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PMG 2 Chapter 14: Fighting Against Cheng Mo

PMG 2 Chapter 14: Fighting Against Cheng Mo

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“Brother Mu Feng, you’re so strong! Luo Ze keeps acting arrogantly. He always thinks he can do what he wishes, and you punched him and blew him away. Haha! The funniest part is that he thought you were weak and that he could humiliate you, but in the end, you humiliated him!” exclaimed Cheng Shan, smiling after catching up with Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently. He understood that Luo Ze had probably bullied the Cheng Clan a lot. Lin Feng didn’t understand why the Cheng Clan let Luo Ze act that arrogantly on their own territory, though. Of course, it was none of Lin Feng’s business.

Lin Feng arrived in the courtyard, and turned his head to Cheng Shan, he bowed and cupped his fists, “Brother Cheng Shan, it’s late. I’m going to have a rest now. See you.”

“Alright, brother, I’ll come pick you up tomorrow and then we’ll go to the tower!” said Cheng Shan, nodding and returning the bow, before leaving the courtyard.

Lin Feng turned around and got ready to go back into his apartment, but at that moment, someone else arrived. Lin Feng sensed a cold demon Qi.

“Show yourself. Who are you?”

A dark blue amulet appeared in the air and sealed the courtyard. Lin Feng released forbidden strength and broke it. When the talisman broke, blue lights continued sealing everything.

Very quickly, a man in white clothes holding a sword appeared above Lin Feng’s head. His gigantic sword streaked across the sky and lacerated the forbidden strength. The dark blue forbidden strength paled. The man in white clothes took advantage of that and landed on the ground.

Lin Feng looked at him in surprise.

“Cheng Mo, what do you want?” Lin Feng had just seen this guy; it was Cheng Mo, the one who had become insane to become a demon cultivator. He was in the pavilion just now.

“Mu Feng, you have some nice demon powers, do you want to fight against me?” said Cheng Mo, slowly and simply. He sounded neither arrogant nor disdainful.

“We can fight, yes, but we need a reason to fight, don’t we?” said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently.

Cheng Mo frowned, he was holding his sword. He put it back in its sheath on his back.

“We don’t need a reason. I’m just interested in fighting. If I win, other people die; if I lose, they die anyway!!” replied Cheng Mo in a cold and detached way. His eyes were filled with murder.

Lin Feng was surprised. How arrogant and strange.

If I win, other people die, if I lose, they die anyway? Did Cheng Mo have a special way of killing people? How could he be so confident?

Lin Feng didn’t understand, but Cheng Mo wanted to fight so Lin Feng had no choice, he had to fight back.

“So what do you think?” said Cheng Mo. He was getting impatient.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently and nodded, “Of course. If you want to fight, I have no choice. And I don’t want to disappoint you, anyway. Since you want to fight, let’s have some fun.”

“Fun? Hmph! Nobody has ever said fighting against me was fun. Just for that, I have no choice but to kill you, Mu Feng!!!” shouted Cheng Mo icily. Demon energy dashed to the skies, it looked like a black unicorn roaring in a thundering rage.

“You must kill me? Hehe, ridiculous! Now I see that you and Luo Ze are no different. You’re both overconfident. You think you’re unsurpassed, you don’t even take other people’s strength into consideration. By thinking like that, you’re going to bring about your own destruction,” said Lin Feng, pointing at Cheng Mo.

“I am an unsurpassed demon. Since you also practice demon cultivation, I need to know who’s stronger!” said Cheng Mo clenching his fists. He continued releasing terrifying demon energies. His demon strength was different from Lin Feng’s. Lin Feng’s demon strength was pure, and was in harmony with his Buddhism strength, like yin and yang.

Cheng Mo’s demon strength filled his whole body. His eyes were dark purple. He had given up his own self to become a demon!

Lin Feng had never seen such a warped demon, so he was even more curious.

Lin Feng and Cheng Mo hadn’t even started fighting yet, but their Qi was already colliding in the air.

The powerful demon energies drew many people’s attention, including some important disciples of the Cheng Clan.

Cheng Shan had just gone back to his room when he sensed some demon energy. His face suddenly changed. When he rose up into the air and saw Lin Feng and Cheng Mo, he was stunned.

“Mu Feng and Cheng Mo are fighting?” Cheng Mo didn’t understand. Even though Lin Feng was strong, he was also a Supreme Holy King, wouldn’t he be in danger if he fought against Cheng Mo?

When he thought about that, Cheng Shan shot towards Lin Feng.

“Brother Mu Feng, you can’t fight tonight, otherwise it will draw many people’s attentions, including some Half-Holy Emperors’ attention!” said Cheng Shan hastily, worried about what might happen.

Lin Feng frowned. Cheng Shan made Lin Feng think about something. Cheng Mo was from the Cheng Clan, he had spent many years there, and had still provoked him at night, didn’t it prove something? It proved that Cheng Mo didn’t care about Half-Holy Emperors.

Could it be that Cheng Mo already had the strength of a Half-Holy Emperor, and that Half-Holy Emperors couldn’t compete with him? Lin Feng had sensed how strong Xue Baguio was, she was also a Half-Holy Emperor.

However, Lin Feng didn’t want to surrender, so he couldn’t stop fighting, no matter what. Lin Feng also wanted to see how strong the Half-Holy Emperors of Zhongzhuan City were!

Cheng Mo wasn’t afraid. Could Lin Feng be afraid?

“Nobody can prevent Cheng Mo and me from fighting,” replied Lin Feng indifferently, shaking his head.

Lin Feng’s decision relieved Cheng Mo. A demonic smile appeared on his face.

“As expected, you’re an interesting guy. You didn’t disappoint me. Since it’s that way, let’s fight, alright?” shouted Cheng Mo, rising up in the air a hundred meters. Purple demon strength corroded the space around them. Great Emperors and Emperors were forced to the ground, emperors even fell down and could only crawl while shaking violently.

People of the Zun Qi layer and under exploded and died. Lin Feng felt sad for the innocent people who were dying on the ground. He raised his hands and released forbidden strength. The corrosive demon strength didn’t really affect him.

When Cheng Mo saw that Lin Feng was selfless and impartial, he smiled mockingly, “Being kind and compassionate won’t save your life.”

“Someone who lives a life without emotions is like a walking corpse,” replied Lin Feng, throwing his fists one after the other unceasingly. His attacks looked extremely brutal.

“Empty Space Demon Destruction!” shouted Cheng Mo. A purple circle appeared in front of him, a hundred meters in diameter. It then surrounded Lin Feng and canceled other kinds of strengths.

“Nine Netherworlds Agility Technique!”

Lin Feng flew around. Everybody looked at Lin Feng, he looked like a star, incredibly fast. He moved like the wind, a drop of water, and a tree leaf at the same time. Cheng Mo was stupefied.

“A fusion of time, space, and speed strengths? Who the hell are you?!” shouted Cheng Mo furiously. He released even more demon intent. A vortex made of demon strength surrounded Lin Feng.

Lin Feng remained focused. He threw out his hand, and it turned into star light. The lights illuminated Cheng Mo’s attack as it drew closer.

“Great Cursing technique!” shouted Lin Feng. A black cursing scepter appeared in Lin Feng’s hand. Cheng Mo was astonished.

“A black mage? You’re also a black mage?” Cheng Mo couldn’t believe it, staring in confusion. The sword he carried in his back suddenly rose up in the air. The pitch-black sword then streaked across the sky and shot towards Lin Feng’s chest.

“Die!!!” shouted Cheng Mo furiously. His long sword was distorted. It didn’t look like a sword anymore, it looked like a beam of light. Lin Feng couldn’t really follow it with his eyes. Cheng Mo definitely didn’t have an undeserved reputation. No wonder he was arrogant and aggressive!

“Space and Time Shield!” shouted Lin Feng. In front of him, a blue shield appeared, and the sword crashed into the shield, which dimmed. The sword bounced off and reappeared higher up in the sky.

“Curse,” Lin Feng raised his cursing scepter with his left hand. The scepter flew forwards on its own and started fighting against the long sword. The two precious items were both Saint’s Weapons.

After Lin Feng had broken through to the Ruler layer, he had improved the Cursing Scepter.

Cheng Mo threw out his hand and purple demon energies rolled out.

Lin Feng precisely wanted to fight in close combat. Lin Feng loved close combat!

“Overlord Punch!”

“Demon Punch!”

“Great Celestial Technique!”

“Forbidden Lights!”


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