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PMG 2 Chapter 135: Nobody Can Stop Me, Including the Godly Leader…

PMG 2 Chapter 135: Nobody Can Stop Me, Including the Godly Leader…

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 Sage Yin frowned and looked at Lin Feng. Song Zhuang and Yuan Fei were also staring at him. Was Lin Feng in trouble again?

“Lin Feng, who offended you again? I’ll crush him!” said Yuan Fei angrily. His voice resonated in the whole inn, but he didn’t care. Nobody dared say anything, he looked too scary.

Lin Feng glanced at Yuan Fei, then at Sage Yin and said, “If tensions arise between your Godly Son and me, what can we do?”

“That’s… eh… hehe… Lin Feng, stop joking. It’s not funny,” the startled Sage replied. He smiled wryly, looking worried. Lin Feng wasn’t joking. He didn’t know how to reply, though.

Lin Feng made Song Zhuang extremely nervous, as well. If tensions arose between Lin Feng and the Godly Son of the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine, it would be extremely complicated. They wouldn’t be able to do anything. The Silver Region and the Supranatural Region had good relations. If Lin Feng ruined everything, what would they do?

“Lin Feng, what happened?” asked Song Zhuang. If the problem wasn’t a major one, they’d be able to solve it as friends.

“You heard what those people said, right?” Lin Feng asked Song Zhuang and the others.

“We did, what’s the problem?” asked Sage Yin. He looked worried.

“One of your Godly Sons wants to get married to a female disciple, that disciple is my wife,” said Lin Feng, staring at Sage Yin. He emphasized every word.

Sage Yin’s heart twitched. As expected, something like that was happening. He didn’t know how to solve the issue. Lin Feng was extremely talented and strong. The Godly Sons of his Holy Shrine couldn’t even compete with Lin Feng. That issue wasn’t easy to solve.

“Can we solve the issue amiably?” asked Sage Yin. He didn’t want the relationship between the two regions to be affected.

“Hmph! Buddy, with Lin Feng, we’re always ready to settle issues peacefully, except when it comes to women. Women are treasures. Nobody can touch them. Back in the day, if anyone cast greedy eyes on his women, my bro always crushed them.”

“Therefore, no need to ask our teacher if he can solve the issue peacefully. If it were me, I would go insane!” shouted Fu Chen.

Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled emotionally. His disciple lowered his head, looking furious.

Yuan Fei tapped Fu Chen’s shoulder with force and laughed, “My brother’s disciple is a good boy! Not bad, young man. You’re like Ye Chen!”

Yuan Fei laughed, but it didn’t make anyone feel more relaxed. On the contrary, everybody remained tense. To Lin Feng, his wives were precious treasures, he couldn’t abandon them. Their Holy Shrine’s Godly Son wanted one of his women… so what? How could he accept?

Did they need to have a big battle to solve the issue? Sage Yin wanted to go to the Silver Sect, he would be able to assess the situation a little bit better there. Was it a misunderstanding?

Song Zhuang looked at Lin Feng and Sage Yin. They both remained silent. Lin Feng’s eyes were filled with death. Song Zhuang had seen Lin Feng like that when he was facing Di Shu.

“Lin Feng, let’s go to the Silver Sect, maybe we didn’t understand the situation properly,” said Song Zhuang. He was a Sage of the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine, after all. He wanted to help Lin Feng.

“Alright, let’s go to the Silver Sect and we’ll see!” Sage Yin agreed hastily. He also hoped they’d understand the situation a little bit better if they went to the Silver Sect.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything, he just nodded. Song Zhuang and Sage Yin glanced at each other and nodded.

“Lin Feng, try and control yourself, the Godly Leader…” said Song Zhuang, getting closer to Lin Feng. But Lin Feng pushed him with his hand.

He looked at him and stated unhappily, “If you’re my friend, don’t give me such advice. Nobody can prevent me from protecting my wives, including the Godly Leader.” He left the room and slammed the door.

Everybody could see that Lin Feng was furious. Song Zhuang sighed, while Yuan Fei smiled. Lin Feng was awesome! He was just as aggressive as in the past.

Nobody can prevent me from protecting my wives, including the Godly Leader!

The two sages would remember what Lin Feng had just said. They had to find a solution, Lin Feng wasn’t scared of what might happen.

Fu Chen left the room without saying anything and went back to his own room. He had to cultivate and become a Low-Level Holy Emperor as quickly as possible. That way, he’d be able to help his teacher a little bit more.

“Sage Xie, let’s contact the two Godly Leaders and see what they have to say?” proposed Sage Yin, smiling wryly. Song Zhuang nodded. It was the best they could do.

They quickly left the room. Yuan Fei and Huo Wu stayed at their chairs. Huo Wu remained silent. She was soon going to see what Lin Feng’s wives looked like? Surprisingly, Lin Feng was ready to confront Godly Leaders because of them!

Huo Wu admired Lin Feng for his courage. Unfortunately, she wasn’t the woman he was doing all that for.

Yuan Fei looked at Huo Wu and noticed she looked sad. He smiled, which made her clench her fists, “You stinky ape! What are you laughing at?”

“Hehe, another woman has fallen in love with my buddy. How come no woman likes me?” said Yuan Fei, shaking his head. Then he left the room, looking annoyed. Huo Wu paled.


It wasn’t even light outside when Lin Feng called for Song Zhuang and the others. He wanted to head to the Silver Sect as soon as possible.

Sage Yin didn’t go with Lin Feng this time, because he had already left with his two disciples. He needed to understand the situation a little bit better. The Silver Sect had organized a big banquet and had invited strong cultivators from different regions, was it to help the Godly Son court the woman he had his eyes on?

Things didn’t look too good. Lin Feng was fearless and didn’t mind offending others for his own interests. He wasn’t going to make things easy for the two Godly Leaders.

Therefore, Sage Yin had decided to leave first. On the previous day in the evening, Lin Feng had gone to the Star World. Within a very short time, his two wives, Tang You You and Meng Qing, would become Half-Holy Emperors. They would then be real spiritual beings, gods.

Seven bestial Saints had become Half-Holy Emperors already, and two others were about to become Low-Level Holy Emperors. They all wanted to become stronger, and be able to help Lin Feng.

As soon as Lin Feng came back from the Star World, he called for Song Zhuang and the others. The inn’s owner had told him that the Silver Sect was in the southern part of Yan Du. It was only a few hundreds of li away from where they were, they weren’t far. By shuttle, they only needed three hours to get there.

Song Zhuang and Yuan Fei flew in the same shuttle. Lin Feng flew with Huo Wu and Fu Chen. He was in a hurry so he flew as quickly as possible. Fu Chen and Huo Wu grew sick from the speed…

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