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PMG 2 Chapter 145: Fight to Win Or Die

PMG 2 Chapter 145: Fight to Win Or Die

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“Hehe, release him?” replied Holy Tie Mian, smiling in icy amusement. He glanced at Hou Qing Lin. Lin Feng decided to stay because of Hou Qing Lin, which meant they were really close to each other.

They are probably old friends, thought Holy Tie Mian. He wasn’t worried that Lin Feng would escape anymore. “I can release him. One condition though,” said Holy Tie Mian, smiling icily. He still looked amused.

“Stop talking shit, hurry and tell me your conditions!” shouted Lin Feng furiously, pointing at Holy Tie Mian. He didn’t have time to waste. Each second was important for Lin Feng. Holy Tie Mian suddenly looked glum. He clenched his fists, then smiled icily and said, “You come back to the Spiritual Region’s Holy Shrine with us!”

Lin Feng frowned as Black Dragon appeared in front of him. He shouted furiously. Even if they both ended up badly injured, he had to save his friend, his fellow disciple. Holy Tie Mian wanted to use Hou Qing Lin to force him into a trap!? He could dream on!

“Go back to the Spiritual Region’s Holy Shrine with you?” If Lin Feng went to the Spiritual Region, he wouldn’t be able to ensure his own safety. But if he didn’t go to the Spiritual Region’s Holy Shrine with Holy Tie Mian and his disciples, then Holy Tie Mian would probably kill Hou Qing Lin. “I acc-”

“Lin Feng, don’t worry about me, hurry up and leave!” Lin Feng was about to nod and accept when Hou Qing Lin opened his eyes and used the little strength he had to shout to Lin Feng, startling everyone.

As Hou Qing Lin shouted furiously, Holy Tie Mian’s spear quickly moved towards Hou Qing Lin’s chest. Hou Qing Lin had only one thought though, he didn’t want Lin Feng to get in trouble because of him. He didn’t want the Spiritual Region controlling Lin Feng because of him. “Lin Feng, don’t worry about me, hurry up and leave!”

“You want to die!” shouted Holy Tie Mian furiously. Then he kicked Hou Qing Lin, who was smashed away.

   He groaned with pain and coughed up blood. He was badly injured. “Lin Feng… hurry up and leave, don’t worry about me,” coughed Hou Qing Lin. His chest felt like it was burning.

Lin Feng ground his teeth and clenched his fists. He looked at his fellow disciple, fury running through him. His demon Qi boiled in his body. Lin Feng could feel it. Black Dragon became even bigger and shook violently.

“Brother, move away!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Black Dragon turned into a black light beam, demon strength rolled in waves around it. The whole space was suddenly filled with demon Qi, moving straight towards Holy Tie Mian. Its speed was astonishing. Even Holy Tie Mian was surprised.

When Hou Qing Lin heard Lin Feng, he used all his strength to dodge Black Dragon’s attack. Explosion and rumbling sounds spread through the air. A canyon appeared before Black Dragon. Holy Tie Mian shouted angrily as threw himself at Lin Feng.

“Capture Hou Qing Lin!” shouted Holy Tie Mian. He didn’t forget about Hou Qing Lin. He had to capture him, Lin Feng wouldn’t have stayed if Hou Qing Lin hadn’t been here. Hou Qing Lin shouted furiously. At the same time, Holy Tie Mian’s spear was shooting towards Lin Feng’s chest quickly. Hou Qing Lin had only one thought, he didn’t want Lin Feng to get in trouble because of him.

The four disciples nodded and ran towards Hou Qing Lin, all holding weapons. At that moment, black demon Qi appeared and emitted whistling sounds. The demon Qi surrounded Hou Qing Lin and took him away before he disappeared. The four disciples glanced at one another.

“Lin Feng, I took him away. Remember one person, the Demon Region’s elder,” Lin Feng heard. He raised his head and sensed a thread of demon Qi.

Demon Region’s elder… Why was helping? He didn’t have time to ask himself too many questions though, he had to deal with Holy Tie Mian.

   He held Black Dragon firmly, feeling a little bit more relieved. Lin Feng could focus on fighting Holy Tie Mian now, he didn’t need to be worried about Hou Qing Lin anymore. “You used my fellow disciple to threaten me. We need to settle accounts!” swore Lin Feng grimly. He turned into a black demon light beam and disappeared.

  “Oh no.” When Holy Tie Mian saw Lin Feng disappear, his expression plummeted. He used his full strength to fly forwards. At that crucial moment, Black Dragon appeared behind him. It was one centimeter away from him, and could stab him anytime. Lin Feng was behind him, too and he threw his hand. But he hit nothing because Holy Tie Mian had dodged.

“Lin Feng, give up. I am at the very top of the High-Level Holy Emperor layer. You can’t defeat me!” spat Holy Tie Mian icily. Holy Tie Mian’s mouth was bleeding. It was the first time he had been injured. During his battle against Di Shu, he hadn’t been injured. This time Lin Feng had injured him. He felt humiliated.

“I must kill you today!” swore Lin Feng. He didn’t say anything more, attacking again with his fist and kicking Black Dragon with his left foot. Black Dragon turned into a light beam again and shifted towards his four disciples.

The sound of flesh being chopped spread in the air thrice. The sounds were followed by three horrible screams. Holy Tie Mian watched his servants get chopped down by Black Dragon. Three of them died instantly. The fourth one had slipped and fallen down, saving his life.

   But he was scared to death. He wanted to escape, but Lin Feng didn’t give him such an opportunity. Black Dragon continued towards his chest. “You went too far! You dare kill people from my Holy Shrine, die!” shouted Holy Tie Mian desperately. He threw his spear to stop Black Dragon’s attack. At the same time, he threw his hand out at Lin Feng.

“I’m not afraid of you. I am not a Low-Level Holy Emperor anymore. You are at the top of the High-Level Holy Emperor layer, so what? It doesn’t give you the advantage,” snarled Lin Feng, attacking fearlessly, raising his hands. A terrifying Qi rolled in waves around him.

Lin Feng groaned with pain as Holy Tie Mian’s punch pushed him back a few dozen meters. Holy Tie Mian was also pushed back an equal distance. More blood dripped from his mouth.

 “Ah! You want to die!” shouted Holy Tie Mian madly, looking even more sinister. He moved towards Lin Feng extremely quickly again and raised his hands.

Lin Feng didn’t panic. His space and time Qi grew thicker and thicker. He raised his hands, and demon lights flashed. Many black dots appeared and whistled around him. “Great Hidden and Silent Deployment Spell, go!” shouted Lin Feng coolly. He cast his deployment spell and attacked Holy Tie Mian straight away.

Holy Tie Mian didn’t have time to get ready. He couldn’t even sense the deployment spell. When he did sense the energy of the deployment spell, his face became ghastly pale as something crushed his chest. He had the impression he was going to die. “Escape!” shouted Holy Tie Mian to his last disciple. At the same time, he put his hand on his chest.

“Where do you think you’re going?!” he sneered. He had to fight to win or die, even if he ended up badly injured, he had to kill Holy Tie Mian. Otherwise, he would be in trouble later!

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    Thanks for the translation

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    katcha…. how dare u… die…die..die…

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    Ah cliffhanger again

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    I despise you cliffhanger kun. ?

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    why only 2 chapter per day? is the author willing to fulfill his words as 19 chapter per week?

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    Super Sayan Lin Feng kkk

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    Uh… what is this Black Dragon? New spear? Bodhidharma’s sword?

    can’t be the demon dragon that LF reared back in Nine Clouds right?

    • Xaint February 13, 2019 at 11:54 am - Reply

      Black Dragon is Bodhidharma’s sword. It emits demon qi and amplifies Lin Feng’s demon qi.

    • Jah UniT February 13, 2019 at 4:58 pm - Reply

      the sword bodhidharma gave him. demon qi sword

  9. Patrick February 13, 2019 at 4:18 pm - Reply

    I think Black Dragon is Bodhidharma’s sword.

  10. Vincent Lee March 3, 2019 at 12:31 pm - Reply

    Thank you for the chapter!! 2645 chapters of, “Give up, I’m stronger” “You want to die??” and, “try and dare!!!!”

  11. Cheshire Phoenix October 7, 2019 at 9:10 pm - Reply

    What’s the point of a deployment spell that can be cast silently if you shout out the fact that you’re casting it when you use it?

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