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PMG 2 Chapter 124: Hou Qing Lin Is Captured

PMG 2 Chapter 124: Hou Qing Lin Is Captured

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Within half an hour, everybody knew about Lin Feng and Ji Yang’s battle in the Supranatural Region. Many people didn’t know much about Lin Feng at the beginning, but now he was starting to get well-known after becoming Holy Fifth and killing a holy cultivator of the Spiritual Region’s Holy Shrine.

Lin Feng’s name spread quickly, including in the Spiritual Region. He became famous. People remembered his name.

In the Spiritual Region, people only remembered Lin Feng only because he had killed Holy Leng Mian. Many people hated him already and wanted to avenge their holy cultivator’s death. They felt humiliated.

Of course, there were some exceptions, too. Some people were delighted and pleasantly surprised when they heard Lin Feng’s name.

Outside of the Spiritual Region’s Holy Shrine were two men. One of them was wearing white clothes and holding a spear. The other one had blue clothes and looked elegant. They were talking about Lin Feng and looked happy.

“Brother, Lin Feng, it’s Lin Feng, it’s really Lin Feng.” said the man in blue clothes, smiling at the one in white clothes. They looked delighted and happy to hear about him.

“Haha, that young man has been here for a short time and he’s already causing trouble. Usually, we needed to pay respect to Leng Mian and so on, and now he killed him,” said the man in white clothes. He looked happy.

“Brother, let’s go to the Supranatural Region and see our fellow disciple. Maybe we’ll see some others as well.” said the man in blue clothes. The other one looked surprised, but ended up nodding along.

“Alright, let’s go to the Supranatural Region, then!”

“Let’s go!”

The two rose up in the air and flew in the direction of the Supranatural Region. But as soon as they rose up in the air, a man with an ice-cold face appeared behind them suddenly.

He had heard the two men and was furious, his eyes radiating killing intent. He clenched his fists and chased after them.

If Lin Feng had been there, he would have recognized the two men as Jun Mo Xi and Hou Qing Lin. He would also know the man who looked ice-cold and was chasing them as well, Holy Tie Mian!

“You think you can leave?” demanded Holy Tie Mian of the happy Huo Qing Lin and Jun Mo Xi.

The two of them stopped in mid-air. When they saw him, their hearts twitched. They knew that Holy Leng Mian and Holy Tie Mian were holy cultivators who had been selected in the previous hundred years. One of them was a Low-Level Holy Emperor, and one of them was a High-Level Holy Emperor. The latter was extremely strong!

If Holy Tie Mian was here, it meant he had overheard their conversation.

“Jun Mo Xi, hurry up and run! I’ll stop him. When you find Lin Feng, tell him to come and avenge my death!” said Hou Qing Lin, pushing Jun Mo Xi away. At the same time, he raised his other hand and a scroll flashed. It was a scroll Lin Feng had given him to protect himself. He wanted Jun Mo Xi to leave as quickly as possible!

“Brother, you…” Jun Mo Xi’s expression changed. How could he abandon his fellow disciple? The space and time Dao strength in the scroll swept out, and he couldn’t do anything. He instantly disappeared.

Holy Tie Mian glared at Hou Qing Lin. Hou Qing Lin didn’t look hesitant. He raised his weapon and charged at Holy Tie Mian.

“You’re only a Half-Holy Emperor, and you dare attack me? You know Lin Feng though, so I will capture you. I will wait for him to show up! When your friend tells Lin Feng, we’ll see if he dares come to the Spiritual Region to save you!”

Holy Tie Mian raised his hands. Hou Qing Lin couldn’t compete with him, and Holy Tie Mian grabbed his weapon. Hou Qing Lin’s face paled.

“Don’t think you can pose a threat to my fellow disciple! Hmph!” shouted Hou Qing Lin. He raised his left hand, and a dagger appeared there. He drove it towards his own chest quickly. He didn’t want Lin Feng to take risks for him or be worried about him.

Holy Tie Mian didn’t give him time to commit suicide, and quickly grabbed the dagger, smiling coldly.

“You can’t do anything, you little Half-Holy Emperor. Haha!” Holy Tie Mian raised his left hand and a ferocious snake lunged towards Hou Qing Lin, wrapping him up and constricting him.

“AAAARGGGGHHHHHHH!” Hou Qing Lin screamed horribly. People heard him kilometers away. His shout made people’s hair bristle.

“I’ll imprison you for half a year. If Lin Feng doesn’t come to the Spiritual Region within half a year, I’ll kill you instead of him. Hmph!” said Holy Tie Mian. He put his hand on Hou Qing Lin and made him vanish, before he disappeared as well.


Nobody else knew what had happened there, but Lin Feng, who was tens of thousands of li away, suddenly frowned and opened his eyes. He clapped his chest, having a feeling in his heart that something had happened, but he didn’t know what.

Lin Feng sighed, and looked at his left arm. It was much better already. Forbidden strength was great for healing. Lin Feng wouldn’t forget about Ji Yang, but he knew that for the time being, he couldn’t kill him.

Even if he were strong enough, how would the Godly Leader and the whole Holy Shrine react if he did kill Ji Yang, a Godly Son? Even if he was strong enough, he wasn’t stupid, and wouldn’t have taken the initiative to kill Ji Yang.

Godly Sons had the potential to become Godly Leaders. If he could join hands with Yuan Fei and the other Godly Son to kill Ji Yang, that would be different.

Lin Feng knew how Yuan Fei was. He wasn’t interested in becoming the Godly Leader, he respected Lin Feng, and had barely accepted becoming a Godly Son. Lin Feng was convinced that Yuan Fei would agree to join hands with him to kill Ji Yang.

Lin Feng knew that either he or Ji Yang had to die. He had destroyed the Ji Clan, and Ji Yang would try to avenge his clan as long as he didn’t die.

Lin Feng had to sort out a few things before this, though. Otherwise, how would he be able to protect his friends and family members? What if Ji Yang became much stronger? They would all be in danger then!


A few more hours passed and Lin Feng finally managed to heal his left arm using forbidden strength. He didn’t have much Qi left, so he absorbed the power of some Godly Stones to recover.

One more hour passed and Lin Feng’s Qi completely recovered. He stood up and opened the door of the mediation room, which drew many people’s attention.

“Lin Feng came out. Let’s go and see him.” When Song Zhuang heard the sound, he turned into a beam of light and in the blink of an eye, appeared in front of the secluded chamber. Yuan Fei also arrived quickly.

“Lin Feng, how are your injuries?”

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