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PMG 2 Chapter 137: Godly Son Hao’s Beauty!

PMG 2 Chapter 137: Godly Son Hao’s Beauty!

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Sage Jin smiled broadly and slowly walked towards the stage, glancing at Sage Yin mockingly. They hated each other, but his people were guests in the Silver Region, so Sage Yin had to accept the situation and control himself.

Lin Feng saw them. The Spiritual Region’s Holy Shrine’s members also glared at Lin Feng. He looked indifferent. All the members of the Spiritual Region wanted to crush Lin Feng to mush.

Sage Jin and a few disciples from the Spiritual Region went onto the stage. Demon Qi rolled in waves behind them. It was the elder of the Demon Region. The Demon Region was different from the Supranatural Region and the Silver Region. They had the biggest territory and twelve elders. This elder here was only one of them.

Lin Feng sensed the old man’s Qi. He instantly felt close to him because he was also a demon cultivator. He could sense how pure the old man’s demon Qi was, even more powerful than his own. Only people like Feng Mo could have such pure demon energies.

“Supranatural Region’s Godly Son, Yuan Fei, please,” said Sage Yin. Everybody looked at Yuan Fei, who was standing next to Lin Feng.

Godly Son? Godly Sons’ ranks were seconded only to Godly Leaders, not because of strength, but because the Godly Son’s status was particular. Godly Sons had the potential to become Godly Leaders in the future. Therefore, when Yuan Fei was called, many people looked at him.

Yuan Fei smiled flatly and glanced at Lin Feng. Lin Feng tapped his shoulder and smiled, “You go, you’re a Godly Son in the Supranatural Region now.”

“Alright, I’m going,” Yuan Fei nodded. In three steps, he reached the stage. He stood next to Song Zhuang. On his right was the demon elder.

Many people looked at Lin Feng after that. He could talk to a Godly Son freely, so many people wondered who he was. However, Sage Yin hadn’t introduced him yet.

Maybe that Lin Feng tried to make friends with Yuan Fei because he wanted to make a good contact to rise up in the hierarchy, thought many people. Introductions were just part of the superficial aspect of the banquet, they still had to get to the main matter.

“Today, you all came to the Silver Sect because of an important reason. In such circumstances, witnesses are required,” said Sage Yin, standing at the top of the stage. He looked majestic and sounded confident. He was confident because the Silver Region was powerful.

Many people starting trying to guess what he could be talking about. What was so important?

“Everybody knows that Godly Sons are the future of the Holy Shrines. They have the potential to become Godly Leaders. And today, we’re here to talk about a Godly Son,” said Sage Yin loudly. Lin Feng was standing at the foot of the stage, looking more and more glum.

“Godly Son Hao broke through to the High-Level Holy Emperor layer last month, and became the third Godly Son of our Holy Shrine. At the same time, he also wants to get married to a female disciple of the Silver Region. Therefore, witnesses were needed,” said Sage Yin. People heard him far away. Many people already knew what he was talking about. People who didn’t know yet applauded wholeheartedly. Weddings were happy events. Everybody enjoyed weddings.

Lin Feng frowned for a few seconds.  

“Godly Son Hao, please,” Sage Yin called out. He raised his hands to the skies, and roars began to erupt. A righteous Qi spread out. Many people’s eyes were wide, excited to see a Godly Son.

A blurry silver sedan chair appeared in the sky. Two women in silver clothes were on each side. They were all pretty and charming virgins.

The silver sedan chair slowly descended from the sky towards the stage. Many people took a few steps backwards. The women smiled calmly. The four virgins then landed on the stage and put down the sedan chair.

A man in white clothes was seated in the silver sedan chair. His long black hair floated on his shoulders naturally. The man descended from the sedan chair.

All the women in the crowd gasped. Huo Wu looked astonished too, and clenched her little fists. How beautiful! How perfect, flawless!

Lin Feng was stupefied too. If Sage Yin hadn’t said he was a Godly Son, he would have thought he was a woman. He was as beautiful as any woman.

Lin Feng was dumbstruck, because that guy was almost as beautiful as Meng Qing. He had never seen such a beautiful human in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. But it was a man!

However, no matter how beautiful he was, he was also his enemy, and he wanted to steal Qiu Yue Xin from him!

“How beautiful. I’ve never seen such a beautiful man!” whispered Huo Wu. She seemed bewitched. Lin Feng was speechless. Huo Wu was drooling. Lin Feng had never seen her like that.

“Lin Feng, you are both men and yet there’s a huge difference between you two,” said Huo Wu disdainfully and mockingly after coming back to her senses. Lin Feng’s stomach twitched.  

“Fool,” Lin Feng sighed, then ignored her. He didn’t care what she thought.

Godly Son Hao glanced around. Everybody was looking at him with admiration. He almost felt embarrassed, he forced himself to smile normally.

All the women looked at him and smiled. Thousands and thousands of women were looking at him in admiration. They found him devastatingly beautiful.

“I am happy that you were all able to come to participate in my Godly Son’s ceremony, very happy,”
said Godly Son Hao finally. His voice sounded clear and cold, like a mountain stream. It was impossible to know whether he was a man or a woman from his voice.

“Don’t mention it, Godly Son Hao! It’s an honor for us to participate in your ceremony!” said the patriarch of a small sect smiling and licking Godly Son Hao’s boots.

“Indeed, indeed, it’s an honor for all of us.” Leaders of small influential groups all smiled and kissed up.

“I hate sissies,” said Yuan Fei. He hated effeminate men.

Even though Yuan Fei had just muttered to himself, many people heard him.

Many people instantly looked furious. Who dared criticize Godly Son Hao? When they saw it was Yuan Fei, they were surprised.

“God… Godly Son Yuan Fei from the Supranatural Region? How come?”

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