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PMG 2 Chapter 13: If You Continue Being Arrogant

PMG 2 Chapter 13: If You Continue Being Arrogant, I’ll Have to Kill You!

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Lin Feng knew that Luo Ze would send some people, and as expected, he did.

Lin Feng heard some steps outside and opened his eyes. Someone knocked.

“Come in!” said Lin Feng indifferently.

Someone came in. It was a different servant, he looked angry, and said coldly, “Mu Feng, Luo Ze said you have one minute to go to the garden. If you don’t go, then be careful, your miserable life could be in peril! Hmph!” said the servant arrogantly.

As he was about to leave again, his expression changed drastically and his face turned deathly pale in desperation. A terrifying demon Qi surrounded him, he was so scared he fell down on his butt.

The servant was terrified, and Lin Feng looked at him mockingly. Then, he stood up from the bed and walked over to the servant. He smiled and said, “Alright, lead the way. I’ll go.”

Lin Feng smiled and looked at the servant sitting on his ass on the floor. Lin Feng could kill him anytime he wished. The servant didn’t dare act arrogantly again, Lin Feng was even scarier than Luo Ze.

“P-Prince Mu Feng, please follow me,” said the servant. His face was deathly pale. He forced himself to smile and started leading the way.

“Alright, I’ll bring you instead,” replied Lin Feng mockingly. He grabbed the servant by his collar, terrifying him. The man closed his eyes, and felt the wind brush against his skin. They were in the garden already.

Lin Feng was holding him by the collar. He looked indifferent. Luo Ze was holding a glass of alcohol when he suddenly saw Lin Feng come into the garden, still holding the servant by the collar. Luo Ze was furious when he saw that. Lin Feng was provoking him blatantly! Everybody knew that Luo Ze had sent that servant.

“Mu Feng, how shameless! You even dare attack members of the Cheng Clan!” shouted Luo Ze hoarsely. He threw his glass of alcohol, stood up and threw himself at Lin Feng. He wanted to humiliate Lin Feng, he wanted to show Lin Feng nobody could mess with Luo Ze!

Lin Feng was amused when he saw Luo Ze throw his glass. He then lifted the servant in front of him.

Phwap! The glass crashed onto the servant’s chest and broke apart. Blood splashed, and the servant shrieked.

Lin Feng smiled and threw the servant away, but before that he put his hand on the servant’s chest to heal him.

Lin Feng threw the servant into the water. Water splattered everywhere. Lin Feng laughed. Luo Ze looked furious.

“Brother Mu Feng, impressive!!!” said Cheng Shan, smiling at Lin Feng happily. Lin Feng smiled indifferently and sat down on a small chair next to Cheng Shan.

At that moment, Luo Ze shouted and threw a glass again. Lin Feng’s chair broke apart and turned to sawdust.

Luo Ze was provoking Lin Feng, trying to humiliate him.

Luo Ze looked proud and arrogant. He looked at Lin Feng and said mockingly, “So now you didn’t refuse to come again?!! But since you’re here, you must wait for the leader’s approval to sit down, don’t you know that?”

“Oh? The leader’s approval? Hehe, I understand.” said Lin Feng, smiling and nodding.

Luo Ze looked a bit relieved. He sat down and looked at Lin Feng, waiting for him to ask for his permission to sit.

“Miss Cheng, may I sit here?” Lin Feng asked Cheng Ya Nuo, ignoring Luo Ze.

Cheng Ya Nuo hadn’t said anything so far. She was just observing. She hadn’t thought Lin Feng would ask her. But it was normal, because she was the only one who could be considered a leader there in that pavilion.

“There’s space, so of course you may sit,” replied Cheng Ya Nuo with a smile.

Lin Feng looked at her meaningfully. She wasn’t complicated to understand. She said, There’s space, so of course you may sit, it was the same as if she hadn’t said anything. If there was no space, then Lin Feng couldn’t sit? By saying that, what she meant was… if you want to sit here, then…

Rely on strength to talk!!!

What a girl, thought Lin Feng.

At that moment, Luo Ze was boiling, he shouted hoarsely, “Little boy, you don’t understand Chinese? You have to ask me to sit down!!!”

“Ask you?” Lin Feng smiled at Luo Ze mockingly.

“You must ask me!” said Luo Ze nodded, pounding on the table with his fist.

“May I ask you, what is your family name?” said Lin Feng smiling icily looking at Luo Ze.

“Luo, of course.” said Luo Ze proudly.

“Hehe, since your family name is Luo, it means you can’t be the leader here since we’re in the Cheng Clan. Am I wrong Miss Cheng? Or could it be that you want to replace the leader of the Cheng Clan?”

“Hehe, Luo Ze, you really think you and Tian Qiong had a draw today? You really think you can have it your own way and act arrogantly today? You should behave if you don’t want to get hurt!” said Lin Feng, neither haughtily nor humbly.

Luo Ze’s facial expression changed drastically. He pounded on the table again. He released strength towards Lin Feng, sweeping everything before it.

Everybody’s face changed drastically. Luo Ze was a High-Level Holy King, he was extremely strong. They were scared, as they were all Low-Level Holy Kings.

The Cheng Clan was a bit surprised. In Zhongzhuan City, High-Level Holy Kings were already considered quite strong. Luo Ze was bullying someone weaker than him, and the way he behaved was a disgrace to the Cheng Clan.

Cheng Mo shouted and pounded on the table with his fist too. Demon strength rose up in the air, he looked like a demon. Luo Ze’s strength weakened instantly.

Luo Ze shouted furiously and looked at Cheng Mo. “You dare intervene?!”

Luo Ze regretted saying that as soon as he finished talking. Cheng Mo was a Supreme Holy King. He could kill him easily!

When Cheng Mo heard that, he looked at Luo Ze icily. He took out a sword and demon energies filled the air. Luo Ze gulped;, he could barely breathe, he suddenly felt ice-cold.

“Luo Ze, say one more thing and I’ll kill you!” said Cheng Mo emotionlessly, as his demon energy surrounded Luo Ze.

Luo Ze was scared to death. He couldn’t afford to offend a Supreme Holy King. He didn’t even dare look at Cheng Mo. He smiled at Lin Feng coldly and said, “Hmph! I’ll give Cheng Mo face, so I’ll spare your life.”

“You don’t need to spare my life. On the contrary, be careful, don’t offend people who can easily kill you,” said Lin Feng indifferently. He looked at the chair behind Luo Ze, and dragged it over to himself.

Luo Ze’s face changed again. He threw a punch at the chair and broke it.

Lin Feng lost his patience. That was too much. He had absolutely no patience anymore.

“Hmph. Die,” said Lin Feng furiously. He released Qi, he had the strength of a Supreme Holy King. At the same time, he also released demon strength, it wasn’t any weaker than Cheng Mo’s demon strength. Cheng Mo was surprised and looked interested.

Luo Ze’s face turned deathly pale. He was suddenly scared. The guy he had called a piece of trash was a Supreme Holy King?

Lin Feng’s demon strength surrounded him and corroded his body. Luo Ze’s face turned black. He could barely breathe.

“Please, spare Luo Ze’s life! Sir!” spoke up Cheng Ya Nuo hastily at that moment.

Lin Feng looked at Cheng Ya Nuo and smiled coldly. He punched Luo Ze and blew him away. Luo Ze appeared hundreds of meters away and crashed onto the ground, bleeding.

“This time, I’ll spare your life. If you act arrogantly in front of me again, I’ll kill you.

“Luo Ze, don’t think that you can act arrogantly because you’re a little bit strong. Killing you is like killing an ant for me.

“Remember, if you act arrogantly again, I’ll kill you!” repeated Lin Feng, humiliating Luo Ze. Then, he stood up, smiled at the crowd and bowed, “Everybody, I feel tired and sleepy. I’m off.”

Lin Feng left and didn’t look back at those people again.

Cheng Shan glanced at Cheng Ya Nuo and nodded. Ge stood up and ran after Lin Feng.

Cheng Mo also stood up, grabbing his black sword and said to Cheng Ya Nuo icily, “Sister, I’m going, too. Tell Luo Ze that if he offends Mu Feng again, he’ll die!”

Then Cheng Mo left. Only a black cloud remained when he was seated a few seconds before.

When Luo Ze saw those people leave, he stood back up. Some people laughed when they saw him.

Luo Ze felt like a buffoon. His cheeks burned with humiliation. He had called Lin Feng a piece of trash a few times, and in the end, Lin Feng was a Supreme Holy King and could kill him easily.

Luo Ze scratched his head, everybody was looking at him mockingly. Finally, he couldn’t handle it anymore and left.

The banquet broke up in discord shortly thereafter.

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  1. Klickor April 13, 2019 at 8:59 am - Reply

    I think the author took the wrong Feng. This reads much more like the arrogant asshole Chu Feng than the composed Lin Feng.

    This Lin Feng is everything the old Lin Feng hated. If you didnt see which character said what ypu wouldnt know by the dialogue alone if Lin Feng said it or another arrogant ass said it.

  2. Lord4x June 22, 2019 at 9:13 pm - Reply

    Another shit behaviour from this author.

    Anyway thanks for the translations.

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