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PMG 2 Chapter 147: Hou Qing Lin’s Struggles

PMG 2 Chapter 147: Hou Qing Lin’s Struggles

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“Since it’s that way, leave it to me,” said Lin Feng nodding coolly. He intended to wait for Hou Qing Lin to wake up, and then he’d think of the rest.  

When Song Zhuang heard Lin Feng, he was relieved. Since Lin Feng said that, it meant he was determined to solve the issue. In that room, everybody but Song Zhuang and Fu Chen were from Lin Feng’s world. He initially wanted to leave the room with Fu Chen, but then he remembered he was Lin Feng’s disciple, so he was one of Lin Feng’s people. He ended up leaving alone.

 Song Zhuang walked away and heard Hou Qing Lin cough a few times and struggle to sit up dizzily.  Hou Qing Lin didn’t look as imposing and awe-inspiring as in the past. Lin Feng put a hand on his back to support him.

Song Zhuang had some people come to the door to stand guard. They were in the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine after all, it wasn’t safe there. They needed to remain vigilant, as the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine might be plotting against them, after all.  In the room, Meng Qing and Tang You You were standing behind Lin Feng. They were worried about Hou Qing Lin.

“Brother, how do you feel?” asked Lin Feng releasing more Qi into Hou Qing Lin’s veins.

Hou Qing Lin sighed, it felt so good, even though his face was still pale. He glanced around, relieved to be in a safe place. “Brother, you’re safe and sound, I’m so relieved,” he said, smiling happily. His face was still extremely pale, but his Qi was much more stable. Huo Wu’s pill was extremely powerful. Lin Feng could see that Hou Qing Lin’s injury was half-healed already.

 “Brother, how come Holy Tie Mian captured you?” asked Lin Feng, smiling at him encouragingly.  

Hou Qing Lin looked at Meng Qing and Tang You You, and smiled casually, “Meng Qing and You You, your strength…?” He couldn’t see how strong they were any more, which meant they had already become Holy Emperors.

 Meng Qing smiled gently, while Tang You You said, “Brother, we did our best to become gods for Lin Feng.”

“Great, the stronger we are, the stronger Tiantai is,” Hou Qing Lin sighed. He felt guilty because he hadn’t been able to keep up with them.  

Lin Feng saw that his fellow disciple looked dispirited. He wanted to say something, but Hou Qing Lin looked at Fu Chen and asked, “Who’s this?”

“Brother, that’s my new disciple, Fu Chen.” said Lin Feng, smiling calmly.

Lin Feng raised his left hand and waved Fu Chen forward. The latter walked closer and cupped his fist, saying to Hou Qing Lin, “Greetings, Uncle.”

 “Good, good. Hehe! This young man is also an Eminent Scholar. If Ye Chen hadn’t stayed in Tiantai to ensure that everything is fine there, he would have come to the Continent of the Gods,” said Hou Qing Lin, smiling broadly. He couldn’t help but mention Ye Chen, Lin Feng’s other and chief disciple.

“Brother, what about you? Why did you end up in the Spiritual Region?” Lin Feng was curious about what his fellow disciple had gone through.

 Hou Qing Lin saw that Lin Feng was curious, shook his head, and sighed. Lin Feng was the same as before, he hadn’t changed at all. The only thing that had changed about him was his strength. Since Lin Feng had become a Ruler, the gap in strength between him and his fellow disciples kept increasing.

Sometimes, Hou Qing Lin wondered why people cultivated. To become stronger than others? He wasn’t jealous of Lin Feng, of course, he just missed the good old times. Lin Feng had become so much stronger compared to the others.  But Lin Feng still acted normally and that made Hou Qing Lin happy. The relationship between Lin Feng and the other members of Tiantai hadn’t changed.

“After the space and time teleportation, I ended up in the Spiritual Region. Jun Mo Xi was with me, so we joined the Spiritual Sect and became ordinary disciples.

“One day, something must have happened, as the Spiritual Sect chose some disciples to follow Holy Leng Mian to the Spiritual Region’s Holy Shrine, Jun Mo Xi and I were lucky enough to get selected. When we arrived, we learned that Supranatural Region’s Holy Fifth’s Selection ceremony was going to happen. They were going there to ruin the event. Jun Mo Xi and I were not chosen to go to the Supranatural Region. We stayed in the Holy Shrine. We waited for a few days, and then we heard…”

 “You heard that I had killed Holy Leng Mian,” Lin Feng guessed calmly.

Hou Qing Lin nodded and sighed. “Indeed. A disciple of theirs had killed Holy Leng Mian, everybody heard about it in the Spiritual Region. Everybody wanted to kill you. Jun Mo Xi and I were worried. We knew that it was you. We wanted to secretly escape and find you, but Holy Tie Mian found out about our plan.”  

Hou Qing Lin looked suddenly furious. Holy Tie Mian wanted to use them to threaten Lin Feng and control him. Luckily, Lin Feng had come back safely and he had been saved. Holy Tie Mian’s evil plot had failed.  

“Brother, where is Jun Mo Xi then?” asked Lin Feng, worried now.  

“Oh, he used your space and time scroll to escape. I had him go to the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine to find you. I don’t know what he’s doing now,” said Hou Qing Lin firmly.

Lin Feng was relieved. Jun Mo Xi was probably safe in the Supranatural Region. The Spiritual Region’s Holy Shrine’s members probably wouldn’t go and look for him there. Lin Feng had to go back to the Supranatural Region as soon as possible, too.  

“Brother, have a good rest. I’m going to the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine. I’ll come back later.”

Lin Feng stood up. Hou Qing Lin nodded, he knew Lin Feng had things to sort out. He couldn’t help him this time. He hoped Lin Feng would be fine. “Meng Qing, You You, take care of my fellow disciple,” Lin Feng said.

Meng Qing just smiled. Lin Feng looked at her eyes, and knew he could rely on her. As long as she was there, things would be fine.

Tang You You hmphed coldly, but when Lin Feng, Yuan Fei, and Fu Chen left the room, she looked worried, grinding her teeth and clenching her fists.  

“Sister, don’t worry. You can trust our husband,” Meng Qing said gently. Tang You You looked at her and nodded, feeling a bit relieved.  

Lin Feng and the two others left the room. Song Zhuang was outside. When he saw them, he asked, “Can we go now?”

“Let’s go and see the members of the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine,” said Lin Feng smiled. He didn’t feel nervous. He walked away confidently.  Fu Chen admired his teacher, he seemed so confident. Then he followed him.

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