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PMG 2 Chapter 149: Apologize to the Godly Son?!

PMG 2 Chapter 149: Apologize to the Godly Son?!

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“There’s absolutely nobody inside?” Lin Feng entered the Holy Shrine. He didn’t care about the luxuriant and lofty buildings; it was empty, and the Godly Leader wasn’t waiting like Godly Son Hao had said.

Godly Son Hao was standing at the gate. He told them to keep calm and then disappeared. Lin Feng and the others ended up alone there.

“What’s this supposed to mean? Why did they make us come here? We’re all alone,” said Song Zhuang. He was furious even though he tried to look calm. He was one of the four Sages of the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine, a representative of the Godly Leader abroad and the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine dared treat him like this, how could he not get angry? Just because the two Holy Shrines were initially friends didn’t mean the Silver Region could treat the Supranatural Region like this… the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine wasn’t interested in friends like that.

“Let’s just leave. Let’s not wait here. Lin Feng, let’s go!” shouted Yuan Fei furiously. He wasn’t patient at all, and hated waiting. The Silver Region’s Holy Shrine was just trying to infuriate Lin Feng and cause him trouble. Indeed, if Lin Feng couldn’t see the Godly Leader of the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine, he wouldn’t be able to go back to the Supranatural Region and explain what he had done or tried to do.

“Teacher, the Silver Region’s people want to humiliate you,” said Fu Chen. He usually remained silent, but this time he was angry, too. They were messing with his teacher, how could he accept that?

Lin Feng looked at Fu Chen. Were the members of the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine so puerile? If they left, everybody would just blame him. They would all say he didn’t want to apologize after destroying the two Holy Shrines’ friendship. The Supranatural Region’s people would then probably stop trusting Lin Feng. He knew that they couldn’t leave that quickly.

“Lin Feng, how could we let them humiliate us like this? I don’t care about their friendship!” said Song Zhuang. He couldn’t stand it anymore, either. He wanted to be a good Sage, but now he thought the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine was going too far, and was truly angry. Initially, he thought the Silver Region’s people were good and reasonable, but since what had happened, they kept acting childishly and petty. Even the Godly Leader was acting puerilely.

“Right, Lin Feng, fuck it, let’s go!” shouted Yuan Fei. He had rarely been humiliated like this.

“Teacher, they don’t respect us, we should leave,” said Fu Chen cupping his fist. He hoped Lin Feng didn’t want to stay. However, the who should have been angrier than the others instead smiled broadly. He didn’t look angry at all. Nobody understood how he managed to remain that calm.

“Not only won’t we leave, but we’ll also act like good guests!” said Lin Feng, smiling cheerfully. He looked at the seat where the Godly Leader should be.

“Lin Feng, what are you doing…?” said Song Zhuang. He didn’t understand.

Lin Feng interrupted him with a casual smile. He walked over to the Godly Leader’s seat, a dragon throne, and touched it. “This throne is made of silver. Sitting on it must be amazing, what do you think? Disciple? Yuan Fei?” Lin Feng smiled and touched the dragon throne.

Fu Chen was surprised. What did Lin Feng want to do?

Song Zhuang’s face also paled. Nobody could touch the Godly Leader’s throne, including Godly Sons, and now Lin Feng was touching it. Song Zhuang’s heart was pounding.

“If I don’t sit on this dragon throne, I’ll regret it my entire life, therefore…”

“If you sit on that dragon throne, you’ll regret it your entire life!” cut in someone at that moment. Someone had appeared. He was an unhappy-looking fellow wearing a white and blue-green robe that made him look like an intellectual.

The man landed on the ground and smiled icily. “I’ve never seen such a daring young man.”

“Hehe. First, I, Lin Feng, never regret anything. Second, I am not daring because I am never afraid when I do something. It’s just normal to me, what do you think… Silver Region Holy Shrine Godly Leader?” asked Lin Feng, smiling coldly.

Everybody’s expression changed drastically, including Fu Chen’s, because this was the Godly Leader and now Lin Feng was talking to him disdainfully. Song Zhuang’s back was covered with ice-cold sweat. He hoped Lin Feng would stop infuriating the Godly Leader, otherwise, things could get dangerous.

“Haha, you never regret things? So you’re not afraid that I could kill you?” the Silver Region’s Godly Leader smiling coldly, obviously not happy.

“You’re a Godly Leader, you could kill me like you could kill ants and grasshoppers. Therefore, I don’t fear death in front of you, and I can say whatever I wish,” said Lin Feng, sounding determined.

The Godly Leader was startled, and suddenly burst into laughter. He didn’t look angry at all now. “Good lad! You’re quite fearless. Your Godly Leader can be proud of you!” the Godly Leader smiled broadly.

He suddenly appeared next to Lin Feng and slowly sat down on his throne. “I understand what happened the other time. Otherwise, do you think you’d still be alive?” said the Godly Leader. He looked angry again, but this time because of what Godly Son Hao had done.

Lin Feng suddenly understood everything. If the Godly Leader didn’t know what had happened, he would never have let Lin Feng off, the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine wouldn’t have willing to see him at all.

“What do you want?” Lin Feng frowned.

“Me? I want you to apologize to Godly Son Hao. Can you do that?” asked the Godly Leader, smiling playfully.

“Apologize to the Godly Son?” Lin Feng frowned, then burst into laughter. “What do you think?” he asked icily.

When the Godly Leader saw that, his smile became even bigger. He shook his head and said, “Of course you won’t. I know that with your temper, you can’t possibly apologize.”

“Since you know, why did you ask?”

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