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PMG 2 Chapter 134: Danger Lurks!

PMG 2 Chapter 134: Danger Lurks!

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“Lin Feng, do you understand the Silver Region’s dynamics a bit better?” Lin Feng nodded and smiled at Sage Yin.

Sage Yin smiled broadly and said, “Many people are surprised when they come to the Silver Region. Our system is great. It’s a great place to become rich and practice cultivation.”

“When I go back, I’ll mention that to the Godly Leader,” Song Zhuang nodded. Things had to change in the Supranatural Region.

“Right, anyway. Let’s eat. Our dishes are also special,” said Sage Yin patiently. He raised his glass of wine and took a sip.

At that moment, some men in grey clothes entered the inn and drew everybody’s attention. Even Sage Yin raised his head.

“Two bottles of fine wine and some pickled vegeables.” said the leader of the group, taking out ten thousand Godly Stones. The waitress took the Godly Stones and went to the kitchen.

“Hey, what happened in the Silver Sect?” a man asked the leader of the group.

The leader of the group smiled knowingly. At that moment, the waitress came back with two bottles of wine and pickled vegetables. When she left, the man smiled, “Don’t you know? I’ve heard that a Godly Son of the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine was interested in a female disciple of the Silver Sect. It’s a big thing.”

“Of course. A Godly Son is interested in a trivial female disciple, it’s incredible. But she’s a female disciple. No need to overreact!” said the man. He didn’t understand why it was something amazing. Why did the Silver Sect need to invite people?

“Hehe, don’t you know that Xue Baguio protects that female disciple? Therefore, forcing her to get married is impossible, even if it’s a Godly Son,” smiled the leader of the group.

“Holy Xue Baguio? I see. But… isn’t there a big difference the Holy Woman and the Godly Son, right?” asked the man.

The leader of the group smiled and replied, “That’s true for other holy women, but do you know what kind of background Xue Baguio has?”

“What kind of background?” asked the man. He was curious.

“She’s a leader’s daughter!” replied the leader of the group, as proudly as if the leader were his father.

When the man heard that, he shivered. The others looked indifferent, they understood the circumstances.

Lin Feng was seated opposite them and listened to them talk. He was a bit nervous. Someone Xue Baguio protected? Could it be Duan Xin Ye or Qiu Yue Xin? Lin Feng hoped that wasn’t the case. Otherwise, tensions would arise between him and the Silver Region’s Godly Son.

But Lin Feng was also curious about Xue Baguio’s social status. She was a leader’s daughter? The Silver Region also had a leader. Was his rank higher than a Godly Leader?

Lin Feng looked at Sage Yin. The latter knew that Lin Feng wanted to ask something. He scratched his beard and smiled, “Lin Feng, you don’t know about the leader?”

“Lin Feng, I can clarify things for you.” Sage Huo Wu did not give Sage Yin time to reply.

“Lin Feng, leaders and Godly Leaders are the same thing. They are all the highest ranks in a region, but they have different privileges. One of them is in charge of a Holy Shrine, the other is in charge of a region. They are similarly strong. In some regions, leaders and Godly Leaders are fellow disciples or even brothers.”

“Is it the case in the Supranatural Region, as well?” asked Lin Feng to Huo Wu.

Huo Wu nodded. “Indeed. The same applies to the Supranatural Region, but you’ve never seen the leader because the Supranatural Region’s leader…”

“Because he was injured during the great war thirty thousand years ago. We don’t know where he is now,” said Song Zhuang, pulling a long face.

“That’s the reason why there are tensions between the Spiritual Region and the Supranatural Region. The Supranatural Region’s leader wouldn’t have been severely injured and disappeared if it weren’t for the Spiritual Region.”

Lin Feng understood. Xue Baguio’s social rank wasn’t low, since she was a leader’s daughter, a real princess in the Silver Region. No wonder a Godly Son couldn’t force her to do anything.

“Let’s leave, we’re done eating. The Silver Sect will organize a banquet tomorrow and people from other regions will come because of that story,” said the leader of the group to the other men. The others stood up as well and left the room.

Lin Feng stood up as well and said to Sage Yin, “I’m going, as well.” His silhouette flickered and he left the room.

Sage Yin was puzzled. What did Lin Feng want to do?


Lin Feng followed after the men. They saw him, and stopped when they did. The leader of the group frowned. He had seen Lin Feng in the room, but there were many people there so he hadn’t caused trouble. Now Lin Feng was prevented them from leaving. What was this supposed to mean?

“Who are you? Why are you stopping us from leaving?” he demanded.

“I am not here to cause trouble. I want to know more about what you were talking about. What’s the name of the woman the Godly Son wants to marry?” asked Lin Feng politely.

The leader of the group frowned and snarled, “Why would we need to tell you? Move, or we won’t be polite anymore!”

The other men took out weapons, looking fierce and overbearing.

Lin Feng frowned when he saw this. The situation had turned dangerous, but he had to do something. He initially just wanted to learn more about the situation, now it wasn’t possible anymore.

“You really don’t want to tell me?” asked Lin Feng, clenching his fists.

“Come, kill this punk!” shouted the leader of the group furiously. Instantly, the other men surrounded Lin Feng, five Low-Level Holy Emperors. That wasn’t bad, but Lin Feng was already a High-Level Holy Emperor.

He stepped forwards and disappeared. The men’s expressions suddenly changed. They realized Lin Feng was a High-Level Holy Emperor, and was really strong.

The leader of the group even looked a bit scared, but he didn’t dare retreat. Suddenly, he sensed something cold behind him. He knew he was in danger, but it was too late. Lin Feng stretched out his hand and grabbed his shoulder.

“So, tell me the woman’s name,” ordered Lin Feng.

The man was furious and scared at the same time, but he didn’t dare fight against a High-Level Holy Emperor. He gulped and finally said, “Her name is… Qiu Yue Xin.”

Dong, dong…

Lin Feng’s heart twitched. As expected, he had guessed right. The Godly Son of the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine wanted to get married to one of his wives.

It was a dilemma. Lin Feng didn’t want to be enemies with the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine, but he could hardly let the Godly Son get married to Qiu Yue Xin. That was absolutely out of the question. Nobody had ever raped his wives. If a Godly Son tried to do anything with her, Lin Feng would have to fight against him!

The Supranatural Region and the Silver Region had good relations, but Lin Feng couldn’t abandon his wife. It was a personal attack towards him.

“You can go,” said Lin Feng, releasing the man and disappearing.

The few men glanced at one another, jumped into their shuttles, and shot into the sky of Yan Du. They wanted to chase after Lin Feng, but he was already seated back with Sage Yin, Song Zhuang, and the others. They all looked at him.

They didn’t know what had happened outside. Lin Feng had just silently come back.

“Lin Feng, what’s wrong?”

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