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PMG 2 Chapter 133: Xue Baguio

PMG 2 Chapter 133: Xue Baguio

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   “My name is Yue Wan. I am the owner of this shop. What would you like to buy?” asked Yue Wan. She looked graceful and restrained.

Lin Feng didn’t sense any Qi from her. Lin Feng was convinced she was a hundred percent ordinary. In the Continent of the Gods, there were probably very few ordinary people and she was likely one of them.

“Sister Yue Wan, is this shop Xue Baguio’s?” asked Lin Feng straightforwardly.

“Xue Baguio? Lin Feng, who’s Xue Baguio? Is she one of your wives?” asked Huo Wu quickly. Yue Wan’s expression changed. She looked at Lin Feng in a strange way, but didn’t say anything. She just seemed puzzled.

“Huo Wu, don’t talk nonsense,” Lin Feng said hastily. Huo Wu ignored him and looked at the hair clasp she liked.

“Are you Prince Lin Feng?” asked Yue Wan.

Lin Feng looked at her, nodded and smiled, “I am indeed Lin Feng, you…?”

“Prince Lin Feng, please come with me. I have something to tell you,” said Yue Wan. She walked back into the shop.

Lin Feng glanced at her and said quietly to Huo Wu, “You wait here. I’m going in.” He followed Yue Wan. Huo Wu muttered something to herself.

In the shop, Lin Feng didn’t notice anything strange or dangerous, but he remained vigilant.

Yue Wan walked to the second floor, Lin Feng followed her. On the second floor, he sensed a powerful space and time Dao strength. He was surprised when he looked at Yue Wan. Yue Wan stretched out her hands, and a two-meter mirror appeared in front of him.

“Prince Lin Feng, please use your space and time Dao to contact Holy Woman Baguio,” said Yue Wan as she stepped aside.

Lin Feng was happy to be able to contact Xue Baguio. In the Silver Region, things were this convenient!

Lin Feng didn’t say much. He raised his left hand and released space and time Dao. The mirror’s color turned to blue. Gradually, a woman in blue clothes appeared in the mirror. She looked elegant, pure, and cold.

It was Xue Baguio.

“Lin Feng, if you see me, it means you’re in the Continent of the Gods, and more precisely in the Silver Region. Since you’re in the Silver Region, go to the Silver Sect. I will be waiting for you there. Your wives, Duan Xin Ye and Qiu Yue Xin, are in the Silver Sect, as well,” said Xue Baguio.

She disappeared and the mirror returned to normal again. Lin Feng nodded and recalled his space and time Dao.

Yue Wan didn’t say much. She took Lin Feng back to the first floor, smiled at him and said, “Prince Lin Feng, you should buy some hair clasps for your wives.”

“Alright, I will choose some,” said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently. He was relieved to know where his two wives were, and he happily chose some hair clasps for them.

“Lin Feng, I chose a hair clasp. Buy it for me!” said Huo Wu, running towards Lin Feng. She was holding a dazzling silver hair clasp.

Lin Feng took it and inspected it. He couldn’t help but approve, she had good taste. Most women would lose them.

“Yue Wan, I’ll take six of those,” said Lin Feng, smiling at Yue Wan.

Yue Wan nodded and gave him six hair clasps.

Lin Feng gave one of them to Huo Wu. Since she was in the Silver Region with him, he had to get one for her too, otherwise she would be a pest and cause trouble.

Huo Wu hmphed and took the silver hair clasp. She didn’t care whether Lin Feng took some for other women or not, as long as he bought her one, she was happy.

“It’s sixty-thousand Godly Stones.” said Yue Wan, smiling at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was stunned. Sixty-thousand Godly Stones for six hair clasps? The Silver Region was so expensive!

Lin Feng smiled awkwardly. He didn’t have sixty-thousand Godly Stones. If it were ten thousand, it’d be fine, but sixty-thousand…

When Yue Wan saw Lin Feng’s expression, she understood. She smiled indifferently, “Never mind. Since you’re friends with Holy Woman Baguio, you can give her the Godly Stones when you see her. I’ll tell her.”

She walked back into the shop. Lin Feng felt embarrassed. How could he borrow Godly Stones from Xue Baguio?

Huo Wu looked at Lin Feng, then entered the shop, took out a ring and gave it to Yue Wan, she said, “I don’t need to borrow Godly Stones from other people. There are sixty thousand Godly Stones inside. Keep the change!”

Then she walked back to Lin Feng, grabbed his hand and ran away. Lin Feng smiled wryly. He owed Xue Baguio nothing this time, but he owed Huo Wu even more!

“I don’t need to borrow Godly Stones from holy women, they think they’re the only ones who are rich? There are rich people in the Supranatural Region as well! Hmph!” whispered Huo Wu proudly. Lin Feng smiled wryly. Indeed, there were Godly Stones in the Supranatural Region too, but the Holy Shrine had most of them. Huo Wu was from a rich family, ordinary disciples weren’t.

But the system in the Silver Region was fairer and better. People earned Godly Stones and could keep them for themselves. No wonder they were rich!

“Hmph! Lin Feng, you owe me now. The more you owe me, the better. I want you to feel guilty and responsible, then we’ll see how you intend to get rid of me. Hmph!” said Huo Wu, smiling evilly. She ran back to the inn.

Lin Feng was puzzled by her behavior as he followed.

“No wonder Huo Wu is Sage Huo’s only daughter. She isn’t easy to deal with. You’re not getting rid of her anytime soon, Lin Feng. Haha!” said Song Zhuang, smiling. Lin Feng didn’t know when or how he had appeared there. Lin Feng and he watched Huo Wu run away. He was amused.

“Boring,” said Lin Feng, glancing at Song Zhuang. He headed to the second floor. Song Zhuang laughed mockingly and followed him.

On the second floor, Lin Feng went back to his room to take a rest. Later on, one of Sage Yin’s disciples came to him. They went to have dinner with Sage Yin and other people.

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