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PMG 2 Chapter 131: Arriving in the Silver Region

PMG 2 Chapter 131: Arriving in the Silver Region

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 “Godly Imperial weapon?”

Lin Feng looked at Huo Wu in a strange way. He didn’t know what she meant. Was there a Godly Imperial weapon Sage Huo knew about down here?

Huo Wu looked at Lin Feng disdainfully before smiling mockingly, “You silly boy. Think about it, how could there be a putrid and corrosive Qi in the Desiccation and Desolation Sea if there was no precious item?”

“Alright, then let me ask you, why would there be a precious item here?” asked Lin Feng.

“The item is a low-level Godly Imperial scepter. It’s been here for thirty-thousand years. During the great war, a Peerless Holy Emperor put it here. Now thirty-thousand years have passed. The god has already disappeared but the scepter stayed here. Nobody touched it,” explained Huo Wu patiently.

“So, you came here for the Desiccation and Desolation scepter?” Lin Feng asked her.

“Indeed, I came here to help you get the scepter, you silly boy,” she replied, smiling proudly. She started walking away, but Lin Feng stopped her.

“What’s wrong?” asked Huo Wu, looking at Lin Feng skeptically.

“Don’t go there. Let’s go up,” said Lin Feng shaking his head. He grabbed her, and they instantly disappeared, reappearing on the surface. When they got out of the corrosive black Qi, Lin Feng recalled his forbidden strength.

Huo Wu looked extremely angry. She shouted, “Why did we come back up?! What about the Godly Imperial weapon?!”

“Princess Fire, think about it. What would happen to the Desiccation and Desolation Sea without the weapon? The sea divides the Supranatural Region and the Silver Region, as well as other regions. If a war broke out between the different regions, the sea would be a great fortification.

“If you take that Desiccation and Desolation scepter, the Sea will become an empty valley. Anyone could come here freely and invade the area. All the regions would be in danger. Therefore, that Godly Imperial weapon must stay here. I don’t want it,” Lin Feng told her.

He sounded firm. Sometimes, weapons could be taken; sometimes, they were useful where they were. That scepter had to stay there at all costs.

Huo Wu looked at Lin Feng. He seemed determined and serious. Huo Wu was puzzled. Was Lin Feng confused, or was he sure of what he was saying? In any case, what he said made her feel guilty. She had good intentions. When she witnessed Lin Feng and Holy Leng Mian’s battle, she had felt sad for Lin Feng because he didn’t have a Godly Imperial weapon. Then she had remembered what her father had told her.

“Just say you don’t dare. Don’t vent your anger on me! I didn’t mean to offend you!” she said, looking sad and pouting. Lin Feng already had a headache. This princess was completely psychotic and moody.

“Alright, alright. Let’s leave now,” sighed Lin Feng. He put his hands around her waist and flew up.


At that moment, the others were waiting and felt nervous. The Desiccation and Desolation Sea was ruthless. When they saw Lin Feng wasn’t coming back, they felt even more nervous.

“How come he’s not back yet? Maybe that he had an accident?” whispered Sage Yin nervously.

Sage Yin made Song Zhuang feel even more nervous. If anything happened to Lin Feng, he’d be sad as a friend, and he’d also be punished by the Godly Leader.

“I’m going to look for Lin Feng.” said Yuan Fei, frowning. He couldn’t hold it in anymore. He firmly held onto his wooden stick and flew back to the Desiccation and Desolation Sea.

“My real body is already summoning me. He’s coming back,” said Lin Feng’s clone as Yuan Fei flew away. The crowd gazed into the distance.

Song Zhuang and Yuan Fei saw Lin Feng’s clone disappear. Suddenly, they felt relieved. If the clone had disappeared, it meant his real body truly was coming back.


Lin Feng and Huo Wu were flying after the others. Huo Wu saw a silhouette, and was startled to see it was Lin Feng’s clone.

“Fusion!” shouted Lin Feng, his clone and his real body fusing together again. When he heard that Song Zhuang and the others were extremely worried, he felt touched, so he accelerated.

When Song Zhuang and the others saw Lin Feng and Huo Wu in the distance, they were extremely relieved that he was finally back.

When Lin Feng arrived, he put Huo Wu on the ground. They had managed to cross the sea safely.

Song Zhuang noticed that Huo Wu had changed her dress, he couldn’t help but think something had happened. However, he didn’t think about it too much. It was none of his business.

“Alright, you came back. Let’s continue. We’re already in the Silver Region’s territory,” said Sage Yin, smiling gently at Lin Feng. He pointed at a forest with his finger.

We should be fine in the Silver Region. Nobody from the Spiritual Region should chase Lin Feng here, thought Song Zhuang. Since they had arrived in the Silver Region, Lin Feng was relieved. Sage Yin was now in charge. If anything happened to them, it would mean that the Silver Region hadn’t been careful enough.

“Over there is Yan Du. It’s one of the three biggest cities of the Silver Region. We’ll go there and walk around first. I’ll inform the other members of the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine so they can send some people,” said Sage Yin, before flying away with his disciples.

Lin Feng looked at Fu Chen, who nodded. Lin Feng took out his shuttle, and Fu Chen and Huo Wu jumped into it. Lin Feng drove the shuttle and made it fly in the direction of the forest. Song Zhuang and Yuan Fei used the same shuttle.


Very quickly, they crossed a distance of a hundred li. Lin Feng could see a vast city in the distance. It looked much more incredible than Zhongzhuan City.

“Lin Feng, that’s Yan Du. Apart from the Holy Shrine, it’s one of the biggest cities here. There are many strong cultivators there. There are a hundred regions in the Continent of the Gods, and the Silver Region is one of the most powerful ones. Supranatural Region is one of the most populated regions,” explained Song Zhuang, driving his shuttle closer to Lin Feng’s when he saw the latter looking confused.

Lin Feng nodded. He learnt a little bit more every day. If he understood the dynamics of the Silver Region, it would also be easier to find his wives.

“I’ve heard Sage Yin say that their Holy Shrine has a Holy Woman, what’s that about?”

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