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PMG 2 Chapter 155: Savage Desert’s Legend!

PMG 2 Chapter 155: Savage Desert’s Legend!

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“Hmph! Who the fuck do you think you are!? Kill him!” shouted the leader of the group furiously. His men charged Lin Feng and raised their broadswords. They wanted to kill him as quickly as possible.

“Kill me?” Lin Feng laughed. He looked amused. He glanced at the man, who had the sudden impression Lin Feng’s eyes were those of a demon. Lin Feng looked so cold it made him shiver.

However, he ground his teeth and shouted furiously, “Kill him now!”

“Hehe, you need a little bit more than that to kill me,” said Lin Feng, smiling thinly. He glanced at the man jokingly, then threw his chopsticks at two men. They flew extremely quickly, and the two didn’t have time to react.

Two fissures appeared in the air. The chopsticks pierced through the two men’s third eyes. They died instantly.

The leader’s face paled. He had never seen such a quick and sly attack. He wanted to retreat, but the chief of the village had told them they had to come back with Yao Yu Yan, otherwise, they would be severely punished.

Thinking about what the chief had said, the man ground his teeth, he had no choice.

“Kill him!” shouted the man furiously. He clenched his fists and also charged Lin Feng. The eight remaining men also ran towards him.

Lin Feng grunted coldly. He flashed forward and raised his fist, punching a man. Bones cracked, and the man collapsed without any Qi left.

Lin Feng smiled icily. Two other men wanted to use their fists to protect themselves, but Lin Feng raised simply kicked them. They realized how strong Lin Feng was too late, and were suddenly panic-stricken.

Lin Feng crushed their bones and they died. They hadn’t even had time to shout.

Lin Feng landed back on the ground and glanced at the leader of the group icily. He spat, “Piss off! Go and tell your chief that if he sends people to kidnap Yu Yan again, I will go and see him personally!”

“Oh my, oh my, Venerable Master! Please forgive me!” The leader was extremely scared. Low-level emperors surprisingly couldn’t do anything against Lin Feng, it was terrifying.

The six men left quickly ran away. Some were on the ground, they left the room crawling. Yao Yu Long watched them go, those powerful emperors who were so scared that they peed their pants, all of them the chief’s men… Incredible!

Yao Yu Long looked at Lin Feng in admiration. He now understood how strong Lin Feng was, even stronger than Huo Wu.

Lin Feng watchedt those people leave. Then he sat down and took more milkvetch roots, eating a mouthful at once.

“Yu Yan, I want to eat more milkvetch roots tomorrow!” Lin Feng repeated softly.

Yao Yu Yan was still shaking. She also felt curious about and admiration for Lin Feng. She nodded, stood up and cleaned the hut, or what was left of it, because it had collapsed.

“Let’s go to town, sister!” Yao Yu Long said, looking at the wrecked hut. He was extremely worried.

“What?” Yao Yu Yan looked hesitant. Go to town? The chief and his evil men were in town, why would they go and look for trouble? Lin Feng was so strong, but the chief was probably stronger.

“Yu Yan, give your brother a Tile Pill,” said Huo Wu. Yu Long was badly injured.

Yu Yan looked panic-stricken, she shook her head and said, “No, no. They are for Brother Lin Feng, my brother can’t have them.”

“Lin Feng is fine now. Give one to your brother,” said Huo Wu. She had seen how strong Lin Feng was, he had recovered. Apart from the fact that he had lost his memory and wasn’t a god anymore, he wasn’t in bad shape.

When Yu Yan heard Huo Wu, she hesitated. She didn’t want to give a Tile Pill to her brother, those pills were too precious. In Savage Town, only incredible cultivators had anything like them.

But when she saw Lin Feng and Huo Wu’s smiles, she took out one and gave it to her brother.

Yao Yu Long knew how valuable the Tile Pills were. He was wondering whether it would help him become a medium-level emperor or not.

“Thank you for saving my sister,” said Yao Yu Long after taking the pill. He looked embarrassed and felt guilty. He had been rude to Lin Feng, but now his opinion had changed.

Lin Feng smiled casually. Even though he didn’t know why he was strong enough to defeat those guys, but he was happy, he felt safer that way.

After that, Yao Yu Long went out and cleaned up the mess.

“Yu Yan, how big is Savage Town? And what kind of person is the chief who wants to kidnap you?” asked Huo Wu firmly. She needed to understand the situation a little bit better.

Yao Yu Yan looked pensive for a few seconds, then smiled and said, “Savage Town is the biggest city around. There are many influential groups there. The chief’s group is the most powerful one, they control the region. There’s also the Savage School, the Assassin’s Hall, the Savage Valley, and the Mountain of Isolation.

“The chief has the highest rank in the region. The whole region is his. He’s also from the oldest influential group.”

“How strong is he?” asked Huo Wu.

“I’m not sure, but my brother says he’s not far from becoming a great emperor. There are absolutely no great emperors in the Savage Desert,” explained Yu Yan to Huo Wu. Lin Feng listened carefully.

Lin Feng was curious. Even though he didn’t understand the situation clearly, he understood the different levels and had the impression that the level Yu Yan was talking about had faded from his memory.

Why had it faded? There was only one explanation, his cultivation level was probably much, much higher than that and it had been a long time, so it had faded from his memories. Therefore, Lin Feng understood he probably had a powerful background. He asked Huo Wu, who explained some things to him, but he still didn’t remember.

“Yu Yan, don’t people from here go to the outside world sometimes?” asked Huo Wu.

Yu Yan shook her head and sighed, “No. There’s a legend here. According to that legend, fifty thousand years ago, someone from here offended a god and the god cast a deployment spell which prevents us from leaving this place. After that, some great emperor told us that if a god ever appeared here, we’d be able to go out and see the outside world,” she explained, a little confused and dispirited. She also wanted to see the outside world. Her father used to tell her some beautiful stories about the outside world. However, they were just stories. Nobody had left the Savage Desert for tens of thousands of years.

Local people had started accepting the existence of the most powerful influential groups. They tried to cheer themselves up by thinking that outside world was a hidden land of peace and prosperity. People couldn’t leave and people from outside didn’t come here because they were gods, and had nothing to do in this place.

Gods could destroy all of them in one attack.

When Huo Wu heard that, her heart twitched. If Lin Feng and she regained their original strength, would they be able to break the deployment spell and leave?

Huo Wu had hope again. If they left, she would bring Lin Feng to her father and he would be able to help Lin Feng regain his memories.

“Oh, and I’ve heard that that that god had removed some Qi from here. That way, no matter how hard people practice cultivation here, they can’t become gods, and can’t go and look for him for revenge,” said Yao Yu Yan.

Huo Wu had cold sweats. She hated that god now as well. Who was he? If she knew, he’d be the first person she’d look for to settle accounts.

“Let’s stay here today, we’ll go to town tomorrow,” Huo Wu said to Lin Feng suddenly.

Lin Feng stood up and went outside to help Yu Yan’s brother clean up the mess and rebuild the hut, so they’d have a place to sleep in the evening.


At that moment, in Savage Town…

In a mansion there, there was a man with messy hair. He was seated on a chair, emitting an oppressive air. He was wearing a robe made of coarse cloth, and looked aggressive and barbarous. He glared at some people in front of him, all of them on their knees.

They were all the people he had dispatched merely to kidnap a woman. They had come back. Initially, when he saw them come back, he was happy, but then burst into anger when he learned that they had failed and that some of them had died.

“Bunch of trash! You didn’t even manage to kidnap the woman!”

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