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PMG 2 Chapter 152: Savage Desert!

PMG 2 Chapter 152: Savage Desert!

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Something had happened to Lin Feng. The news quickly spread within the highest spheres of the Supranatural Region and the Silver Region. However, ordinary people and people who hadn’t become gods yet didn’t understand what was going on. Many of them had heard of Lin Feng, but had never seen him personally.

The Supranatural Region and the Silver Region’s relationship broke down quickly. Lin Feng became the symbol of the end of a friendship between the two regions. People from the Supranatural Region and the Silver Region preferred not to talk about him. Demon King Ox and Song Zhuang also avoided talking about Lin Feng. They mentioned Lin Feng a few times at first in front of the Godly Leader, but he punished them, so they stopped.

Hou Qing Lin was Lin Feng’s fellow disciple, and even though he didn’t understand why the Supranatural Region was acting that way, they didn’t seem like they intended to go and save Lin Feng, so why did he need to stay in the Supranatural Region? It was better to go back to the Silver Region to try and learn Lin Feng’s whereabouts. Therefore, Hou Qing Lin wanted to leave, and so did Yuan Fei.

But when the two of them made ready to leave. the Godly Leader appeared and put Hou Qing Lin in a space and time cage. Unless Hou Qing Lin became a High-Level Holy Emperor, he wouldn’t be able to break free. He might stay stuck inside forever. He put Yuan Fei under house arrest; he was a Godly Son after all, one of his heirs.

Just when everything seemed like it was going to calm down, the Godly Leader realized that Huo Wu had disappeared. She hadn’t come back to the Supranatural Region with everybody else. She was still in the Silver Region.

Sage Huo kept looking for her, but didn’t find her anywhere, making the Godly Leader nervous and worried.

He had a bad premonition. Some people didn’t understand what was going on. Demon King Ox and Hu Mo knew that Lin Feng was the Godly Leader’s heir, so why did the latter forbid people from mentioning him? Why didn’t he allow anyone to go and look for Lin Feng?

The old ox had the impression he didn’t know his Master at all. It was the second time in his life he had this feeling, and this time, it was worse than the first time.


Time passed quickly. Nobody dared mention Lin Feng. Many people were even happy that Lin Feng had disappeared, like Di Shu and Mo Da. Of course, some people were sad too, like Song Zhuang and Fu Chen.

Fu Chen was put under house arrest as well. He didn’t struggle to escape. He just let it go. After his teacher disappeared, the Supranatural Region had started doing disappointing things.


At the same time, in the Silver Region, everything was just normal. The Godly Leader still had a normal life, as if Lin Feng had never come to the Silver Region. Most people never mentioned Lin Feng, maybe that was a good thing…?

There was a desolate area in the Silver Region, with ferocious and brutal people living there. The Holy Shrine had strict agreements with all the small sects, so there was no conflict between them.

At that moment, nobody realized that a man whose hair reached the lower part of his back and a woman in a red dress were lying in the desert. They both looked dead.

“Brother, look over there, there are people!” exclaimed a girl in a sweet voice, breaking the silence of the desert. She looked like a little elf in a white linen dress, with tiny feet. She ran to the man and the woman. Behind the little girl was a two-meter tall man.

The left part of the man’s face was scarred from of a congenital disease, but the little girl didn’t find him scary because he was her older brother.

The tall man touched the man and the woman’s noses. “They’re not breathing. Let’s go. Maybe they offended a great cultivator. Let’s forget about them.”

The tall man didn’t want to save the two people, but the girl wanted to take them back using a carriage. The man had no choice, their parents had died early so he liked to please his little sister.

The man grabbed the man with his left hand and the woman with his right hand and threw them into a carriage like sacks of potatoes. They galloped away in the desert.


That night, there was no moon, but there were stars. A man and a woman were lying in an old thatched hut. The man was Lin Feng, and the woman in the red dress was Huo Wu.

Nobody knew why Lin Feng and Huo Wu had appeared in that desert, or why they were in a coma. However, thanks to the siblings, Lin Feng and Huo Wu’s lives were out of danger.

The girl was famous for her medical skills dozens of li around her village. She used all sorts of herbs to heal people’s wounds, but she didn’t know how to heal internal injuries.

Lin Feng was badly injured. He had no Qi left at all. Huo Wu wasn’t badly injured; she only had external injuries, and the girl had already healed them, so if things went as expected, she would wake up in the evening.

The tall man didn’t look satisfied. Lin Feng and Huo Wu were lying in his bed and her sister’s. Two people of questionable background were here, and he and his sister had nowhere to sleep now.

“Sister, you’re too kind. Those people are alone, they might have been chased by the sect. If the sect sends people and that they find them here, what will we do?” the tall man asked the girl in white clothes.

The girl smiled gently. She looked pure and kind as she said, “Brother, saving people is always something good. You’re a low-level emperor, but if you keep a pure heart, you will succeed and progress.”

“Alright, alright. As you wish. What do we do if they’re evildoers, though?” asked the tall man. He didn’t feel reassured at all. If those people were evil and meant his little sister harm, what would they do? He only had one sister.

“Brother, you have a binary vision of life. Oh, and you should go outside to sleep, on the wooden bed,” said the girl, smiling sweetly and pursing her lips. How could her brother refuse? She looked too adorable.

“Alright, I’m going,” the tall man sighed. He went outside and quickly fell asleep on the wooden bed.

The girl shook her head. Her brother wasn’t malicious, but he was too anxious all the time. He always feared that someone would harm her.

At that moment, Huo Wu came back to her senses.  “Ah… cough, cough! Lin Feng, Lin Feng!”

The girl looked delighted. She ran over to Huo Wu and putting her hand on her head, said softly, “Miss, miss…”

Huo Wu felt the girl’s hand and slowly opened her eyes. She blinked, her whole body felt sore. However, it didn’t matter. She had been injured by the Godly Leader’s attack; if she hadn’t secretly followed Lin Feng to the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine, Lin Feng would have died.

She had risked her life to jump in front of Lin Feng and protect him. She had been hit by the Godly Leader’s hand. What she didn’t understand was why her injuries were only superficial while Lin Feng had been severely injured and collapsed.

Huo Wu then remembered that a hole had appeared in the air of the Holy Shrine. She remembered Lin Feng and she were sucked inside.

“Where am I?” asked Huo Wu, struggling to sit up. She looked around, finding she was in a dilapidated thatched hut. Her head hurt, and she blinked several times.

The girl in white clothes smiled sweetly and said, “Miss, you’re in the Savage Desert. Are you from a noble clan of the desert?”

“Eh? Savage Desert?” Huo Wu was first startled and then remembered that her dad had told her about the Savage Desert. There were no gods here. The strongest cultivators were Holy Kings. Most people were quite weak. What was she doing here?

Could it be that…?

Huo Wu remembered the hole in the Silver Region’s Holy Shrine, had they been teleported through that hole?

“Oh, Lin Feng, where is Lin Feng?” asked Huo Wu. She looked around and saw him lying on the other bed not far from her, his Qi was extremely weak.

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