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PMG 2 Chapter 156: Savage Town

PMG 2 Chapter 156: Savage Town

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“Great Chief, at first, we managed to capture her, but-but…”

“Spit it out! Speak!” shouted the chief. He had no patience anymore.

The man in front of him was terrified. He explained what had happened with Lin Feng. He also said Lin Feng was terrifyingly strong, and that some of his men had been killed by him.

When the leader heard that, he looked glum and frowned. He had never heard of a strong cultivator living with Yao Yu Yan…

The Yao Clan had some strong cultivators, but they weren’t strong enough to offend him. Besides, Yao Yu Long and Yao Yu Yan had lost their parents, the Yao Clan didn’t care about them, so they would not have had some strong cultivators protecting them…

Thinking about that, the chief guessed that he didn’t know that strong cultivator. Maybe he had always lived in the desert and had never come to town.

“You, come here,” said the chief, waving at a man. The man was scared, but he stood up and pricked up his ears.

“So, …” the leader whispered in the man’s ears. The man looked delighted. In the end, he burst into laughter. He looked at the chief admiringly. His master’s plot seemed great.

“I understand, Venerable Chief. Hehe!” said the man, sneering evilly. He left with the few remaining men. The leader watched them leave.

“Hmph! No matter where you’re from, your life will turn into a nightmare for having offending me,” growled the chief angrily, his eyes cold and hard.


That night was calm and peaceful. The chief didn’t send any more people to kidnap Yao Yu Yan, but she was still worried. She didn’t know why the chief wanted her so much. Even though she was beautiful, there were many beautiful women in Savage Town.

Yao Yu Long hadn’t slept yet. He felt sorry for his sister, because he wasn’t able to protect her. If Lin Feng hadn’t been there, a nightmare would have started for his sister. She meant everything to him. Even though the Yao Clan was a bit powerful, since his parents had died, the Yao Clan had kind of given up on them.

Therefore, his sister and he had moved to the desert, and rarely went back to the Yao Clan. It seemed they had to go back to the Yao Clan now, though. Everybody would make fun of them and humiliate them, but he had to do it, for his sister.

Thinking about that, he clenched his fists and fell asleep. It only led to nightmares…

Lin Feng didn’t sleep. He gazed at the stars all night. They kept twinkling, a beautiful sight with the moon shining as well.

Huo Wu had told him about his past, so he had an idea of who he was. But he didn’t remember anything. Huo Wu had told him one thing though: if they managed to leave, he might be able to regain his memories.

“Lin Feng.”


Huo Wu was behind him. Lin Feng didn’t know how long she had been there. He raised his head and looked at her. She was wearing Yao Yu Yan’s ordinary clothes made of linen. Even though those clothes weren’t fine clothes, she still looked quite beautiful.

Lin Feng was wearing clothes made of leather, which belonged to a demon beast Yao Yu Long had hunted. Yao Yu Long had tanned the leather herself and had made the various pieces for her brother. Now that Lin Feng was there, she had given them to him.

She had given Lin Feng and Huo Wu clothes because people in the Savage Desert all wore simple clothes. Lin Feng’s black robe and Huo Wu’s red dress were too flashy.

There were rules, too; only people who had a high rank could wear colored clothes in Savage Town. Red and blue clothes were reserved for influential groups’ leaders. Simple clothes were reserved for low-rank people.

“Lin Feng, don’t think too much. We’ll break that deployment spell and get out sooner or later,” said Huo Wu. She thought that Lin Feng was in a rush, that he wanted to get out as soon as possible and regain his memories. She didn’t know that Lin Feng was different from the others.

But Huo Wu wanted to cheer him up, so Lin Feng just smiled casually. He turned around and headed into the hut. He laid down on a bed and remained motionless. Huo Wu didn’t know whether he had fallen asleep or not.

Huo Wu stared at him. She preferred the way Lin Feng was before. Even though he had many wives, he wasn’t cold and detached. Now, he seemed cold and detached all the time. They were like strangers to one another.


The night passed quickly. The next day, Yao Yu Long stood up and packed a few things. He had nothing valuable, he just had things they used in their daily lives.

Yao Yu Yan also woke up early. When Lin Feng looked at her, he noticed she was covered with dust and mud. She was also carrying a bag. It smelt bitter.

Lin Feng asked her what it was. Yao Yu Yan smiled and said the bag contained milkvetch roots. Lin Feng had told her he wanted to have some, so she had gotten up very early to go and pick some.

When Lin Feng saw her smile, he sighed. She was so pure and innocent. He had just said that randomly, and she had climbed a mountain to make him happy again. But she didn’t cultivate and had no pure Qi. If she had fallen from the cliff, she would have died.

Lin Feng told her not to do that again. That was enough for the time being. Yao Yu Yan simply smiled back and promised Lin Feng she wouldn’t do it again.

They ate the milkvetch roots for breakfast with some rice congee before everyone departed.


They were a few dozens of li away from the city. Initially, Yao Yu Long wanted to go there by their carriage, but then Lin Feng took out a shuttle from his ring. Where had he obtained such a thing?

When Huo Wu saw him take out his shuttle, she also took out one. Lin Feng grabbed Yao Yu Yan’s arm and lifted her into the shuttle. Huo Wu knew she had to take Yao Yu Long with her.

Four people in two shuttles streaked across the sky. Yao Yu Yan looked terrified, putting her arms around Lin Feng and her head against his chest. After some time, she raised her head and looked at the ground from above. They were ten thousand meters up in the sky. She suddenly looked excited.

She even looked happy. She moved around and enjoyed the scenery. Lin Feng protected her with pure Qi anyway, she didn’t need to worry about falling down.


They didn’t move at the maximum speed, but they reached the city in less than five minutes. Huo Wu and Lin Feng put their shuttles away and stood outside of Savage Town.

The town really seemed like it deserved its name. There were broken walls everywhere, and the buildings looked simple. Everything was made of stone, few buildings were made of wood.

Savage Town wasn’t small, Lin Feng had noticed that from the sky when arriving. Yao Yu Long said there were many influential groups there, and many chiefs. The one who wanted to kidnap her was just one of the numerous chiefs, but the strongest one.

The Yao Clan was located on the periphery of Savage Town. It was a small clan, and therefore not allowed in the city center. Those who weren’t strong enough couldn’t stay in the city. Those who were too weak had to stay in the outskirts.

“Let’s go in.”

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