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PMG 2 Chapter 123: Lin Feng’s Severe Injuries!

PMG 2 Chapter 123: Lin Feng’s Severe Injuries!

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“You want to kill me? Well, you think I don’t want to kill you?” Lin Feng snarled back. He threw out his fist. Demon Qi rolled out as he also released absorbing strength. His pitch-black demon Qi made many people around them retreat.

Ji Yang’s eyes were bloodshot with hate. He wanted to kill Lin Feng more than anything. If he didn’t kill Lin Feng, he wouldn’t be able to rest in peace!

Ji Yang lifted his spear and shouted explosively. He flew invisibly fast towards Lin Feng’s chest, his spear emitting a sharp light. The atmosphere was oppressive. Lin Feng remained focused, raising his left hand, and a chessboard appeared.

His chessboard rotated extremely quickly, lights flashing. It contained star and space Qi, and a thick deployment spell Qi.

Lin Feng remained calm and could see everything.

His chessboard was the Celestial Evolution Chessboard. It was one of the three most precious treasures of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan. The deployment spell Qi it contained was extraordinarily powerful. He started using his Great Hidden and Silent Deployment Spell.

Stars glittered. The chessboard spun extremely fast, turning into a shuttle. It stopped high up in the air. Lin Feng released dimensional as well as deployment spell Qi.

Ji Yang glanced at the Celestial Evolution Chessboard, startled. He obviously knew what the Celestial Evolution Chessboard was, but so what? Nothing could stop him from killing Lin Feng. He had to avenge his clan!

Ji Yang shouted furiously, raising both hands and charging ahead once again, throwing his spear. It streaked across the sky, becoming as big as a mountain. It contained a very oppressive Qi, like an extremely heavy mountain flying towards Lin Feng at incredible speed.

“Pressure!” spat Ji Yang, his spear moving as fast as lightning, straight towards Lin Feng’s chest. It was so fast, it was beyond imagination. Lin Feng saw the spear drawing closer and closer.

He felt the pressure. That was a godly imperial weapon, and contained an incredible energy. Lin Feng ground his teeth. His Celestial Evolution Chessboard continued spinning extremely quickly. The space around it became illusory. A deadly Qi surged towards Ji Yang quickly.

Ji Yang’s expression changed quickly. Lin Feng had cast a deployment spell without him noticing. He shouted furiously and threw out his hand, releasing Qi and condensing it in the spear. Suddenly, the spear moved even faster. Lin Feng threw out his fist with deadly force. The spear weakened, but still pierced through his left forearm.

Crackling and tearing sounds spread in the air. The spear pierced through, blood dripping from it. Lin Feng shouted defiantly while releasing forbidden strength, punching the spear again. The spear was a spiritual weapon and was severely damaged

Lin Feng was severely injured, too. He grit his teeth and put his hand on his wound. Blood kept dripping. Lin Feng hadn’t been this severely injured for a hundred years, at least!

Ji Yang looked glum and happy at the same time. He clenched his fist and then charged at Lin Feng, his eyes filled with killing intent. He was interrupted by explosions in the air above him, coughing up blood. He was also injured, but he didn’t stop attacking. He punched out at Lin Feng. He had to kill him!

Lin Feng grit his teeth and flashed away, getting ready for the final clash. But at that moment, a tall and sturdy silhouette jumped in front of him… Yuan Fei!

“Piss off, piss off, piss off!” Yuan Fei shouted, and his voice echoed. The whole holy territory trembled as an incredible wave of energy rolled over the whole territory. Yuan Fei smashed his stick at Ji Yang, hitting him solidly. Ji Yang coughed up blood again and was slammed far away.

Lin Feng was badly injured, but now so was Ji Yang. He kept coughing up blood, and fell down on the ground.

“Hmph! Lin Feng, I will defeat you, you’ll see!” shouted Ji Yan, face black with hate. He put his hand on his broken shoulder and turned into a beam of light, disappearing.

Ji Yang had vanished, and the atmosphere became warmer in the holy world, but what had just happened was shocking. Yuan Fei didn’t dare relax his vigilance. He quickly lowered his wooden stick and went over to Lin Feng. He looked at Lin Feng’s left arm, furious.

“I will crush that dog! Damn!” shouted Yuan Fei. His eyes were bloodshot. He wanted to crush Ji Yang with his wooden stick, and raised it threateningly.

“Don’t worry. I will solve the problem myself….” Lin Feng coughed as he stretched out his hand, grabbing the wooden stick.

Yuan Fei sighed. He could see that Lin Feng was badly injured, yet still wanted to continue fighting. He put his wooden stick away and put his hand on Lin Feng’s back. He released some Qi to protect Lin Feng’s veins and arteries.

“Ji Yang is a bastard. He must die! Damn it! I want to destroy that asshole!”

Yuan Fei kept swearing. He grabbed Lin Feng and they both turned into a beam of light, heading back to Yuan Fei’s holy world. The area calmed down again, but what had just happened was too shocking. Two Godly Sons had fought, and Lin Feng had gotten involved. Lin Feng and Ji Yang’s battle had been amazing.

Lin Feng had relied on his own strength to fight against Ji Yang. Even though Ji Yang had gotten severely injured only at the end, Lin Feng’s deployment spell had also worked well on him. Lin Feng was a new High-Level Holy Emperor, and Ji Yang was a cultivator at the very top of the High-Level Holy Emperor layer. It proved how strong Lin Feng was. He could be proud of himself!

Of course, that’s all the crowd thought of it. If they knew that Lin Feng had killed Ji Yang’s entire clan back then, how would they react?

It was a step backward, though. Back then, not a single member of the Ji Clan could pose a threat to him. Now Ji Yang had become a Godly Son, and had badly injured him. Lin Feng was now thinking that he had to become stronger as quickly as possible… as always…

The Continent of the Gods was gigantic. There were many, many geniuses, but Lin Feng didn’t care, he wanted to be the strongest and he didn’t want anyone to be able to pose a threat to him, especially a member of a clan he had destroyed!


Lin Feng and Yuan Fei were back in the holy world. Lin Feng decided to meditate in seclusion to heal. Yuan Fei didn’t bother him. He forbade anyone from going into the secret room where he had put Lin Feng. Otherwise, he would kill them!

Yuan Fei was happy to see Lin Feng again, but furious because of Ji Yang.

“Yuan Fei, how is Lin Feng doing?” asked Song Zhuang, suddenly appearing next to Yuan Fei.

When Yuan Fei saw Song Zhuang, he smiled casually, but glanced at the secret room’s door glumly and said, “He’s badly injured. He’s meditating in seclusion.”

“I heard that Ji Yang and Lin Feng…” Song Zhuang didn’t finish his sentence.

“Ji Yang is one of Lin Feng’s sworn enemies. Back in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, Lin Feng destroyed his entire clan,” Yuan Fei informed him.

Song Zhuang’s expression changed drastically. He realized what was going on, and shook his head. Lin Feng could be so cruel. He didn’t know about this before. However, he was convinced that Lin Feng hadn’t done such a thing carelessly. If the Ji Clan hadn’t provoked Lin Feng first, he probably wouldn’t have destroyed their clan…

“No need to tell me more. Wait until Lin Feng comes back. If Lin Feng wants to ask me anything, I hope he will,” murmured Song Zhuang. He sat down on a stone chair. Yuan Fei looked at Song Zhuang and then glanced at the secret room behind them without saying anything.

However, he was convinced that Lin Feng wouldn’t let anyone defeat him.

Ji Yang had injured him once, there wouldn’t be a second time… because he was Lin Feng!

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    Bullshit, tell it in front of Ji Yang and see how miserable Lin Feng die if he didn’t get help from Yuan Fei.

    It is better to change the MC to Ji Yang rather than Lin Feng. The Author really ruined the story with making Ji Yang suddenly become too stronger. It’s like all the effort Lin Feng did in PMG 1 is all useless, compared to Ji Yang sudden power.

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