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PMG 2 Chapter 136: Silver Sect’s Banquet!

PMG 2 Chapter 136: Silver Sect’s Banquet!

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 Song Zhuang sighed. He knew that nobody could change Lin Feng’s mind. They would see in the Silver Region. He had told the Godly Leader everything the previous day. The Godly Leader had no solution. He hadn’t thought things would turn out this way, or he wouldn’t have let Lin Feng come to the Silver Region the other day.

Song Zhuang was Lin Feng’s friend, so he understood him. As a Sage though, he hoped Lin Feng wouldn’t cause trouble for the Godly Leader. It was difficult to be Lin Feng’s friend and a Sage at the same time in such a situation.

Very quickly, four hours passed and the Silver Sect appeared in Lin Feng’s field of vision. Lin Feng saw mountains tens of thousands of meters tall. There was a wide assortment of lofty buildings and palaces scattered through them. The territory seemed bigger than the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine’s territory, and this was just the Silver Sect!

“Let’s head down,” said Lin Feng, descending towards the Silver Sect.

They landed on the ground, Lin Feng put his shuttle away, and they walked in the mountains.

“The Silver Sect and the Gods Sect are similar. They are both subsections of a Holy Shrine. Holy Shrines use them to raise young people,” Song Zhuang said to Lin Feng. Lin Feng continued walking forwards to the Silver Sect’s Mountain, remaining focused.

“Stop, who are you?” challenged two disciples of the Silver Sect at that moment. They were holding weapons and prevented Lin Feng and the others from going further politely.

“We’re from the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine. I am Sage Xie. Here is the invitation,” said Song Zhuang, taking out a piece of paper and handing it over to the two disciples. The Godly Leader of the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine had written it himself.

“I see. Please come in then. The banquet hasn’t started yet,” said one of the disciples respectfully. The two moved away to let them pass. Song Zhuang smiled at them and they continued walking forwards.

“Who’s that man? He looks ready to kill,” said one of the two disciples when Song Zhuang and the others walked away.

He was looking at Lin Feng and shaking his head. He could see that Lin Feng didn’t look that happy.

“It doesn’t matter. I’m going in. Continue welcoming the guests,” said the other one, who seemed to have a higher position. He ran towards the main gate of the sect.

Lin Feng was already in the Silver Sect. It wasn’t much different from the Gods Sect, located at the top of the mountain. The Silver Sect seemed quite rich. Their buildings were incredible, they had ornaments made of precious stones, and the territory was extremely vast.

This time, the banquet was going to take place in a kwoon. There were many tables already set up, and some important guests were there already. When he saw some of them, Song Zhuang’s heart twitched. There were people from all the Holy Shrines.

Lin Feng looked around, looking for Xue Baguio and his two wives. He was extremely worried. Qiu Yue Xin was probably worried, too.


A kilometer away, in a palace…

Three women had gathered in the main hall. One of them looked cold and was wearing blue clothes. She looked beautiful, but she was frowning and looking at the two other women.

Those two women’s Qi were cold, but they were more beautiful than Xue Baguio.

Indeed, those three women were Xue Baguio, Qiu Yue Xin, and Duan Xin Ye.

At that moment, Qiu Yue Xin looked extremely worried. Xue Baguio had tried to cheer them up all the time after they had arrived at the Silver Sect. They couldn’t do much but patiently wait for Lin Feng. However, so much time had passed, and they still hadn’t seen him.

And meanwhile, Godly Son Hao had noticed Qiu Yue Xin and wanted to marry her. She would never do anything which could make Lin Feng feel sad, like cheating on him. However, the Godly Son’s status was extremely high and he had many privileges in that region. Qiu Yue Xin was just an ordinary disciple and had no privileges.

Xue Baguio had protected them, otherwise, the Godly Son would have already kidnapped Qiu Yue Xin and taken her to his own palace. If such a thing had happened, she would have had no choice but to commit suicide to protect her dignity.

Of course, that was the worst case. If such a thing happened, she didn’t mind dying.

“Sister Yue Xin, don’t worry. Lin Feng is in the Silver Region already. He probably knows about your situation already. If he loves you, he’ll come as quickly as possible,” said Xue Baguio when she saw Qiu Yue Xin’s face was ghastly pale. She looked terrified.

She had just been informed that Lin Feng had received her message in the mirror. She just didn’t know whether he’d be able to come to the banquet or not.

But if Lin Feng came, what would he do? What could Lin Feng do against a Godly Son? Would he fight against him? He probably wasn’t qualified to fight against him…

Godly Son Hao was already a High-Level Holy Emperor. Even though he was a new one, he was already a strong cultivator. What would Lin Feng do? Give up or persist? Xue Baguio wondered.

“Yue Xin, you can trust Lin Feng. He’s never deceived us. He confronted the whole Qiu Clan back in the day for you. For us, he even offended the Moon Palace, he offended Empress Xi, he also did all he could to expel the emotionless Qi from our bodies. We don’t need to doubt his love for us,” Duan Xin Ye said, grabbing Qiu Yue Xin’s cold hand and pressing it tightly.

Qiu Yue Xin remembered all those things. She remembered the most beautiful moments she had spent with Lin Feng. Instantly, her heart warmed.

How could she doubt Lin Feng? But now their opponent was a Godly Son. How could Lin Feng compete with him? He had just arrived in the Continent of the Gods. The situation seemed hopeless!

“Xin Ye, I am so worried. I don’t want Lin Feng to be in danger because of us. I would never forgive myself if something happened to Lin Feng. I would feel guilty, and sad for all of you, Meng Qing, You You, Qing Feng…”

Qiu Yue Xin started crying, wiping her tears off with her sleeve. She was sad and desperate. Duan Xin Ye sighed, but she trusted Lin Feng and she had faith in him. She was convinced he’d be able to solve the situation.


“Xin Ye?”

Lin Feng touched Xin Ye’s jade talisman, which was glowing. He also looked at Yue Xin’s talisman, it was intact. When Lin Feng saw that, he was relieved. She was safe!

“Alright, everybody, you were able to come from so far away to participate in our banquet, that’s our honor. I am Sage Yin from the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine!” said Sage Yin at that moment. He was standing at the top of a stage. A few outstanding-looking man were standing behind him. They looked extraordinarily strong, some of them were High-Level Holy Emperors already.

Many people looked at him, including Lin Feng.

“Sage Xie from the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine, Sage Ming from the Underworld Region, please,” said Sage Yin. Song Zhuang stood up and jumped onto the stage. At the same time, a cultivator in black clothes also jumped onto the stage. Everybody watched them closely.

It was the first time Lin Feng had seen someone from the Underworld Region. During the holy cultivator’s selection ceremony in the Supranatural Region, they hadn’t been invited. It meant that the Underworld Region and the Supranatural Region didn’t have formal relations. It also meant that the Silver Region had more power than the Supranatural Region. Maybe the Silver Region had good relations with other regions thanks to their Godly Stones.

“Elder Mo from the Demon Region, please, and…” Sage Yin was talking and suddenly stopped. He looked glum, then he continued, “Sage Jin from the Spiritual Region.”

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