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PMG 2 Chapter 140: Black Dragon’s Strength!

PMG 2 Chapter 140: Black Dragon’s Strength!

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  Godly Son Hao applauded and shouted. He flew towards Lin Feng and landed in front of him. The crowd was surprised.

Lin Feng was surprised as he watched Godly Son Hao. Godly Son Hao also studied him. Suddenly, it seemed that both were drifting away. Some distant sounds spread in the air.

Lin Feng threw his left fist. Godly Son Hao threw his foot. Lin Feng’s fist and Godly Son Hao’s foot collided. Nobody had the advantage.

“Brother Lin Feng, today is a ceremony in my honor. Won’t you give me face?” asked Godly Son Hao smiled.

Lin Feng smiled icily and said, “You want to steal my wife, why would I give you face?”

“Why are you so nervous? We can take a step backwards and discuss some other time,” Godly Son Hao smiled at Lin Feng.

Sage Yin nodded and took a step backwards. It was the best solution. Song Zhuang also nodded and smiled agreement.

Lin Feng frowned and looked at Godly Son Hao’s smile. Was he making fun of him? He looked gentle, yet arrogant. Lin Feng didn’t feel comfortable.

Yuan Fei felt the same, he was seated the whole time, but now he shouted furiously and threw his stick.

“I’ll crush you!” shouted Yuan Fei furiously. His golden stick flashed and flew past Godly Son Hao. Many people were startled, including Sage Yin. 

Godly Son Hao looked indifferent. He was unhurt.

“Since the Supranatural Region’s Godly Son attacked, I can attack too, I guess…” said Godly Son Hao, looking at Yuan Fei. He raised his left hand and silver lights flashed. A silver sword appeared.

The silver sword streaked across the sky. Whistling sounds spread in the air. The ceremony had turned into a battle.

“You think I am afraid of you? I can’t stand sissies like you! Fuck off!” shouted Yuan Fei furiously. Then he turned into a light beam and flew towards Godly Son Hao extremely quickly.

The crowd heard a sonic boom and sensed a terrifying Qi.

Lin Feng frowned. There was something wrong. He looked at Yuan Fei’s light beam and then at Godly Son Hao’s energy, suddenly, his expression changed drastically, he looked at Yuan Fei and shouted, “Yuan Fei, hurry up and leave!”

“Hmph! You just realized? It’s a bit too late,” shouted Godly Son Hao suddenly. A light beam emerged from his left hand and moved towards Yuan Fei. He wasn’t slower than Yuan Fei.

Lin Feng’s expression changed drastically. If Yuan Fei was attacked by a Godly Imperial weapon, he’d end up badly injured. Lin Feng threw out his left hand. A black light beam appeared in front of Yuan Fei and blocked the silver sword.

Godly Son Hao’s expression suddenly changed as his sword was pushed away. Lin Feng grabbed his black sword again. It was Black Dragon, the Godly Imperial weapon Bodhidharma had given to him.

Lin Feng was holding Black Dragon firmly. As Black Dragon listened to Lin Feng, a thick demon Qi appeared around it. It made Lin Feng’s own demon Qi boil and rise up in the air. Lin Feng looked like a terrifying demon like that with black demon Qi all around him.

The demon elder looked stupefied. There were such powerful demon cultivators outside of the Demon Region? What a genius! The Demon Region needed him!

Thinking about that, the Demon Region’s elder looked at Sage Yin and Song Zhuang, and then sat back down as if nothing had happened.

Lin Feng’s Black Dragon streaked across the sky and moved back in front of Yuan Fei. Lin Feng didn’t want to give Godly Son Hao any opportunity.

“Yuan Fei, move back. What’s happening today has nothing to do with you,” Lin Feng said to Yuan Fei.

Yuan Fei nodded unhappily and moved away, since Lin Feng wanted to take over.

When Yuan Fei moved back, Song Zhuang was relieved. If Godly Sons from the two regions started fighting, things would get even worse.

“One battle, the winner gets Qiu Yue Xin, alright?” said Godly Son Hao, smiling mockingly.

Lin Feng looked even glummer. He grabbed Qiu Yue Xin and Duan Xin Ye’s hands and held them even tighter, “My wives are not objects! No matter who wins, they are my wives and nothing can change that!”

“You’re disappointing,” sighing Godly Son Hao.

“Disappointed? So fucking what? Do I need to make you feel proud or happy?” said Lin Feng, smiling mockingly. The crowd was astonished. Lin Feng was brave to talk to Godly Son Hao like that.

“Hihi, since it’s that way, let’s fight without any stakes,” said Godly Son Hao, looking glum now as well. He was firmly holding his silver sword, which was shaking. It looked impatient to win. 

Lin Feng nodded. The silver sword shook violently, even faster than Godly Son Hao. It cut towards Lin Feng’s chest extremely quickly.

Lin Feng wanted to control Black Dragon, but it left his hand without his consent and threw itself at the silver sword. The two weapons collided and sharp metallic sounds spread in the air.

“Sky Destroying Punch!” shouted Godly Son Hao, throwing a fist at Lin Feng with the force of a landslide and the power of a tsunami, aiming at his chest. He wanted to kill him as quickly as he could.

Lin Feng also threw a fist and released forbidden strength. Many people hurried away from him. The absorbing and corroding strength made them very uncomfortable.

Their fists finally collided. The energy hadn’t even dispersed yet when the two weapons shook violently and Black Dragon turned into millions of demonic black swords, demon Qi rolled all around it. They looked like demons.

The silver sword turned into a silver sword’s heart. It seemed indestructible. The millions of demons pierced through, they looked unstoppable. The silver sword’s heart shook violently.

The silver sword cried out and flew away again. Black Dragon whistled, and a mighty Qi surged out and carried everything away. The silver sword howled defiantly and shook violently.

At that moment, Black Dragon was already near the silver sword Qi. A sharp and aggressive Qi surrounded the silver sword. The silver sword calmed down like a woman submitting in front of a powerful man.

Black Dragon roared out proudly. Lin Feng was surprised. Was Black Dragon a male-type weapon? And was the silver sword a female-type weapon?

Godly Son Hao was astonished and his expression changed drastically. He shouted furiously at Lin Feng, “You’re cruel! But we’ll fight again! Go!”

Lin Feng didn’t understand why Godly Son Hao looked so furious. Was it because of the two weapons?

Lin Feng lowered his head and looked at Black Dragon, the demon sword. It was proudly floating there in the air. It whistled and called to Lin Feng. The silver sword had come back and was in front of Black Dragon. It was like the silver sword had fallen in love with Black Dragon. Lin Feng looked at the sword in admiration.

“Silver Spirit, come back!” Godly Son Hao shouted in the distance. His voice was so high-pitched that people’s ears hurt. Lin Feng watched Godly Son Hao leave. He had the impression he had become something different.

Lin Feng also had the impression that Godly Son Hao didn’t like Qiu Yue Xin at all. So why did he want to get married to her?

Lin Feng put Black Dragon away. The Silver Sect’s ceremony was going to end just like that, leaving the protagonists frustrated and humiliated.

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