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PMG 2 Chapter 121: Long Time No See!

PMG 2 Chapter 121: Long Time No See!

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Lin Feng turned around and saw three more giants.

The golden giant jumped and landed in front of the three others. The four giants together looked like four gigantic mountains.

Lin Feng swallowed. He had the impression he was in a dream, standing in front of those four giants.

There was a gigantic golden giant, a blue one, a fiery-red one, and one with in iron armor.

They were all High-Level Holy Emperors. Lin Feng didn’t really stand a chance against them.

“You move away and let him in. You have no reason to prevent him from coming in,” said a voice calmly, yet firmly. Lin Feng had the impression it was a familiar voice, a bit like the Godly Leader’s voice, maybe…?

The four giants instantly cupped their fists and stepped backwards, giving Lin Feng space.

Lin Feng took a deep breath, and the four giants disappeared. Lin Feng felt reassured. He jumped in without hesitating.

He landed on the ground in the holy place and sensed an incredible energy. There were many stone buildings, mountains… Everything about him was spectacular.

“Is this where the Godly Son lives?” murmured Lin Feng. He slowly walked around the holy world. The Qi was extremely thick here, thick enough for hundreds of Low-Level Holy Emperors to practice cultivation at the same time. It could also easily accommodate five High-Level Holy Emperors.

“Indeed, this is where the Godly Sons live!”

Lin Feng heard someone reply cheerfully. Their voice was extremely familiar, a good friend of his. Lin Feng didn’t turn around, he knew who it was.

“Come and get punched!” shouted Lin Feng happily. He raised his fist, turned around, and threw it out with full strength.

The tall and sturdy man behind Lin Feng laughed happily and clicked his wooden stick. Qi collided and the protective layer of the holy world shook violently.

Lin Feng was blown away, and coughed up blood, choking His friend was also blown a few dozen meters. He was also injured.

However, they both burst out laughing. Lin Feng wiped the blood off his mouth. Yuan Fei put his wooden stick away and chuckled. They were happy to see each other again.

“You haven’t changed, you’re still so brutal!” said Lin Feng, laughing loudly and wholeheartedly.

Yuan Fei laughed right back, even louder. He raised his hands, walked up to Lin Feng and hugged him, he saying happily, “Young man, you finally left the Continent of the Nine Clouds, it’s such a shitty place. I’ve been waiting for you for fifty years!”

“Fifty years? What’s going on here? Tell me.” Lin Feng was curious. What was Yuan Fei doing here?

Yuan Fei told Lin Feng everything. Lin Feng quickly understood.

Yuan Fei had left the Continent of the Nine Clouds fifty years before with his grandfather. He had left through the same passage as Lin Feng, the one in the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit.

Before Lin Feng had arrived at the Continent of the Gods, the Great Ape Emperor had told him about his real social status. Actually, he was one of the potential Godly Sons the Godly Leader had chosen. Of course, back then, he was just a potential candidate, nothing was certain.

Yuan Fei initially didn’t care and didn’t want to become a Godly Son until someday when he could beat the Great Ape Emperor. He had told Great Ape Emperor that he wasn’t worthy of becoming a Godly Son.

Back then, Yuan Fei couldn’t do anything to prove Yuan Kui was wrong. So, he finally decided to become one and practiced cultivation really hard.

Finally, a dozen years ago, he had managed to become a Half-Holy Emperor and thus a god. In another five years, he became a Low-Level Holy Emperor, and then a High-Level Holy Emperor. However, he was still the weakest of all the Godly Sons.

Lin Feng was happy for Yuan Fei. Even if it was difficult at the beginning, he now had a great life. With his talent and strength, staying in the Continent of the Nine Clouds would have been a waste of time.

Yuan Fei had always been aggressive and brutal. He had also always been helpful to Lin Feng. Lin Feng remembered the first time they had met, Yuan Fei had helped him and taken him to a teleportation portal.

Lin Feng would never forget such great friends. Lin Feng was extremely happy to have friends like Yuan Fei.

“Yuan Fei, your grandfather is one of the five Dhammapalas?” asked Lin Feng to Yuan Fei.

“Indeed, he is one of the five Dhammapalas, the Great Ape Emperor. You probably don’t know that when you met him back then, it was actually just one of his clones. His real body was still in the Continent of the Gods the whole time,” explained Yuan Fei, smiling teasingly.

Lin Feng nodded. If the Great Ape Emperor was one of the five Dhammapalas, the situation back then might have been even more complex than he had thought. Many of the people he had met were actually clones. But back then he was too weak, and couldn’t understand or notice such things anyway.

“Oh, by the way, Lin Feng, what are you doing here in the holy world? The four godly giants are terrifying, right?” said Yuan Fei. He suddenly remembered that Lin Feng had probably taken a big risk to come here. He was even a bit worried.

“I came to see you, of course! The Godly Leader told me someone I knew was here. Sage Xie also mentioned it, but didn’t say your name. Therefore, I came to see who that mysterious friend was, and it was you!” said Lin Feng, smiling happily.

Yuan Fei’s expression changed and nodded. He didn’t say much, but he understood.

“Haha, Godly Son Yuan Fei, I’ve heard one of your friends was here, may I see him!?” shouted someone arrogantly. Lin Feng sensed the whole holy world shake violently. Many people felt oppressed and almost suffocated. Lin Feng frowned when he sensed that Qi.

A cultivator of the top of the High-Level Holy Emperor layer?

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  1. Lin Zhe Tian February 3, 2019 at 5:02 pm - Reply

    Nice job

  2. Aomo the forgotten May 5, 2019 at 4:28 pm - Reply

    and when Yuan fei became mister mi’s doll where did this demon ape dhammaphala go?
    even back than was his clone theres no way its weaker than great emperor lol.
    and whay this demon ape didnt bring the demon ape from yao ye island to the continent of gods?

  3. Gray June 1, 2019 at 1:16 pm - Reply

    “Yuan Fei had left the Continent of the Nine Clouds fifty years before with his grandfather. He had left through the same passage as Lin Feng, the one in the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit.”


    Yep Mountain of Flowers and Fruit is the secret.

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