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PMG 2 Chapter 132: Yan Du

PMG 2 Chapter 132: Yan Du

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“Holy Woman are holy cultivators, same as us. They are just women,” said Song Zhuang. Lin Feng nodded. Lin Feng knew the answer before asking but he wanted to make sure. Xue Baguio had become a Holy Woman so quickly after going back to the Silver Region, Lin Feng found it amazing. He now knew that Xue Baguio had a remarkable social status in the Silver Region.

When they arrived in Yan Du, Lin Feng wasn’t interested in the buildings at all. He didn’t care about architecture, even if it was different from the architecture he had seen in other places. Lin Feng was interested in the influential groups of the region and so on.

“Lin Feng, let’s find an inn to take a rest,” recommended Sage Yin.

Lin Feng nodded. He had nothing better to suggest anyway. He was in the Silver Region now, so he might as well spend some time here.

Sage Yin took them to an inn. Lin Feng paid attention to the symbol outside of the inn, two swords. Even though he didn’t know which influential group’s symbol it was, he remembered he had already seen that symbol a few times in town.

“You are eight people, so it’s eight thousand Godly Stones,” said the inn’s owner, stretching out his hand.

Lin Feng frowned. The owner of the inn was a Supreme Holy King, it was already quite good in the region. But now he also wanted Godly Stones? Besides, eight thousand Godly Stones, it was such a rip-off!

But Lin Feng noticed that Sage Yin didn’t look surprised. He took out a ring and handed eight thousand Godly Stones to the owner.

“Sage Yin, people here seem rich. This inn is so expensive, eight thousand Godly Stones!” Song Zhuang sighed. In the Supranatural Region, eight thousand Godly Stones was a huge price, and could be used by Peerless Holy Kings to break through to the Supreme Holy King layer. In the Silver Region, it was the normal price for an inn.

In the Supranatural Region, they used Godly Stones to practice cultivation; in the Silver Region, they used them to pay for things!

“Haha, you just need to get used to it. The Silver Region doesn’t have many other resources, mostly Godly Stones. Every year, the Supranatural Region buys Godly Stones from the Silver Region and gives them to disciples for them to practice cultivation. Your Godly Imperial weapons are worth millions of Godly Stones!” said Sage Yin, smiling wholeheartedly. The owner of the inn gave him a wooden key ring on which the number of the room was written, then looked in the direction of the second floor.

{Translator’s Note: remember that in China, there is no ground floor; the ground floor is the first floor, the first floor is the second, and so on}

“Let’s go. The room is on the second floor,” said Sage Yin taking the lead. His two disciples followed him closely. Lin Feng glanced at Huo Wu and the others, and followed as well.

“Master Sage Yin, why are there symbols in front of all the shops and hotels? What do they mean?” asked Fu Chen, who had remained silent until that moment. Lin Feng wanted to ask the same question, everybody did.

Sage Yin looked at Fu Chen and Lin Feng and smiled, “Those are the symbols of different groups. When you see a symbol on a shop, it means that shop belongs to a certain group. The snowflake symbol, for example, is the symbol of Xue Baguio’s group, Lin Feng.”

“Ah? You also do business here?” said Huo Wu excitedly.

“Of course we do. When you’re strong, you have lots of contacts and it helps in doing business. When a group earns Godly Stones, they give them to holy cultivators and elders to practice cultivation,” explained Sage Yin.

Lin Feng was a bit surprised. People in the Silver Region were good at doing business. In the Supranatural Region, holy cultivators and Godly Sons fought over Godly Stones. In the Silver Region, they did business to earn them.

Lin Feng found the concept interesting, as did Song Zhuang.

Song Zhuang was a Sage in the Supranatural Region. Even though he was a new one, he had privileges and power, to a certain extent. He would be able to bring back what he learned to the Supranatural Region after this trip. It had been a long time since the members of the Supranatural Region had gone on a trip abroad. Song Zhuang was happy.

Doing business to earn Godly Stones was better than fighting over them. Of course, that method had advantages and drawbacks. The drawback was that a certain group could become rich quickly if they did things right, and then the gap between them and the others could become gigantic quickly, too.

However, if any group actually managed to surpass all the others, it was also the proof that they were more skilled. The most gifted ones naturally became stronger faster.

Lin Feng was excited to be in the Silver Region. He already imagined being a shop’s owner in the Silver Region and being able to earn Godly Stones that way. However, he needed contacts and strength to do that…

“My room is there. Choose a room,” said Sage Yin, smiling at Lin Feng. He walked to the door in front of him and entered the room. His two disciples also found a room for themselves.

Yuan Fei took the biggest room of the floor. He threw his wooden stick on the side and let himself fall down onto the bed, and almost instantly started snoring.

Lin Feng and Song Zhuang glanced at each other and burst into laughter. They also looked for rooms for themselves.

“Teacher, I’m going to practice cultivation,” said Fu Chen to Lin Feng cupping his fist. He went to the room next to Yuan Fei’s and locked the door. Only Huo Wu and Lin Feng were left outside.

“Lin Feng, I don’t feel like staying in a room for now. Let’s go and see Yan Du,” said Huo Wu, her eyes wide open and smiling.

Lin Feng couldn’t do much with her, but since he knew her, he had also realized she wasn’t really mean.

“Alright, you’re right, staying in a room is useless,” said Lin Feng after seeing two rooms were left.

Huo Wu clenched her fists. She had won this time! Lin Feng and her headed down the stairs.

As they left the inn, Lin Feng looked at the symbol outside again; there were two swords and a flag. Then he thought of Xue Baguio’s group, whose symbol was a snowflake.

Therefore, Lin Feng wanted to find a shop with a snowflake to find a way to contact her.

Lin Feng looked for a shop with a snowflake for a while, but he didn’t see any. Huo Wu looked at everything excitedly, there were fun things everywhere in the Silver Region. In the Supranatural Region, there weren’t so many fun things…

“Hey, Lin Feng! Look, at that hair clasp, it looks good!” said Huo Wu, as Lin Feng was focused on finding a shop with a snowflake. There was a shop with ancient toys and ornaments.

Lin Feng was about to get angry when he noticed that shop’s symbol was a snowflake.

Lin Feng looked at Huo Wu, who seemed so happy. The hair clasp was beautiful, it had a blue crystal on it which contained space Dao. It wasn’t an ordinary hair clasp.

“Lin Feng, buy it for me.” said Huo Wu. Her eyes twinkled. She kept pulling on Lin Feng’s robe. Lin Feng sighed. He was about to ignore her.

But at that moment, a beautiful woman came out of the shop. She had a very classical style, wearing a white dress and a blue belt with jade ornaments.

Lin Feng first thought it was Xue Baguio, but it wasn’t her Qi. She just looked similar.

Meng Qing? You You? Liu Fei? Duan Xin Ye, Qiu Yue Xin, Qing Feng. Lin Feng thought about the women he loved, then he looked at the hair clasp. He decided to buy hair clasps for them all as a proof of his eternal love for them.

Lin Feng felt guilty because he seldom spent time with them, and yet they had never broken up with him. Apart from protecting them, Lin Feng had never done anything for them. He wasn’t romantic at all.

“Are you the owner of the shop?” Lin Feng asked the woman in the white dress.

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