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PMG 2 Chapter 154: Kidnapping

PMG 2 Chapter 154: Kidnapping

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“Lin Feng, do you remember Meng Qing?” asked Huo Wu, sitting down on the wain outside of the hut. Lin Feng stood next to her, looking confused.

Lin Feng first looked confused, then like he had remembered something, but then he shook his head.

That name sounded so familiar. Huo Wu asked him about Fu Chen, Hou Qing Lin, Yuan Fei, Meng Qing, and Qiu Yue Xin. All those names sounded familiar, but he didn’t remember them.

“You don’t remember any of them?” asked Huo Wu. Lin Feng glanced at her indifferently but said nothing. Huo Wu sighed. He had definitely lost his memories, but how? Lin Feng was a god, how could he become amnesic?

Huo Wu couldn’t imagine how strong Godly Leaders were, they were far stronger than Holy Emperors. Cultivators of the first Holy Spirit Emperor layer were so strong, they could turn a cultivator as strong as Lin Feng amnesic!

“Alright. Just remember that your name is Lin Feng, that’s enough,” Huo Wu sighed. What bad luck! But at the same time, she hoped to make Lin Feng fall in love with her!…

Yao Yu Yan prepared some food and put the plates on the table in the hut, then she called out to them, “Sister Huo Wu, Brother Lin Feng, come have some food.”

Her voice was pleasant to hear. Lin Feng imagined a nymph by a lake when he heard her, her voice made him shiver, but it also made him feel calm and serene.

“Go, let’s go and eat,” said Lin Feng smiling at Huo Wu evenly. Even though he didn’t know who Huo Wu was, Lin Feng could feel that she didn’t harbor bad intentions, so he didn’t need to be too cautious with her.

Yao Yu Yan didn’t seem dangerous either. On the contrary, he felt good next to her. Only Yao Yu Long didn’t seem too friendly, but at the same time, Lin Feng had the impression he was just worried about his sister, and just didn’t want anything to happen to her.

“Brother Lin Feng, you just started recovering, you should eat light. These are vegetables which grow in the desert. Taste them,” said Yao Yu Yan smiled. She grabbed some yellow vegetables with her chopsticks and put some in Lin Feng’s bowl.

Lin Feng nodded gratefully. He took chopsticks and ate his vegetables. They were bitter, but the taste wasn’t bad. He instantly felt warmer.

Lin Feng seemed more relaxed. He took another bite. Huo Wu was stupefied because she hadn’t thought the food would be so good. They never ate such things in the Holy Shrine.

“These are milkvetch roots. They have a medicinal purpose as well, they increase recovery speed. I picked them especially for you,” said Yao Yu Yan, smiling at Lin Feng. She looked smart and innocent. Her white dress made her look even more innocent and benevolent.

“Oh.” Lin Feng nodded and chewed loudly.

Yao Yu Long put down his chopsticks angrily, frowning and shouting, “My sister climbed a mountain and picked up those roots above a precipice, she nearly fell down and died! And you don’t even show some gratitude! You shameless idiot!”

The atmosphere suddenly became tense. Lin Feng raised his head and looked at Yao Yu Long, then he looked at Yao Yu Yan. She smiled apologetically, instantly making him feel a little bit better.

“Is your hand hurt?” asked Lin Feng. He saw a few wounds and scratches on Yao Yu Yan’s hand. She had already disinfected the wound, after slipping on a sharp stone.

“I’m sorry. I am not cold and detached. I don’t know what kind of person I am,” said Lin Feng apologetically. His head felt empty. He didn’t understand what had happened to him. He didn’t know where he was from. He didn’t know anything anymore. He just knew Huo Wu was his friend.

He didn’t know what kind of person he was usually.

“It’s alright. I’m fine. Brother Lin Feng, my brother is rude, forgive him,” Yao Yu Yan apologized. She glanced at Yu Long angrily. He was annoyed, but he shut up. He didn’t want to make his sister sad.

“Come on, eat,” Huo Wu smiled, trying to make the atmosphere less tense.

Lin Feng nodded and continued eating the milkvetch roots.

Phwap! The loud sound came from outside. Lin Feng looked out of the window, where the wain was now broken. A dozen cold-faced men in linen clothes rushed inside, wearing broadswords.

“Yao Yu Long, have you recovered yet? Can our prince get married with our princess now?” shouted the leader of the group furiously. The others made a line and glared at Yao Yu Long like a tiger eyeing prey.

Yao Yu Long glanced at the dozen men, and his face instantly paled. The chief of the village was coming to kidnap his sister and force her to get married again…

“You’re going too far. My sister doesn’t want to get married to the chief of the village. Don’t imagine you can kidnap her. As long as I still one thread of Qi left, nobody can injure my sister,” said Yao Yu Long.

Yao Yu Yan’s face was pale with fright. The dozen men were like demons, they didn’t intend to let her off even if she looked kind, cute, and innocent.

“Go, take her, we’ll bring her to the chief of the village!” shouted the leader of the group angrily. He threw himself at Yao Yu Long. The dozen men behind him charged at Yao Yu Yan.

Yao Yu Yan cried out and hid behind Huo Wu. Huo Wu looked furious. What was this supposed to mean? Who were these despicable men who wanted to kidnap a woman?

“Piss off!” shouted Huo Wu furiously. She threw her fist. The first man who arrived was punched by Huo Wu, he was blown away and crashed onto the ground outside of the hut miserably.

The leader of the group was attacking Yao Yu Long, whose face paled. When the enemy’s punch reached his face, Yao Yu Long was pushed backwards, he was bleeding. He was a low-level emperor, and the leader of the group was a medium-level emperor, much stronger.

“Hmph! There’s one more woman, very good! Bring them both back to the chief. He can enjoy himself and sleep with both! Capture them!” shouted the man, looking delighted at the find.

The dozen men attacked Huo Wu and Yao Yu Yan. Huo Wu was furious, but she also felt helpless. What could she do? If she even had the strength of the Low-Level Holy Emperor layer, she would crush these people like a bunch of ants.

However, she was like Lin Feng now, they were like fallen angels. They weren’t gods anymore.

“Don’t imagine you can injure my sister!” shouted Yao Yu Long furiously. Then he threw his fist at the man. The man smiled mockingly and also threw out a fist. Their fists collided. Yao Yu Long was blown away and crashed onto the wooden wall. The hut instantly collapsed and turned into a mess.

“Brother, are you okay?” shouted Yao Yu Yan. She ran towards Yao Yu Long, crouching down and crying. She felt powerless.

She didn’t know why the chief of the village wanted to get married to her, she just knew he kept sending people all the time to pick her up. In the past, her brother had always managed to make those people leave, but these people were stronger than the previous ones.

“Hmph! Capture that woman and bring her back to the chief!” shouted the leader of the group, waving his hand. The dozen men ran towards Yao Yu Yan, who was terrified.

Yao Yu Long was furious. He wanted to stand up, but his chest burned. He fell back down as soon as he tried to get up.

“Let me go! Go away!” shouted Yao Yu Yan. Her face was extremely pale. She struggled to break free, but two emperors were holding her.

Huo Wu was fighting against two men. She couldn’t save Yao Yu Yan. Lin Feng was still at the table, he continuing to eat

“Yu Yan, tomorrow, go and pick up some more milkvetch roots for me, please,” said Lin Feng. He finally raised his head and smiled at Yao Yu Yan.

Yao Yu Yan was astonished. Tomorrow? What did he mean? She was being kidnapped, how could she go and pick up roots tomorrow?

She didn’t understand, but she replied, “Alright, Brother Lin Feng.”

“Eh? Who are you? And you want that girl to pick roots for you? Capture him!” shouted the leader of the group aggressively. He raised his left hand and waved. A few of his men instantly ran towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently. He raised his chopsticks, put some milkvetch roots in his mouth and swallowed them. At that moment, six people arrived next to him. A low-level emperor grabbed his shoulder, another one got ready to grab him, as well.

However, they were abruptly alarmed, because Lin Feng remained motionless, but he seemed to weigh a million tons.

“If you leave now, I won’t kill you.”

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    This is a completely different Lin Feng from the original character in PMG (the original novel), in-fact, other than the names, all the characters are different. The story line is flighty, things just ‘happen’ without rhyme or reason… it’s very difficult to follow. In laymen’s terms, PMG 2 sucks, and after reading 154 chapter I can unequivocally say that I’ve wasted my time. I wished the original writer will come to save us from this tomfoolery.

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