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PMG 2 Chapter 15: Unfinished Battle

PMG 2 Chapter 15: Unfinished Battle

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Lin Feng and Cheng Mo’s battle drew the attention of everybody in the Cheng Clan. Nobody had thought Lin Feng would be so strong. Cheng Mo was the second strongest cultivator in the Clan. Only Cheng Zhe was stronger than him, as he was a Half-Holy Emperor!

The members of the Cheng Clan were stunned. Lin Feng was also startled, as from the beginning, Cheng Mo hadn’t shown any sign of weakness. In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, nobody had ever managed to fight against him like this at the same cultivation level.

People in the Continent of the Gods were much stronger, it seemed, even more talented. Lin Feng understood how strong they were a little bit better by fighting against Cheng Mo.

“Purple Demon Skill!” shouted Cheng Clan furiously. He raised both hands. Purple lights appeared around his fists, demon strength swept out. All the members of the Cheng Clan, without any exception, moved back hundreds of meters to dodge the demon strength.

Lin Feng and Cheng Mo’s battle was incredible, people didn’t dare stay too close. Apart from Half-Holy Emperors, nobody could compete with them!

“Stop! Fighting at night is forbidden!”

As Lin Feng was about to use his Great Skyless Demon Imprint Technique, someone suddenly shouted furiously. That voice sounded like roaring thunder. Everybody shuddered with fear and moved farther away.

Lin Feng and Cheng Mo also stopped, their faces pale. Rainbow lights appeared in the sky.

Three silhouettes appeared. Those people were terrifying Holy Emperors. The first thing Lin Feng thought was that those people were all Half-Holy Emperors.

It was the second time Lin Feng had seen Half-Holy Emperors after having arriving at the Continent of the Gods, but Lin Feng was surprised. Xue Baguio, who was also a Half-Holy Emperor, was much stronger than those people.

Could the difference between different Half-Holy Emperors be so huge? Was it due to talent? To their spirit? To their comprehensions?

Xue Baguio had lived many lives in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, tens of thousands of years, before her memories had recovered. So of course, the three Half-Holy Emperors in front of Lin Feng couldn’t be compared to her.

Those three Half-Holy Emperors glanced at Lin Feng and Cheng Mo indifferently. When they saw Cheng Mo, they frowned, and shouted, “Cheng Mo, you again! Don’t you know that it’s forbidden to fight at night?”

“I know. So what?” retorted Cheng Mo fearlessly.

The three strong cultivators’ faces changed drastically. They all clenched their fists. One of them, who was wearing a blue robe, raised his hands. He cast a constriction deployment spell.

“You’re a mere Supreme Holy King and you dare disrespect a Holy Emperor, die!!”

The constriction deployment spell appeared, a hundred-meter amulet appeared above Cheng Mo’s head, and shrank down to a tiny size. The deployment spell’s goal was to oppress Cheng Mo, but Cheng Mo just smiled mockingly. He shouted fiercely, his sword turned into a gigantic purple demon lights and absorbed the deployment spell.

The cultivator in blue clothes was startled, and hmphed, taking half a step backwards. Many people from the Cheng Clan felt proud when they saw that cultivator take half a step backwards. Cheng Clan was a Supreme Holy King of the Cheng Clan, and he could force a Holy Emperor to take a step backwards.

The man looked glum. He was a Half-Holy Emperor, and a Supreme Holy King dominated him!

Cheng Mo’s reputation wasn’t undeserved. He was famous in Zhongzhuan City. Nobody wanted to be enemies with him, including Half-Holy Emperors. If the leader of the city hadn’t sent them, they wouldn’t have come.

Cheng Mo was strong. The men looked at Lin Feng. Cheng Mo hadn’t won, how come he couldn’t defeat an unknown Supreme Holy King?

“Where are you from? Don’t you know Zhongzhuan City’s rules?” shouted the man in blue clothes furiously, pointing at Lin Feng, trying to sound domineering.

Cheng Mo looked at Lin Feng, amused. How would Lin Feng react against the Half-Holy Emperor?

Lin Feng looked at the man, understanding the man couldn’t do anything against Cheng Mo and felt humiliated. Therefore, he wanted to do something against Lin Feng to regain face.

He thought Lin Feng was a pushover, a weakling. Lin Feng smiled coldly.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything, the man in blue clothes was furious. How could a Half-Holy Emperor be humiliated like this?

“Alright, don’t say anything then, die!” shouted the man in blue clothes. He threw out his hand, casting a deployment spell at the same time. There were three layers of deployment spells around his hands. Each layer was deadly, and they were all extremely resistant.

Even Cheng Mo’s face changed. The man in blue clothes was really furious.

Lin Feng looked at the hand moving towards him. He was focused, he didn’t move too quickly, raising his hands and shouting proudly, “Celestial Evolution Chessboard!”

A gigantic chessboard appeared in the sky above him. Instantly, an aggressive deployment spell was cast. Eighty-one layers of deadly deployment spells appeared.

The man’s three layers of deployment spells were instantly destroyed. He was shocked and instantly cast greedy eyes on the chessboard.

“What a great deployment spell item! It’s better than a Holy King’s weapon already, I want that baby!!!” shouted the man, laughing eagerly. Then he threw his hand at Lin Feng again. This guy was a Half-Holy Emperor, Lin Feng couldn’t afford to make any mistake. He also threw a few punches.

“I’ll come help you,” said Cheng Mo at that moment. He threw out his fist, and purple demon energy started corroding the man’s circulatory system.

The man’s face quickly changed. He took back his hand and looked at the two fighters indifferently.

“Futile Supreme Holy Kings dare provoke Holy Emperors?! You both want to die!!!” shouted the man in blue clothes furiously. His face looked hideous and ferocious. He continued looking at the Celestial Evolution Chessboard greedily.

Lin Feng didn’t want new problems to crop up unexpectedly, so he recalled the Celestial Evolution Chessboard and put it back in his spirit world.

“Thank you very much. We’ll continue our battle some other time.” said Lin Feng, smiling at Cheng Mo indifferently.

Cheng Mo nodded and said, “Glad to hear that. I’ll wait for you after the deployment spell competition.”

“Alright, I’ll wait for you,” said Lin Feng nodding to Cheng Mo before the other disappeared.

The man in blue clothes was furious. He could only let Cheng Mo leave. Then he looked at Lin Feng sinisterly.

“Little boy, tell me your name, I don’t kill little boys when I don’t know their name!” said the man, pointing at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng frowned and smiled coldly, “A mere Half-Holy Emperor dares act so arrogantly? What makes you think you can kill me?” said Lin Feng smiling icily yet mockingly.

“Because I am a Half-Holy Emperor, and because I am from the Tian Clan!!!” shouted the man arrogantly and proudly.

He was from the Tian Clan, was that why he dared act so confident? Because he thought nobody dared offend people from the Tian Clan?

Lin Feng understood. That man was relying on his Clan to act so arrogantly. Lin Feng had seen so many people like that in his life: Ji Chang, Xuan Yuan, and many others. He had seen many people who thought they could do what they wished because they belonged to a powerful Clan, family or sect.

“The Tian Clan is so strong, eh?”

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