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PMG 2 Chapter 120: Godly Sons

PMG 2 Chapter 120: Godly Sons

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“Song Zhuang, you know there are some people I know in the Holy Shrine?” asked Lin Feng. The Godly Leader had told him that, but then he had left.

Song Zhuang was one of Four Sages, so he knew that even if he hadn’t been a Sage for a very long time.

Song Zhuang smiled at Lin Feng’s question. Lin Feng knew that he didn’t intend to say anything easily.

As expected, Song Zhuang laughed mockingly. He said, “I know, but telling you more wouldn’t bring me anything.”

When Lin Feng saw Song Zhuang’s sly smile, he rolled his eyes and said, “If you don’t tell me, I can ask the Godly Leader in the worst case.”

“Hehe, ask me. The Godly Leader is not someone you can see as easily as you wish. You can only ask me!” said Song Zhuang, pointing at himself.

Lin Feng sighed. “Alright, tell me what you want, I can give you anything as long as it doesn’t go against my principles,” said Lin Feng.

Song Zhuang smiled happily and said, “There’s someone you know, his social rank in the Holy Shrine is higher than mine and lower than the Godly Leader, can you guess who it is?”

“Higher than your rank and lower than the Godly Leader’s? Who?” asked Lin Feng. He had the impression it was a Godly Son.

But he didn’t know any Godly Son, did he? How could it be someone he knew?

“Lin Feng, you want to see the guy you know? I can help you,” Song Zhuang smiled. Lin Feng knew that Song Zhuang was just kidding. When he heard Song Zhuang though, he became excited, and couldn’t wait to see the person he knew from the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Who could it be?

“Let’s go. Bring me to him!” said Lin Feng. Song Zhuang shook his head and raised his left hand. The small world they were in opened. Lin Feng and Song Zhuang flew away.


Xie Sha was patrolling. When he saw Lin Feng and Sage Xie fly away south in a shuttle, he looked puzzled.

“They’re going to the Godly Sons? What are they doing?”

The Godly Sons were the direct disciples of the Godly Leader. They would have the opportunity to become Godly Leaders, too!

At the same time, holy cultivators also had the opportunity to become Sages.


Lin Feng and Song Zhuang were in the shuttle. They quickly arrived in the southern of the Shrine. Song Zhuang decided to land there. Lin Feng didn’t understand actually, he just followed along. He looked at the palaces around and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Lin Feng, I can only come to here. The person you know is too rough. I can’t stand him. Go and see him. Remember, he’s the one who’s in the holy world,” said Song Zhuang, waving him on. Song Zhuang went back into his shuttle and disappeared. Lin Feng frowned.

Who was the person he knew? Sage Xie was one of the Four Sages, and seemed to fear him.

Lin Feng continued flying forwards without hesitation. He flew past some palaces extremely quickly. Landing on the top of one. The holy world wasn’t far.

Lin Feng gazed into the distance, and noticed three dazzling lights. There was a desolate one, a gloomy one, and a natural and pleasant one.

The pleasant one seemed to emerge from the one in the middle. The person he knew was inside.

Lin Feng jumped towards the holy place.

At that moment, a countless number of sword lights appeared and streaked across the sky, emitting sonic booms. When Lin Feng saw all those golden lights, he was astonished. He had never seen such a thing in his life.

Of course, the sword lights couldn’t pose a threat to Lin Feng. He jumped forwards and raised his left hand. He released an aggressive Qi which rolled out, and the countless number of sword lights flashed and disappeared.

“Who dares come to cause trouble in the holy place?!” shouted an earth-shaking voice. A golden silhouette appeared in front of Lin Feng. It was a golden giant, ten meters tall and holding a five- meter long sword. His Qi was golden. He looked pure and impressive.

Lin Feng had never seen someone so naturally tall, except on TV in movies when he was still on Earth.

“Who are you and what do you want to do in the holy world?” asked the giant icily. Lin Feng was a bit scared, what if the giant attacked him?

“Eh, Brother Giant, I…”

“Call me Ju Ling Shen.”

Lin Feng didn’t know what to call the giant so the giant told him. Ju Ling Shen?

“Brother Ju Ling Shen, I came to see the Godly Son. I believe I know him,” said Lin Feng cupping his fist respectfully and humbly.

The giant remained silent at the beginning and then shouted, “Insolent! You think you can meet the Godly Son! Die!”

Ju Ling Shen attacked. The gigantic sword moved towards Lin Feng extremely quickly. The giant wanted to behead Lin Feng!

Lin Feng frowned. The guard didn’t feel like talking? Then he had no choice, he had to defeat him and get inside himself!

Thinking about that, Lin Feng raised his left hand and took out his God’s Sword. Golden sword lights flashed, an ancient Qi streaked across the sky and thrust towards Ju Ling Shen’s chest.

Ju Ling Shen’s extremely strong face changed drastically, he hadn’t thought Lin Feng would be a great sword cultivator too!

The gigantic sword continued moving towards Lin Feng’s chest. The stroke was pure and could definitely stab him to death.

Lin Feng received it fearlessly. His God’s Sword and the giant sword collided. Golden lights and sparkles illuminated the space around them. The atmosphere became lively. Many disciples rushed over to watch Ju Ling Shen and Lin Feng’s fight.

“Isn’t that Lin Feng?”

“Indeed. It’s the new holy cultivator! What is he doing here? He wants to cause trouble?”

“He wants to die. Ju Ling Shen can crush him instantly.”

Many disciples smiled coldly. Strength would talk.  

Ju Ling Shen was pushed backwards by Lin Feng a few times. Even though Ju Ling Shen’s golden sword wasn’t bad, it wasn’t better than Lin Feng’s God’s Sword.

Besides, Lin Feng was also extremely strong himself. He had lots of Qi. Being tall wasn’t much of an advantage.

“I’m done playing with you!” shouted Lin Feng, releasing explosive forbidden strength. The disciples who had just made fun of Lin Feng paled and retreated while releasing some Qi to protect themselves. Even that way, some of them fell down and tumbled away.

Lin Feng smiled coldly. He had no time to take care of those people. He wanted to go to the holy space.


“Who dares invade the holy world? Die!”

“How shameless. Stop!”

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