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PMG 2 Chapter 148: Silver Region’s Holy Shrine

PMG 2 Chapter 148: Silver Region’s Holy Shrine

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 The distance which separated the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine and the Silver Sect was the same as the distance between the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine and the Gods Sect, maybe a bit closer. Using their shuttles, Lin Feng and the others arrived in only half an hour.

 The Silver Region was a rich region. Everything seemed to be made of precious stones and metals there. The Supranatural Region didn’t have many resources, the only thing they didn’t lack was bluestone. Of course, it was just a pecuniary difference.

 Lin Feng glanced around. The road was hundreds of meters in width. The gate of the Holy Shrine was also hundreds of meters high, and looked like a fortress in itself. It looked like a boundless city. At the top of the city walls, there were disciples patrolling. There were also some air patrols composed of disciples in space shuttles.

 At the foot of the gate were two disciples, checking every single person who wanted to enter the Holy Shrine, no matter who.

 “Let’s go, but let’s get ready to be humiliated, too,” said Song Zhuang. He took out the token the Godly Leader had given him, proving they represented the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine.

 Song Zhuang walked in the front, Lin Feng followed him. Yuan Fei and Fu Chen followed Lin Feng.

 “Stop. You can’t go in without a talisman.” Like everyone else, the guards stopped Lin Feng and the others.

 Lin Feng looked them over. They were wearing silver robes, even ordinary disciples had fine clothes in that Holy Shrine, he was curious to see the leader of the Holy Shrine.

 Song Zhuang took out the talisman bearing the token. It was a golden talisman, obviously different from the Silver Region’s talisman.

 “Eh? Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine? Who is Lin Feng among you?” asked the two guards when they saw the talisman. They looked infuriated all of a sudden, their eyes filled with killing intent, instantly asking which one of them was Lin Feng.

 “I am,” said Lin Feng. He knew it wasn’t going to be fun, but he had to solve the issue and explain himself to the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine. Lin Feng owed the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine. He had to be grateful for their support, patience, and generosity.

 “You’re Lin Feng? Hmph, surround him!” shouted the two guards angrily. They were holding their weapons. Disciples at the top of the city walls shouted, and instantly, the disciples who were outside of the city walls came back and surrounded Lin Feng. They all looked angry.

 “Lin Feng, you humiliated Godly Son Hao, you didn’t give the Silver Sect face, you ruined a happy event, and now you dare come back? You want to die!” shouted a disciple angrily. He looked ready to fight.

 “Lin Feng, you humiliated our Godly Son, you must be punished. And now you came back, for what? To see our great master?!” sneered another disciple disdainfully, trying to infuriate Lin Feng.

 Lin Feng just looked at these disciples. Saying he wasn’t furious would be a lie, that was impossible.

 “Lin Feng, you’re a tiny little holy cultivator in the Supranatural Region, and you dared offend one of our Godly Sons, and you stole the woman he liked. You really want to die!”

 “You dared kidnap a woman with whom he wanted to get married, you should be ashamed of yourself!”

 “Lin Feng, the Godly Son is so kind and magnanimous, he let you off, but we disciple, won’t be that tolerant and broad-minded!”

 “Lin Feng, no matter what you do, justice will be made today!” shouted all the disciples at the same time. They all looked ferocious, all of them holding weapons. If Lin Feng dared say anything, they would probably attack.

 “Damn it, what a bunch of assholes! The Godly Son?! Bullshit! I am a Godly Son myself, so what, you-”

 “Yuan Fei, shush!”

 Yuan Fei was furious, he couldn’t stand being insulted by so many people. He even took out his stick. He wanted to fight, but Lin Feng stopped him.

 Yuan Fei looked at Lin Feng strangely. This wasn’t Lin Feng’s usual personality. How could he remain so calm, even though so many people were insulting him? It was rare to see him like this…

 “Are you done talking?” Lin Feng asked the disciples.

 The disciples were all startled. Lin Feng smiled coldly and said, “You’re good at barking, but let me tell you one thing: when you want to humiliate someone, you better do it better. You’re just ridiculous when you make fun of people. You have a lot to learn.

 “I don’t feel angry, I just find your insults ridiculous. I know someone told you to humiliate me like that. Your words don’t come from the bottom of your heart. Something is missing.

 “Aren’t I right? Godly Son Hao’s servants…” said Lin Feng, smiling coldly. He slowly turned his head and looked pointedly at the top of the city wall, where stood an ordinary disciple.

 Song Zhuang and Yuan Fei looked at him too. He looked extremely ordinary. He didn’t have the Qi of a strong cultivator.

 “Lin Feng, you must be right.”

 “Haha! Holy Cultivator Lin Feng always pays attention to details. Not bad. I did send them to infuriate you, I didn’t think you’d notice it! I didn’t think you’d remain so calm, either.”

 Song Zhuang didn’t even have time to respond when someone burst into laughter. A man in silver clothes suddenly appeared in front of Lin Feng. He didn’t look like an ordinary disciple anymore.

 “Godly Son Hao, next time, try to find better actors,” replied Lin Feng, smiling indifferently at Godly Son Hao.

 Godly Son Hao smiled back icily. He didn’t look happy as he waved at all his disciples, they all stepped back.

 “Holy Cultivator Lin Feng, how’s Yue Xin?” asked Godly Son Hao pointedly.

 “Yue Xin is my wife. No need to think about her,” said Lin Feng dismissively.

 “When she was here, we often talked about love. I took care of her. She’s probably just afraid because you’re too strong,” said Godly Son Hao jokingly, smiling broadly. However, Lin Feng didn’t let him finish, interrupting him promptly

 “Thank you for having taken care of her. But saying she’s afraid of me because I’m too strong is stupid. You’re a Godly Son, and you’re backed up by the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine, you are much stronger than me. You probably shouldn’t insult yourself like that,” Lin Feng corrected him icily.

Godly Son Hao had tried and failed. The best thing was to actually to focus on solving the issue, not on making it worse.

 “Hehe, you’re thanking me, which means she told you about me and how kind I was to her. I feel like a petty and miserable man now,” said Godly Son Hao with a wide smile.

 “That’s precisely what you are!” said Yuan Fei. He couldn’t stand people like him.

 Godly Son Hao frowned politely. “Godly Son Yuan Fei, we’re both Godly Sons, we have to be vigilant when we talk to each other.”

 “Hehe, you’re really into formalities and respect, I see. You want me to wipe your ass, too?”


 What Yuan Fei said really infuriated Godly Son Hao this time, his expression became even darker. He looked glum, but only for a second. He quickly tried to look indifferent again.

 “Interesting. Godly Son Yuan Fei, you’re quite straightforward. I don’t want to argue with you. Please come in, the Godly Leader has been waiting for you for a long time,” said Godly Son Hao, smiling coldly. He moved aside to let them pass.

 Lin Feng immediately walked in. Godly Son Hao smiled, as if amused at a private joke. He glanced at Fu Chen, who was following behind Lin Feng.

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