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PMG 2 Chapter 128: Desiccation and Desolation Sea

PMG 2 Chapter 128: Desiccation and Desolation Sea

Edited by RED

“Lin Feng, you’re here, should we go?”

Lin Feng had arrived outside of the Holy Shrine. Sage Yin and a few disciples of the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine were waiting there. Lin Feng glanced around, blue lights flashed, and Fu Chen appeared.

“Teacher, I’m ready,” Fu Chen grinned. He was excited to go on a trip!

“Lin Feng, that’s your disciple, right? He’s talented,” Sage Yin had seen Fu Chen during the competition. Fu Chen was both talented and determined, and now he was already a Low-Level Holy Emperor.

“This is Sage Yin, a Sage from the Silver Region,” introduced Lin Feng, smiling at Fu Chen. Fu Chen cupped his fist and bowed respectfully.

“Alright, can we go now?” asked Sage Yin. Lin Feng nodded. He was ready.

“Lin Feng, Yuan Fei and I are both coming,” said Song Zhuang at that moment. Yuan Fei was big and broad, Song Zhuang was slim, they made an odd contrast as they both landed in front of Lin Feng.

Yuan Fei looked excited. He was happy to go on a trip with Lin Feng, too. Finally, he was going to leave the holy world!

“What are you doing here?” asked Lin Feng, but he was far from unhappy. Yuan Fei was an old friend, and Song Zhuang was a new one.

“I asked the Godly Leader, he allowed us to go to the Silver Region with you,” explained Song Zhuang, smiling cheerfully. That way, it would also be safer.

Sage Yin smiled awkwardly and shook his head. Why had the Godly Leader decided to have them come along?

But Lin Feng was a genius, and the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine didn’t want to lose him, it was normal. There was nothing shocking about it.

“Can we leave now? Or are more holy cultivators and elders going to come to protect Lin Feng?” teased Sage Yin.

Song Zhuang laughed and scratched his nose while Yuan Fei scratched his head. They were happy to go and travel with Lin Feng.

“Let’s go. We’re not waiting for anyone anymore,” said Lin Feng. He knew nobody else would come.

Lin Feng and Fu Chen jumped into a shuttle, Yuan Fei and Song Zhuang jumped into another one. Sage Yin and his two disciples also had a shuttle. The three shuttles shot across the sky at full speed.

The Silver Region was in the southwest. They had to fly across Demon Corpses Hill and the Desiccation and Desolation Sea before arriving in the Silver Region.


At that moment, in Sage Huo’s palace…

Huo Wu was on her bed, feeling infuriated. She had already gotten ready, but her father had told her not to follow Lin Feng, otherwise he would give her up as a daughter. Huo Wu was furious.

“Stinky Lin Feng, damn! You dared leave without me! Hmph!” Huo Wu was furious and punched her bed, her face red. She glanced out of the window.

My dad is away, can I escape?, thought Huo Wu. Her eyes were wet and she suddenly laughed evilly. She put a bundle in her ring and opened the door with the greatest care. She glanced in both directions and quickly fled.

Huo Wu managed to escape easily. She didn’t think too much about it. She took out a shuttle and flew in the direction of the Silver Region. Lin Feng wasn’t too far ahead. She could probably catch up with him…

Huo Wu accelerated. She used lots of energy, but she didn’t care because she wanted to catch up with Lin Feng.

“Princess Fire managed to escape. Tell the Sage that I’m going to protect her,” said two middle-aged men coming out of the main hall after they saw Huo Wu had disappeared. One of them was wearing blue clothes, the other one black clothes.

Those two men were High-Level Holy Emperors. Huo Wu had escaped again, and Sage Huo knew it. She wasn’t very strong, how could she have escaped without him allowing it? What Sage Huo didn’t understand was his daughter’s goal.


Lin Feng and the others traveled for a whole day. They flew past Demon Corpses Hill, and Lin Feng decided to stop there. Initially, the whole crowd was skeptical. Why did Lin Feng dare stop there? The seven demon corpse generals greeted Lin Feng as their Demon Corpse Master, so they quickly understood.

Song Zhuang remembered that the Holy Shrine had managed to get rid of this problem. Now he understood it was because Lin Feng had become the leader of the place. It was one more amazing social status for Lin Feng: Gods Sect’s Supreme Elder, Demon Corpses Hill’s Supreme Demon Corpse…

Fu Chen looked at his teacher admiringly. He dreamt of becoming like him, or even surpassing him!


They continued flying for another hour. Lin Feng realized it was getting darker and darker around them. He observed the sky, now unnaturally cloudy. He could also smell some pungent Qi.

As they flew forwards, Fu Chen and the Silver Region’s disciples had to release Qi to resist the power. Lin Feng slowed down, too. He didn’t want anything to happen to Fu Chen.

Fu Chen and the others were struggling. The sound of waves was audible. The pungent Qi was growing thicker and thicker. Lin Feng released his Qi to resist, too.

Song Zhuang and the others also released Qi. Everybody knew they had arrived at the Desiccation and Desolation Sea.

“Lin Feng, be careful, the Desiccation and Desolation Sea is scary,” Sage Yin reminded him, stopping and glancing around.

“Is it that scary?” asked Yuan Fei hoarsely.

“You know how many disciples I took when I came here?” asked Sage Yin.

“I don’t…” said Yuan Fei, shaking his head.

“Five Supreme Holy Kings, and seven Half-Holy Emperors. They all died in the Desiccation and Desolation Sea, their bodies rotted in the Qi of the sea. Now only these two Low-Level Holy Emperors are left,” said Sage Yin, pointing at his two disciples. They looked anxious as they looked in the direction of the Sea.

When Lin Feng heard that, he immediately remembered the Huang Sea. Back then, he could only cross on a warded boat. He had opened his bestial consciousness and started absorbing it.

Could he do the same with the Desiccation and Desolation Sea? Lin Feng looked excited.

“Let’s go, Yuan Fei! Let’s go and see!” said Lin Feng, jumped towards the Desiccation and Desolation Sea.

“Alright!” said Yuan Fei agreeably, firmly holding his wooden stick, and following after Lin Feng. They both disappeared inside the Desiccation and Desolation Sea.

Sage Yin was relaxed. The Desiccation and Desolation Sea didn’t pose a threat to High-Level Holy Emperors.

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    Great job guys

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    Hey, Lin Feng didnt even go see or tell his wives that he was leaving for a trip!

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      They’re in his star world inside his small world practicing cultivation right now, so technically they are with him.

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      He’s always carrying that starworld, so basically they are with him all the time.

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      Let me Enlighten you.

      His wives is in his small world. And you want to know where it is?. It is in Lin Feng body, and if you want to know where exactly it located in Lin Feng body is, it is in his Genital….. Sorry i mean in his Vital spot ?

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