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PMG 2 Chapter 143: Danger Lurks (Part One)

PMG 2 Chapter 143: Danger Lurks (Part One)

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Meng Qing and Tang You You were staring at Duan Xin Ye and Qiu Yue Xin in delight. They all smiled, and threw themselves into each others’ arms and hugged. Lin Feng watched them, feeling warm in his heart. His wives were all different, but they had good relationships, luckily for him.

Of course, it was also partly due to Meng Qing, who acted as a kind of pillar. She was so beautiful that none of his other wives could compete with her, and didn’t dare to. They all considered her a mature sister.

“Lin Feng, where’s Sister Qing Feng? Any news?” asked Meng Qing, sighing sadly.

Lin Feng suddenly looked a bit sad, too. Lin Feng was determined, and he would do his best to find her. He knew he was going to have more and more pressure on his shoulders too.

Lin Feng was also worried about his fellow disciples from Tian Tai: Hou Qing Lin, Tian Chi, Ruo Xie, Lang Ye, Mu Bei and so on, and his two teachers.

Lin Feng didn’t feel safe these days. He had a bad feeling, as if his fellow disciples were in danger. But their talismans weren’t broken, and Lin Feng hoped they’d remain intact for a long time.

“Don’t worry, you will find everybody,” said Duan Xin Ye, grabbing Meng Qing’s hand. She beamed back at him.

Lin Feng nodded. He would find everybody in time. He didn’t intend to give up!

“By the way, Xin Ye, Yue Xin, you’re still too weak. Go in there. Meng Qing and I have broken through to the Low-Level Holy Emperor layer already,” said Tang You You. By saying that, Tang You You was making Lin Feng understand that his other wives weren’t strong enough, they needed to be stronger to be able to protect themselves in case he wasn’t there. They were just Peerless Holy Kings, and this place still had the Qi of the Godly Stones, so it was perfect to practice.

“Indeed, Xin Ye, Yue Xin, go and cultivate. Try to break through to Half-Holy Emperor layer. If you practice cultivation for one year here, it’s like ten years in the outside world. Of course, for a High-Level Holy Emperor like me, it doesn’t matter much,” Lin Feng told them.

Duan Xin Ye and Qiu Yue Xin were not very happy to stay there, they wanted to stay with him, but they were also aware that if they stayed next to Lin Feng all the time, they’d just be a burden and Lin Feng would constantly be worried.

Therefore, they just nodded. It was all they could do. That way, Lin Feng would be able to continue becoming stronger in peace.

“Yes, take us in there,” said Qiu Yue Xin, nodding gently. None of them felt like leaving Lin Feng, and he didn’t feel like it either. But it was for their own safety, for their future.

And if anything happened to him, nothing would happen to the Star World because it was a territory made by the god for his heir.

“Let’s go inside!” Lin Feng nodded. He grabbed Qiu Yue Xin’s cool hand with his left hand and Duan Xin Ye’s with his right. Meng Qing waved. The door of the palace opened, and Lin Feng and his two wives disappeared inside.

Meng Qing and Tang You You smiled, staying outside.


Lin Feng entered the palace with his two wives. Bestial Qi filled the air. Seven silhouettes appeared in the palace. The leader of the group was Blue-Green Ox.

“Greetings, Master!”  “Greetings, Master!”…

Blue-Green Ox cupped his fists. The six other beasts also shouted greetings in unison.

Lin Feng looked at the seven beasts, who had already become Half-Holy Emperors. Blue-Green Ox and Grey Dragon were already at the top of the Half-Holy Emperor layer and were about to break through. This place was perfect for cultivation.

“Stand up,” said Lin Feng patiently. The beasts all stood up and looked at their master. He had become so strong. Back in the days, Lin Feng had to beg them to get some help, but these days, they relied on him for Godly Stones.

“Master, the two beasts are meditating in seclusion. They need a hand. And we…” said Blue-Green Ox, smiling awkwardly and shaking his head.

Lin Feng instantly guessed what he meant when he saw that smile. They probably needed more Godly Stones.

“I will try to find a solution regarding Godly Stones,” said Lin Feng calmly. Blue-Green Ox looked delighted and bowed a few times.

When Qiu Yue Xin and Duan Xin Ye saw how respectful the beasts were, they guessed it was because of the Godly Stones, and understood what was going on.

“Lin Feng, Yue Xin and I have three hundred thousand Godly Stones. Take them,” said Duan Xin Ye, handing a ring over to Lin Feng. Lin Feng was stunned.

Duan Xin Ye and Qiu Yue Xin were ordinary disciples in the Silver Sect, how come they had so many Godly Stones? How rich was the Silver Region?

When Qiu Yue Xin saw how surprised Lin Feng looked, she bit her lips and glanced at Duan Xin Ye. Duan Xin Ye also looked startled, but she said, “It’s Godly Son Hao who gave these Godly Stones to Sister Yue Xin.”

“What? Godly Son Hao?!” Lin Feng gasped. His heart twitched. Godly Son Hao had really tried his best to get her already! That kind of guy was ready to spend three hundred thousand Godly Stones to have sex with a woman! Too bad for him, she loved Lin Feng!

“Lin Feng, don’t be angry. I don’t want them. We don’t want them, okay?” explained Qiu Yue Xin hastily. She thought Lin Feng was furious, and her face paled. She threw away the Godly Stones.

“Yue Xin, don’t worry. Since he gave them to you, they’re yours. Even though I don’t feel comfortable, I’m not a petty person. They’re yours and they can make you stronger. I should actually thank him!” Lin Feng smiled. He gave them the Godly Stones back.

They were Godly Son Hao’s, so why not use them? It would be stupid to throw such precious items away. They could make cultivators stronger!

Lin Feng took fourteen hundred of them and gave them to the seven beasts. Blue-Green Ox and the others looked excited. They would be able to become stronger much faster again!

“Hurry up and become Low-Level Holy Emperors, and then I’ll take you out of the Grave. I’ll show you the Continent of the Gods!” Lin Feng said to the beasts.

The beasts cupped their fists and nodded. They were eager to see the outside world!

“These two women are also my wives, they are your mistresses. They will also practice cultivation in here. Don’t disturb them. Don’t let anyone cause trouble,” ordered Lin Feng. The beasts all nodded. Who would dare offend him, anyway?

They admired Lin Feng for having so many beautiful wives. Two of his wives were leaving this world and now two new ones were going to replace them in there.

“Yue Xin, Xin Ye, go in. When you become spiritual beings, I will sense it and I will come back in to see you,” said Lin Feng, letting go of their hands.

Qiu Yue Xin and Duan Xin Ye nodded. They looked at Lin Feng and then disappeared inside the palace. Blue-Green Ox and the others also vanished.

Lin Feng sighed, leaving the palace and closing the door.

“Let’s go. Meng Qing, You You, we’re in the Silver Region, and I’m facing some difficulties there. If you stay with me, you can also help me,” said Lin Feng, grabbing their hands and walking away smiling.

“Do you have new wives in the outside world?” asked Tang You You angrily.

Lin Feng was startled. He hastily shook his head and said, “How could I? You’re unfair!”

“Pfff! Nobody is unfair to you. Hmph! Sister Xin Ye told me about Huo Wu telepathically. She’s very beautiful and young. She told me I had to be careful,” said Tang You You, pushing Lin Feng. Lin Feng smiled awkwardly.

Meng Qing smiled. She didn’t doubt Lin Feng and didn’t care about such things anyway.

Lin Feng and his wives left the Star World.

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