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PMG 2 Chapter 142: Four Wives’ Reunion

PMG 2 Chapter 142: Four Wives’ Reunion

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“Sheng Hui, what’s that supposed to mean?” shouted Di Shu furiously.

Sheng Hui glanced at him and then looked at Mo Da again. “You want to drop stones on someone who has fallen into a well, that’s not how holy cultivators behave. Lin Feng is one of us, and you want to help other people plot against him. Mo Da, would you be happy if I joined hands with the other holy cultivators to get your Holy Fourth status abrogated, as well?” shouted Sheng Hui, pointing at Mo Da accusingly.

Mo Da shuddered with fear as his face stiffened. He knew Sheng Hui wasn’t joking. He was truly angry.

“But… Holy First, what about what Lin Feng did?” said Mo Da. He didn’t want to miss such a great opportunity, and now Sheng Hui was trying to prevent him from acting.

“What he did was for his wives. You think your behavior is better than his?” sneered Sheng Hui. Mo Da was speechless.

When Sheng Hui saw that Mo Da didn’t say anything anymore, he looked at Di Shu and said, “You’re the leader of the Supreme Elders, you should do things which are beneficial for the Supreme Elders. You shouldn’t try and drag other people around to help you get your revenge. If you do, you’ll lose my respect,” said Sheng Hui. He turned around and disappeared from the top of the Godly Mountain.

Holy Second Dong Sheng and Holy Third Yi Yun followed him. Mo Da watched the other three holy cultivators disappear into the horizon, then looked at Di Shu again. He couldn’t afford to lose his Holy Third status, so he couldn’t help Di Shu. What a pity, it was such a great opportunity.

Mo Da left. Di Shu clenched his fists hard enough to pop them, his eyes filled with killing intent, his face pale with frustration.

“Lin Feng, this time, Sheng Hui protected you. Next time, you will die! Hmph!” said Di Shu, icy with fury. He walked away from the pavilion at the top of the mountain. As he left, he kicked a huge stone which exploded into a thousand pieces and disappeared.

The others glanced at one another. Lin Feng and Di Shu seemed like they had become sworn enemies. One of them was going to die sooner or later.

Holy strength and forbidden strength were antagonistic. Chosen ones and those who had been abandoned by the gods were natural enemies. Such things were normal…


At that moment, in the Silver Sect, there was also a romantic reunion going on.

Lin Feng was holding Duan Xin Ye and Qiu Yue Xin. They were cuddling. Lin Feng felt good and relaxed. He had finally found two more of his wives. Now, he just needed to find Qing Feng. Yi Ren Lei hadn’t come to the Continent of the Gods. Meng Qing and Tang You You were in the star world. Liu Fei was with his parents in his spirit world.

“Hubby, you know how much I suffered these days,” said Qiu Yue Xin, looking at Lin Feng. She put her head on his chest again, smiling resplendently. She didn’t look cold and detached any more.

“You’re fine now. Nobody can steal my little Yue Xin. Emotionless Dao failed, Empress Xi failed, so the Godly Sons of the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine can’t succeed, either,” said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently. When Qiu Yue Xin heard how confident and determined he sounded, she was happy. Even though Lin Feng wasn’t the strongest cultivator in that world, he still did his best to protect his wives, and that made her happy.

“Sister Yue Xin cried almost every day. She missed you so much. We love you so much, Lin Feng, you must be good to us!” added Duan Xin Ye. She was more straightforward than Qiu Yue Xin. She didn’t cry, though. She was psychologically stronger than Qiu Yue Xin.

She was also more careful than Qiu Yue Xin. She had noticed Huo Wu with Lin Feng. New beautiful women kept appearing around Lin Feng, and such beautiful women could be dangerous.

Huo Wu wasn’t as beautiful as Meng Qing, and didn’t look like a celestial being. But she was more beautiful than Duan Xin Ye and Qiu Yue Xin, so the former immediately noticed her. Therefore, she told Lin Feng he had to be good to them, to make him focus on them and forget about Huo Wu in case he had hidden thoughts.

She was just warning him. Lin Feng understood what she meant. Some things had to be said clearly.

“Alright, I promise, I will never do anything that could make you feel sad,” said Lin Feng, cheering them up immediately.

Duan Xin Ye looked at his eyes. He looked honest, kind, and determined. He was their husband, Lin Feng!

You’re probably lying. That girl is so beautiful and you’re a pervert, I don’t believe you, thought Duan Xin Ye, but she didn’t say it, her lips just moved. Lin Feng was speechless.

Since when was he a pervert? Was it because he had several wives? They all loved him deeply and he loved them deeply, as well. What did that have to do with perversion?

“Alright, her name is Huo Wu. She’s Sage Huo’s daughter, a sage of the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine,” said Lin Feng, sighing. He knew Duan Xin Ye had doubts because of her.

Duan Xin Ye was a bit surprised. A Sage’s daughter? No wonder she was so beautiful and had such an extraordinary Qi.

“Hmph! You dared try to seduce a Sage’s daughter! You’re definitely a pervert!” said Duan Xin Ye, laughing jokingly. Lin Feng blushed and laughed, and could only scratch his nose.

Suddenly, Lin Feng sensed the energy of his Star World fluctuate. Two familiar threads of Qi flowed in his veins. Lin Feng was delighted. He stood up, grabbing his wives’ little hands and said, “I’ll take you somewhere.”

The three of them disappeared.


Shortly after they disappeared, Holy Tie Mian landed there, but he didn’t see Lin Feng.

“Are you sure it’s here?” asked Holy Tie Mian, frowning to his servant. 

“Indeed, Holy Master. I inspected the area. He was here with his two wives.” replied the disciple cupping his fist.

Holy Tie Mian looked glum. Lin Feng wasn’t there, but…

Holy Tie Mian crouched down and smelled the ground. Lin Feng had disappeared from there, and none of his Qi remained around, therefore, he was convinced Lin Feng had teleported.

“Let’s wait here. He must have cast a deployment spell or something, he can only come back through here,” said Holy Tie Mian. He stuck his spear into the ground with full force, looking like a spear himself. His disciples stood next to him and waited.


At that moment, Lin Feng was already in the Star World’s star passage with his two wives. A gigantic palace appeared in front of them. Two beautiful women were standing in front of the palace.

“Meng Qing, You You?”

“Yue Xin, Xin Ye?”

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