meng He chatted and laughed merrily. Meng He and Tang You You were picking flowers. Lin Feng’s world was gigantic. When Lin Feng had left the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he had assigned one of his clones to take care of it. He had just kept that small courtyard, so his world was almost empty. Meng He and Tang You You were bored, so they did some gardening.

There were flowers everywhere, it looked beautiful.

Lin Feng walked to them, Lin Hai saw his son arrive and drew a deep breath of relief. Yue Meng He was also worried about her son and asked, “Little Lin Feng, how is it outside? Is it dangerous?”

“Mom, don’t worry. The Continent of the Gods is vast, but I’m a Supreme Holy King now. I am a strong cultivator there too, so people don’t dare bully me easily,” replied Lin Feng, smiling widely. He sat down next to Yue Meng He and drank some tea from a cup on the table.

Yue Meng He was relieved.

Meng Qing and Tang You You sensed Lin Feng’s Qi from far away and flew over to him. When they saw him, they were very happy, they all looked at one another happily. They missed Lin Feng all the time.

Yue Meng He waved at Lin Hai. They left arms in arms, the parents giving their son some space with his wives.

“Meng Qing, You You.” said Lin Feng smiling and hugging his two wives. Lin Feng felt bewitched when he smelled his two wives; they smelled so good, so sweet!

“Lin Feng, how is it outside?” asked Meng Qing, smiling sweetly. Her eyes twinkled. She was so cute.

“It’s not too dangerous. Your husband is strong enough to handle it,” he replied, smiling jokingly and tickling the tip of Meng Qing’s nose.

Meng Qing shook her head and pretended to be angry.

“Hehe, when Meng Qing is angry, she looks even cuter,” said Lin Feng smiling. Meng Qing looked at Tang You You, asking for female support.

Tang You You laughed and looked at Meng Qing, she didn’t help her.

“You You, do you have something to drink?” asked Lin Feng, smiling at Tang You You.

“I knew you’d want to drink,” laughed Tang You You, smiling mockingly. She took out some alcohol from her ring. Lin Feng opened a bottle and took a big sip. It burned, but felt good. Lin Feng was delighted.

Abruptly, Lin Feng frowned and said, “Someone is there outside, I’m off.”

Then he let go off them and disappeared from his spirit world. Meng Qing and Tang You You glanced at each other, looking disappointed. They weren’t as strong as Lin Feng; they were high-level Saints, and even though they wouldn’t really be in danger outside, Lin Feng didn’t want to let them go out. He would be too worried, as he was very protective of them.

Meng Qing and You You were in love with Lin Feng and wished they could help him sometimes, especially Meng Qing. She remembered back in the days in Xue Yue when she was much, much stronger than Lin Feng. Those times were long over…

Outside, someone knocked at Lin Feng’s door. He shouted, “Come in!”

Someone entered the room. It was in the middle of the night, but because it was the day of the competition, many people weren’t sleeping in the Cheng Clan.

“Prince Mu Feng, the leader of the Clan wants you to go and see him,” said the woman, curtsying politely. She gave an invitation letter to Lin Feng and left. After she left, Lin Feng opened the invitation letter and smiled coldly.

Mu Feng, come to the garden. If you don’t come, you’ll have to bear the responsibilities for it. Luo Ze.

Luo Ze was aggressive and conceited. Lin Feng was sick of people like that. In the past, when people talked to him that way, he used to kill them. Luo Ze was going insane because he thought Tian Qiong and he had had a draw.

“I’m not going, then what?” said Lin Feng sarcastically. He tore the invitation letter apart and sat down on his bed. Even though he didn’t understand how people in the Continent of the Gods practiced cultivation or leveled up, he didn’t mind, he would continue relying on his own methods.

Lin Feng had the impression that he could sense a new kind of Qi in the Continent of the Gods, but he couldn’t really describe what kind of Qi it was.

He would investigate it in the future.


After an hour, all the external fighters gathered in the garden. They had all received Luo Ze’s invitation letter. They knew that Luo Ze was extremely strong, so they all gave him face.

Some talented members of the Cheng Clan also came, including Cheng Ya Nuo. That garden was hers, but Luo Ze wanted to organize a dinner there.

The pavilion in which the dinner would take place was extremely big, it could easily accommodate twenty people. There were lanterns all around. There was a big lake all around the pavilion, it had a diameter of a hundred meters.

Luo Ze sat down on Cheng Ya Nuo’s left. A man in white shirt sat down on Cheng Ya Nuo’s right. The man looked cold. His eyes were filled with murder. People didn’t want to sit down next to him.

People from outside didn’t know it, but people from the Cheng Clan were scared of him. He was from the Cheng Clan, but he had become a murderer at a very early age, he had even killed his own parents!

His name was Cheng Mo. The funny part was that he had killed his own parents, but he was friendly to Cheng Ya Nuo. Many people wondered how she did that.

All around those people were others who had also been invited. Of course, the term “young people” referred to people who were around a hundred years old, because that was young on the path of cultivation.

Luo Ze raised a glass of alcohol and glanced around, but then frowned. He looked at Cheng Shan and shouted, “Where’s Mu Feng?!”

“Mu Feng is not here,” replied Cheng Shan indifferently, shaking his head and taking a drink of wine.

Luo Ze frowned even more and looked furious. He punched the table and shouted furiously, “How audacious! How insolent! That guy doesn’t listen to my orders? GO AND TELL HIM TO COME, HE’S GOT ONLY ONE MINUTE! IF HE DOESN’T COME, THEN TELL HIM HE CAN’T BLAME ME FOR BEING MERCILESS!!!!!!!!!!” shouted Luo Ze hoarsely. Some servants ran away.

The Cheng Clan leader looked at Luo Ze icily. Luo Ze was becoming more and more arrogant, as if he were the leader of the Cheng Clan!

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