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PMG 2 Chapter 125: Two Women’s Whereabouts

PMG 2 Chapter 125: Two Women’s Whereabouts

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Song Zhuang looked extremely nervous. Yuan Fei looked at Lin Feng, and smiled when he saw he was healed.

“Young man, you’re resilient. Respect!” said Yuan Fei, clapping Lin Feng’s shoulders and smiling. Lin Feng burst into laughter and looked at Song Zhuang.

“Have the members of the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine left already?” asked Lin Feng. He hoped they were still there. He wanted to ask about Xue Baguio, maybe they knew about Duan Xin Ye and Qiu Yue Xin’s whereabouts.

“I asked them to stay, as you had requested,” replied Song Zhuang, smiling calmly. He flashed out of Yuan Fei’s holy world. He knew that Lin Feng wanted to go and see Sage Yin immediately.

As expected, after Song Zhuang left, Lin Feng flew after him.

Even though Yuan Fei didn’t understand what Lin Feng was doing, he still followed along. They both arrived at Sage Xie’s palace. Many disciples pointed at them with their fingers and talked about Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had spent the whole day healing, he didn’t know he was now famous in the Supranatural Region.

Sage Xie took them to the main hall of his guests of honor. It was boundless and simple. Sage Yin was drinking tea at the moment.

Song Zhuang entered the room, and Sage Yin hastily put down his cup of tea, then stood up and cupped his fist, smiling at Song Zhuang. They weren’t of the same age and were of different strengths, but their social rank was the same as Holy Shrine Sages.

“Sage Xie, thank you for invitation. I received a message from the Holy Shrine and I have to go back,” said Sage Yin, and started to leave Sage Xie’s palace, but Song Zhuang halted him.

“Sage Yin, to tell you the truth, I need to talk to you. That’s why I asked you to stay,” said Song Zhuang.

Sage Yin smiled calmly. He knew why Song Zhuang had asked him to stay. Why would he have been invited by Sage Xie otherwise? Why wouldn’t he have been invited by the others?

“Haha! Sage Xie, you invited me because you need something, I see. Tell me how I can help you. Don’t be shy,” said Sage Yin, smiling gently.

Song Zhuang took a step backwards and put Lin Feng in front of him. Sage Yin frowned and looked at Lin Feng. This was the young man who had caused trouble? He had killed Holy Leng Mian and had fought against a Godly Son of the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine. They had both been injured…

Sage Yin was interested in Lin Feng’s adventures. Unfortunately, Lin Feng was a member of the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine, it would have been great to have him in the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine.

“Master, I would like to ask you some questions. Please tell me the truth,” said Lin Feng, bowing hand over fist. He looked nervous.

Lin Feng was concerned about the safety of two of his wives. He needed to know where they were, and wanted to find them at all costs.

Sage Yin was initially happy to talk to Lin Feng but the latter’s expression made him nervous. What did Lin Feng want? However, Sage Yin smiled kindly and nodded, “Go ahead. I will tell you what I know.”

“Thank you very much, Master. Do you know about Xue Baguio?” Lin Feng asked nervously.

Sage Yin was astonished. Lin Feng had never been to the Silver Region, and he didn’t know anyone from the Silver Region. How could he know the Holy Woman of the Holy Shrine?

“Lin Feng, tell me the truth, how do you know Xue Baguio?” asked Sage Yin, frowning.

Lin Feng was happy. Sage Yin’s reply proved that Xue Baguio had returned to the Silver Region. His wives might be there!

“Master, it’s not important. Just tell me whether there are two beautiful women with her. They both look quite cold and detached,” Lin Feng asked eagerly.

Sage Yin looked puzzled, but he couldn’t answer Lin Feng’s question. Xue Baguio was the Holy Woman of their Holy Shrine, there were many beautiful women with her.

“Lin Feng, Xue Baguio is the Holy Woman of our Holy Shrine, so of course there are many beautiful women on her side. I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe the two women you’re looking for are with her?” said Sage Yin honestly.

Lin Feng was visibly disappointed.

When Sage Yin saw Lin Feng looking so disappointed, he smiled and said, “Lin Feng, you can come to the Silver Region to look for those two women, if you want.”

“No. Lin Feng can’t leave for now,” stated Song Zhuang, startling both Lin Feng and Sage Yin.

“Why, Sage Xie? Are you afraid that we’re going to steal him?” asked Sage Yin with an amused smile.

Song Zhuang smiled awkwardly and said, “Lin Feng, you can’t go to the Silver Region. You offended the members of the Spiritual Region’s Holy Shrine. If you go out, they might intercept and attack you,” said Song Zhuang. He was worried!

Lin Feng was touched that Song Zhuang cared about him. It proved they were friends. However, Lin Feng didn’t fear danger. If he hadn’t taken risks in life, he wouldn’t have become who he was. He wouldn’t have become a god in the Continent of the Nine Clouds!

“Song Zhuang, I understand you’re worried. But I need to find my wives, they’re important to me. I need to go,” said Lin Feng. Sage Xie remained silent.

Yuan Fei didn’t say anything, but if Lin Feng decided to go to the Silver Region, he would follow along. He couldn’t let his friend face danger alone, and he would be happy to go on a trip.

“Lin Feng, I can come with you and protect you. Hehe!” Yuan Fei said cheerfully, bursting into laughter.

Sage Yin glanced at Yuan Fei. He didn’t know him, so he looked at Song Zhuang.

“Sage Yin, this is one of the three Godly Sons, Godly Son Yuan Fei,” Song Zhuang introduced him, smiling patiently.

Sage Yin was surprised, instantly bowing hand over fist. “Greetings, Godly Son!”

“Hehe, this old dude likes to stick to conventions. But I like him! Haha!” said Yuan Fei, laughing loudly. Sage Yin looked embarrassed and laughed along too, before looking to Song Zhuang again. The latter sighed.

Sage Yin hadn’t thought these people could be so funny. Godly Sons had the potential to become Godly Leaders someday!

“Master, let’s go to the Silver Region,” said Lin Feng. He was now sure he wanted to go.

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