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PMG 2 Chapter 151: Huge Changes!

PMG 2 Chapter 151: Huge Changes!

 Edited by RED

“My soul is broken and extremely weak, I obviously need rest to protect my soul. Anyway, hurry up and leave, the Godly Leader won’t let you off,” continued the voice from his spirit world.

Lin Feng clenched his fists. He gave up his wild thoughts and retreated as quickly as possible.

“Broken Soul Di, what was your rank in the Silver Region, back in the days?” Lin Feng asked Broken Soul Di. Broken Soul Di didn’t respond.

Lin Feng raised his head as the Godly Leader threw his hand out at him. It was such a powerful attack that even the four Sages would be killed if hit by it.

“Hurry up and run! Take my wives back to the Supranatural Region!” shouted Lin Feng urgently, pushing Song Zhuang and Fu Chen and kicking Yuan Fei away. He then used forbidden strength to attack the spatial barrier the Godly Leader had created and released blue lights to surround those who had come with him they disappeared.

Lin Feng wasn’t as lucky as them, though. The Godly Leader’s terrifying hand continued moving towards him. Lin Feng released as much forbidden strength and demon Qi as he could to protect himself as he couldn’t dodge or escape anyway. A huge explosion sound rent the air, and blood sprayed.


“You You, I have a bad premonition.” In a room back in the Silver Sect, Meng Qing’s face suddenly turned ghastly pale, and her heart twitched. A layer of ice appeared on her face. She had such a feeling only when Lin Feng was really in danger. “I’ll go back to him!” she said, looking ice-cold. The temperature around her instantly dropped. She hadn’t looked that way for a very long time, only at the very beginning when Lin Feng and she first met. She was Xue Ling Long from the Snow Clan, so it was a normal reaction.

Tang You You and Meng Qing looked extremely nervous, as if something ominous had just happened. Tang You You was holding an iron sword firmly as she followed Meng Qing. Meng Qing glanced at her. You You said, “Sister, you risked your life to save him. I have to keep up with you.”

“Alright, let’s keep it up,” Meng Qing smiled. Then she opened the door and the two women left the room.

Phwap, phwap… Meng Qing and Tang You You instantly collapsed powerlessly. An old man they didn’t know appeared in front of them, wearing black clothes. “You’ll ruin my plans if you go to the Holy Shrine. Come with me to the Demon Region. Haha!” said the old man, laughing cheerfully. He grabbed Meng Qing in his left hand, Tang You You in his right, and disappeared, leaving only a cold wind behind.


After the old man left, blue lights flashed, and a scroll appeared. Song Zhuang, Yuan Fei and Fu Chen fell out and landed on the ground. When they saw that the door of the house was open, they rushed inside but they saw neither Meng Qing nor Tang You You. Even Hou Qing Lin had disappeared.

“Oh no! Something probably happened!” exclaimed Song Zhuang in a panic. He looked at the messy bed. “Let’s go back and inform our Godly Leader!” said Song Zhuang. They were too few to save Lin Feng, all they could do was head back to the Supranatural Region.

Song Zhuang turned around and saw Hou Qing Lin come back, his hand on his chest. He looked extremely weak. “Hou Qing Lin, where did you go?” asked Song Zhuang when he saw Hou Qing Lin looked so weak.

Hou Qing Lin frowned and said, “I went to the bathroom, what’s wrong?”

“When you went, had Meng Qing and Tang You You disappeared already?” shouted Song Zhuang urgently. What if Lin Feng died? What if Meng Qing and Tang You You died?

When Hou Qing Lin saw their expressions, his expression changed drastically. “What happened? Has anything happened to my fellow disciple?!?”

“Hou Qing Lin, Lin Feng made us leave to protect us. He’s fighting against the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine’s Godly Leader!” explained Song Zhuang, grinding his teeth. He looked devastated.

Hou Qing Lin’s face paled. Then he clenched his fists and took out his reincarnation sword, intending to go to the Holy Shrine.

“Stop. Even if you go, you’ll die. Meng Qing and You You disappeared, I’m already sad enough. What would he think if something happened to you? That I can’t even protect his fellow disciple!?” shouted Song Zhuang. He represented the Shrine as a Sage, and yet it was Lin Feng risking his own life to protect him and the others. He felt extremely sorry as a Sage.

Even Meng Qing and You You had disappeared. He was extremely worried about them. If Hou Qing Lin went to help Lin Feng, he’d just end up dying!

“Pfew… So what should we do?” asked Hou Qing Lin, trying to calm down. He was still holding his reincarnation sword, however. Song Zhuang glanced at him and then at Fu Chen and Yuan Fei. Finally, he took out a golden scroll from his robe. “The Godly Leader gave it to me and told me to use it to come back to the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine in case of emergency. Now, Lin Feng is in danger and Meng Qing and You You have disappeared, we have to get back as quickly as possible.”

“What are you waiting for? Let’s hurry and go back! We need to tell the Godly Leader everything!” shouted Yuan Fei quickly. He snatched the scroll from Song Zhuang’s hands and opened it. Golden lights flashed, and they all people disappeared.

A few seconds after they left, a countless number of disciples from the Silver Sect rushed into the room and saw it was empty and messy. “Go and inform the Godly Son that they escaped!” shouted the leader of the group furiously. A disciple rushed out of the room again.


The whole Continent of the Gods slowly fell into a state of chaos.

In the Supranatural Region’s Holy Shrine, the Godly Leader remained silent, seated on his throne and stewing in quiet fury. He knew what had happened between the Silver Region and the Supranatural Region. He was furious because Lin Feng had acted on his own without asking anyone for advice, and he was even more furious at the Silver Region’s reaction.

“Lin Feng’s talisman has cracked!” At that moment, the Godly Leader heard a trembling voice. Demon King Ox appeared there, holding Lin Feng’s soul talisman. His face was deathly pale. The Godly Leader sighed. The old ox cared about that young man…

“Is it crackled?” the Godly Leader frowned. He looked at the blue energy emerging from the talisman’s crackles. There was some black threads of energy in them, but Demon King Ox couldn’t see them, only the Godly Leader could.

“No need to talk about Lin Feng anymore. He’s doomed,” said the Godly Leader, sighing after staring at Lin Feng’s talisman for a long time.

Demon King Ox shuddered, and his eyes turned red. He had lived with Lin Feng for a long time, and even after he had fused back together with his real body, he remembered everything. He considered Lin Feng like his own grandchild. It was the first time he had felt so close to someone, apart from his Master.

He didn’t want Lin Feng to die, but he felt powerless. All he could do was cup his hands and leave the Holy Shrine. He tried to cheer himself up by considering that Lin Feng’s talisman had cracked, but it wasn’t broken. He hoped Lin Feng was safe. But he also knew that since Lin Feng had arrived, the Continent of the Gods had started changing. Huge events had started.

{Author’s Note: A transition has started. More and more mysteries which were left as such in the original work are being solved, the whole picture is becoming less and less blurry. Of course, it’s just a transition, Lin Feng is our peerless martial god, and he will have to reach the very top sooner or later again.}

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