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PMG 2 Chapter 126: Lin Feng Wants to Leave NOW!

PMG 2 Chapter 126: Lin Feng Wants to Leave NOW!

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“You really want to go, Lin Feng?” asked Song Zhuang. He looked worried, hoping Lin Feng wouldn’t go.

“Indeed. I must go,” answered Lin Feng, looking determined. Song Zhuang sighed. Since Lin Feng was determined, what could he say?

Sage Yin smiled and said, “When do we leave?”

He was happy to escort Lin Feng back. Even if Lin Feng didn’t stay in the Silver Region for a very long time, he’d meet the holy cultivators of the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine, and holy cultivators were at least future Sages!

“I need to go back to the Gods Sect first,” said Lin Feng, cupping his fist. Sage Yin nodded in understanding. Lin Feng didn’t waste time, and promptly left Song Zhuang’s palace, jumping into his shuttle and flying away.

“Sage Yin, please make yourself at home. I need to go and meet the Godly Leader,” said Song Zhuang. He needed to tell the Godly Leader about Lin Feng’s plan. It was extremely important.

Sage Yin didn’t prevent him from leaving. Yuan Fei also left on his own business.


An hour later, Lin Feng arrived outside of the Gods Sect. He landed in front of the gate and ran inside.

“Hey! Isn’t that Ancestor Lin Feng?” asked a disciple in grey clothes, stopping in his tracks. He called out to a few other disciples and pointed at Lin Feng.

When the other disciples heard him, they looked at Lin Feng in admiration.

“Look, look, Ancestor Lin Feng is back, look!” shouted a few disciples. Initially, it was quite calm, but now it was quite lively. Lin Feng was back, and instantly hundreds of disciples went outside to see him.

Lin Feng didn’t understand. He glanced around and saw so many disciples all of a sudden. They had never been so excited to see him. What was going on?

“Have you heard that Uncle Lin Feng had a great battle against Godly Son Ji Yang?”

“Of course! Uncle Lin Feng and Godly Son Ji Yang both ended up injured, but Uncle Lin Feng’s injuries were a bit worse than his. But he’s still very strong!”

“I know, right? He even humiliated so many people from the Spiritual Region. He’s amazing!” agreed a few middle-aged men. Those people were already elders in the Gods Sect, but they admired Lin Feng. Lin Feng had amazed the whole Gods Sect.

Even though he had ended up badly injured when he had fought against the Godly Son, it was almost a victory, because he was a new holy cultivator and he had been able to fight against an experienced Godly Son. Many people didn’t even believe it when they heard the story.

When Lin Feng heard those people talk, he understood they knew about his battle against Ji Yang. He hadn’t thought the news would spread around so quickly.

Lin Feng ignored them and continued flying forwards. However, two silhouettes flickered and appeared in front of him at that moment.

When the disciples saw those two people, they backed away to give them space. “Greetings, Patriarch, Elder!”

Fan Sheng Jun and Xuan Yuan Mu smiled at Lin Feng happily, ignoring the disciples who were greeting them. Lin Feng waved at the disciples to stand up, because they were all kneeling down.

“Uncle Lin Feng, you’re back!” said Fan Sheng Jun. In the past, he respected Lin Feng. Now he admired him!

Lin Feng sighed. Strength was really the most important thing in the world. It could even influence people’s feelings.

“Patriarch Fan, Elder Xuan Yuan, I need to talk to you,” said Lin Feng.

They glanced at one another. Fan Sheng Jun smiled and asked, “What do you want to tell us, Uncle Lin Feng?”

“I’m going to the Silver Region,” Lin Feng stated.

Fan Sheng Jun and Xuan Yuan Mu looked astonished and nervous as they asked, “Uncle Lin Feng, are you not satisfied with the Gods Sect?”

Lin Feng had become extremely strong and famous. He was a real asset for the Gods Sect. Everybody hoped he’d stay in the Gods Sect. Fan Sheng Jun was a Patriarch and Xuan Yuan Mu was an elder, they hoped Lin Feng wouldn’t let them down. Therefore, they were extremely worried!

“Uncle Lin Feng, we prepared a nice residence for you. Supreme Elder Di Shu couldn’t stop it anymore. Holy First Sheng Hui built it for you himself!” said Fan Sheng Jun.

When Lin Feng saw they looked nervous and worried, he smiled patiently as he realized what they were thinking. He didn’t mean he was going to abandon them, they had misunderstood.

“Patriarch, Elder, I am going to the Silver Region to look for someone, I am not leaving the Gods Sect as a member. Besides, I became a holy cultivator now, I am a member of the Holy Shrine. How could I betray my people?”

Lin Feng’s smile instantly reassured Fan Sheng Jun and Xuan Yuan Mu.

“Oh, phew, that’s such a relief!” answered Fan Sheng Jun and Xuan Yuan Mu, nodding.

“I’m going to see Elder Bodhidharma,” said Lin Feng, and he disappeared.

Lin Feng arrived at Bodhidharma’s palace. He sensed some small world Qi, the gate opened itself and Bodhidharma appeared.

Bodhidharma hadn’t changed, he was still wearing a mask and surrounded by demon Qi. He was still wearing a black robe and looking cold.

“Master, I’m going on a trip to the Silver Region. I wanted to say goodbye,” said Lin Feng, cupping his fist and bowing respectfully.

No matter what, Bodhidharma was the one who had brought Lin Feng to join the Gods Sect, had made him his chief disciple and risked his life to save him, as well!

Lin Feng kowtowed three times.

Bodhidharma looked on calmly. When he heard Lin Feng, he nodded politely, not saying anything.

Lin Feng understood Bodhidharma really well, so they both didn’t need to talk too much.

“See you, Master!” said Lin Feng sighed, starting to leave.

“Wait, I want to give you something.”

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