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PMG 2 Chapter 122: Vengeance!

PMG 2 Chapter 122: Vengeance!

Edited by RED

“Lin Feng, I have some bad news for you,” Yuan Fei said, ignoring the person who had just arrived and laughed ironically, staring at Lin Feng.

When Lin Feng saw Yuan Fei’s expression, he instantly grew worried. What did he want to say?

As expected, it was not good.

“Lin Feng, there’s another Godly Son who is also from the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and he doesn’t like you. You destroyed his entire clan,” said Yuan Fei.

Lin Feng could already guess who it was. “Is his family name Ji?” he asked.

“After Ji Chang died, the ancestor of the Ji Clan sent him out of the Ji Clan. I don’t know how he came to the Continent of the Gods, nut when I arrived, he was already here,” said Yuan Fei. Lin Feng understood. Lin Feng had destroyed the whole Ji Clan back then, so Ji Yang had to get his revenge.

“Godly Son Yuan Fei, I’ll come in if you don’t say anything!” shouted Ji Yang, proud and angry.

As expected, Ji Yang was still the same as the other members of the Ji Clan. They were proud, arrogant, and rude… Those were the reasons why Lin Feng had destroyed the whole Ji Clan back then.

“Try and dare, Ji Yang!” shouted Yuan Fei loudly. He raised his left hand, and golden lights appeared around his wooden stick. He jumped forwards, and golden energies surged out as he disappeared.

Lin Feng clearly heard the thunderous booms of a fight starting outside of the holy world.

The two Godly Sons were fighting. Lin Feng was worried for Yuan Fei, and decided to go out of the holy world.

As soon as Lin Feng came out, he sensed some terrifying energies around him. Lin Feng released explosive forbidden energy to prevent Yuan Fei and Ji Yang’s energies from reaching him.

Lin Feng stood high up in the air, and saw many people from elsewhere in the Holy Shrine rushing over to watch Yuan Fei and Ji Yang’s fight.

“It’s the seventh time the two Godly Sons have fought! Yuan Fei has lost five times before, and once Sage Xie stopped them, so it was a draw.”

“They’ve kept fighting since they became Godly Sons. It’s always the same.”

“It has nothing to do with me. I just want to watch.”

Many people were chatting. Lin Feng was surprised when he heard them. Yuan Fei and Ji Yang seemed to fight frequently. They knew each other’s fighting style by now.

In terms of strength, the difference between Yuan Fei and Ji Yang wasn’t that big.

Yuan Fei was holding his wooden stick in his left hand. A hurricane appeared behind him. It felt like a mountain had fallen from the sky. He threw his stick at Ji Yang.

Ji Yang’s expression didn’t change. He charged at Yuan Fei. It was a terrifying attack. Yuan Fei knew he was in danger.

Lin Feng had a bad premonition. Yuan Fei was really in danger. The others also looked nervous. Godly Son Yuan Fei was going to lose again. But this time, he might end up badly injured.

Lin Feng got involved. He knew he couldn’t defeat Ji Yang right now, either. However, Ji Yang couldn’t injure him, either. Therefore, Lin Feng released space and time as well as fast and slow Dao strengths to save Yuan Fei.

“Slow!” he shouted. His space and time Dao swept out. Yuan Fei disappeared and reappeared in another space. Ji Yang’s weapon, a spear, pierced through nothingness, and didn’t reach Yuan Fei.

Lin Feng flashed and released even more speed Dao, arriving next to Yuan Fei. Lin Feng grabbed his shoulder and dragged him away.

White lights flashed in Lin Feng’s hand. His God’s Sword appeared, turned into a white beam of light, and shot towards Ji Yang extremely quickly.

Yuan Fei looked furious, having lost again, and he was worried for Lin Feng now. Ji Yang and Lin Feng were sworn enemies. If Ji Yang knew it was Lin Feng, he would do his best to kill him.

Ji Yang’s expression changed drastically when he saw Lin Feng. He didn’t know where Lin Feng was from, but he wasn’t any weaker than Yuan Fei. But who was he? He dared fight against a Godly Son. Ji Yang was incensed; how could a nobody fight against a Godly Son? He hurled his spear at Lin Feng’s chest.

Lin Feng smiled coldly. He flashed forwards, grabbed his God’s Sword and threw it at Ji Yang again, aiming for the head this time.

Ji Yang wasn’t used to fighting against Lin Feng, so he was off-put. However, Lin Feng knew that Ji Yang would be destabilized for a short time only, and would quickly get used to his attacks.

But it also worked for Lin Feng. He also quickly got used to Ji Yang’s fighting style. He could also think of new ways to defeat him!

Ji Yang didn’t know Lin Feng, who started forcing the Godly Son to retreat. The crowd was amazed, their eyes wide and gleaming in interest.

“Who… is he?” He’s so strong.”

“Yes, right? He can force Godly Son Ji Yang to retreat! He can be proud of himself!”

“He must be Godly Son Yuan Fei’s friend.”

“It’s Lin Feng, the one who just went to the holy world.”

“What? He… He’s Lin Feng? The one who defeated Sage Shui’s son? And who refused to write his name on the Stone Plate of Heroes?” asked a young man, amazed.

A middle-aged man looked at him and nodded. The young man looked at Lin Feng in admiration.

People kept talking. Ji Yang heard some of them, and his cheeks and ears started burning. His whole Qi suddenly started boiling. He looked at Lin Feng in fury.

“Your name is Lin Feng?” asked Ji Yang, grinding his teeth. His expression looked heinous and ferocious. Yuan Fei had a bad premonition, and was extremely worried. As expected, Ji Yang had quickly understood who he was.

Lin Feng noticed that Yuan Fei looked worried. But Lin Feng himself looked calm and collected. He had destroyed the Ji Clan, and now, a descendant of the Ji Clan wanted to avenge his clan, so Lin Feng had no choice but to fight against him.

“Continent of the Nine Clouds, Lin Feng!” declared Lin Feng, lifting his God’s Sword. He stood a hundred meters away from Ji Chang. He looked poised, and even smiled.

When Ji Chang saw Lin Feng’s smile, he was furious. Back then, the Ancestor of the Ji Clan had sacrificed himself to save Ji Chang and help him escape. All the other members of his clan had been destroyed. Ji Chang, his brother, used to be a Champion at Champion University, and people used to consider him a god there. Lin Feng had become a student in Champion University and he had taken all Ji Chang had in life, and then killed him.

Ji Yang couldn’t forgive such an enemy. He had to kill him and avenge his family!

Of course, nobody could criticize Lin Feng for what he had done. If he hadn’t destroyed the Ji Clan, Tiantai and Champion University would have been destroyed. His wives would have been raped and killed, as well!

Therefore, Lin Feng didn’t regret what he had done. He had become a Champion and had protected his people.

“Lin Feng, today, I must kill you!” shouted Ji Yang furiously. He lifted his spear and raised his left fist, turning into a beam of light. He bravely charged at Lin Feng. There was only one possible outcome to this battle: one of them would die!

Lin Feng pulled a long face. He knew he was in danger!

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  1. Lin Zhe Tian February 3, 2019 at 5:03 pm - Reply

    Keep up the good work

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    Thanks for update

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    Thanks for the chapters!

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    The only thing that is annoying is Lin Feng constantly being in danger but not really.

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  6. Tomfeng February 4, 2019 at 1:11 am - Reply

    When i thought that linfeng to be the strongest cultivator from continent of nine clouds, then it turned out that other cultivator from the same continent could be stronger than linfeng..
    How the fuck they practice cultivation compare to linfeng which had practice in ganges times.

  7. Bontas February 4, 2019 at 2:12 am - Reply

    Got same questions Tomfeng, lol he was the strongest and he was cultivating pretty much faster than everyone and now we get to know that some ji clan dog is top high level emperor, thank you to the translators, but PMG2 is even more retarded than the first one up to this moment.

    • Immortal Venerable January 29, 2023 at 6:50 am - Reply

      Yes, the new author is way more scatterbrained than the previous one. He constantly screws up time spans, important facts and even deletes important characters such as Lin Feng’s son Aomo. I don’t know if he is intentionally doing this or just legit screwing up so much. But I am still happy hey picked up the series to continue it.

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  11. Aomo the forgotten May 5, 2019 at 5:01 pm - Reply

    PMG 2 trplling real bad now ,,,,
    How the fuck yuan fei’s grandfather know the way out to TCOTG from CO9C and not the demon ox? they both dhammaphalas
    now the ji’s dog poping out of nowhere and then what? the qiongs? Greenfinch rocs? Chu chun qiu?
    stop it already making the character of the previous author famous and you the new author just make your own true character of this new PMG story….
    sorry if its complicated, i just dont want to drop this

  12. Gray June 1, 2019 at 10:42 pm - Reply

    Even if Lin Fing has Cheat skill.. He still cant beat the speed of trash cultivator from Ji clan..

    This is what we called [Author Blessing], no matter how ridiculous Author showing us about Lin Feng speed and how hard he climb to the top with his Genius way and luck. Still, There will be someone who considered weakling to suddenly become Godly cultivator. FUXKING JOKE AUTHOR.

    Don’t tell me it is because he consume millions Godly stones.. Hahaha

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    In reality Lin Feng still Hundreds years old but his actual age are in thousands years old if we count how long he train in Godly Grave and in Mister Time ganges times who has disorders time length, thats how he become strong in Continent of Nine Clouds. And it was considered faster than the other speed Cultivating.
    Not to mention Everyone need to understand LAW/DAO too.

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    This author is retard, well can’t do anything about it, will read for time pass, PMG is already over this is just OVA

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