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PMG 2 Chapter 157: Shameless Yao Clan

PMG 2 Chapter 157: Shameless Yao Clan

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  Lin Feng walked into the city. This kind of city didn’t have walls because there were too many influential groups. They couldn’t come to an agreement regarding such community projects, so they didn’t send guards, either.

Not only did the city look wild and savage, it also smelled like it. The air was almost repulsive here. Lin Feng just frowned and absorbed some savage Qi using his forbidden strength.

Even though Lin Feng didn’t know that the strength he was using was forbidden strength, he could use it really well. He slowly started believing what Huo Wu had told him. He was a strong cultivator and most likely a god, and because they had offended a strong cultivator, they had ended up there.

“Brother Lin Feng, the Yao Clan is there, but…” Yao Yu Yan smiled uncertainly. She still looked sweet, but she also paled, nervous as she looked at her brother.

Yao Yu Long understood what she wanted to say. “The Yao Clan keeps humiliating me and my sister. Our parents died, so nobody cares about us, everybody keeps humiliating us all the time. Please don’t take it to heart,” Yao Yu Long said to Lin Feng and Huo Wu. They understood, but said nothing. They just nodded along and continued walking forwards.

There were no streets and no roads in Savage Town, just rocky paths. The buildings were actually just made from huge stones, boulders, cliffs, and so on.

There were no roads or streets, so people lived where the landscape allowed them. People just considered any flatland a path.

“We’re here. It’s the Yao Clan,” said Yao Yu Yan, timidly pointing at a building carved into a cliff. Lin Feng eyed it; it didn’t look very big until they got closer.

“I’ll go and knock.” said Yao Yu Long. He walked up to the main gate and knocked.

“Open the door!” shouted Yao Yu Long. Someone ran up to the gate. A middle-aged man opened it.

When he saw Yao Yu Long and Yao Yu Yan, he looked glum.

“Why did you come back? You’re lucky you didn’t get eaten by wild beasts.”

“Who’s back?” A few young people rushed over and saw Yao Yu Long and Yao Yu Yan. At first, they were surprised and then they looked at them mockingly.

Some of them started pointing at Yao Yu Yan with their fingers.

“Hey, aren’t those Yu Long and Yu Yan, whose parents are dead?”

“Funny! Who would have thought they’d come back?”

“Aren’t you ashamed to come back? You should have died outside, or found a place where nobody would disturb you, or even better, you should have had a child together! He would have replaced your parents, he would have been a piece of trash! Haha!” said a man in white clothes, laughing loudly. He had yellow teeth and a big mouth, and looked particularly evil.

Huo Wu was angry and clenched her fists. She wanted to fight, but Yao Yu Yan shook her head. She didn’t want Huo Wu to offend them.

When Yao Yu Long heard them, he immediately threw a fist at that guy. He was a low-level emperor, and quite strong. The one who was making fun of them was the leader’s son, so nobody dared offend him.

Of course, the leader’s son flew away when Yao Yu Long punched him, blood splashing. He cried out in pain.

“AAAAHHHHH! How painful! Fuck! Hurry up, go and crush him! He dared punch me!” shouted the fool, crying in fury.

Instantly, some people threw themselves at Yao Yu Long. They were the idiot’s servants, and even though Yao Yu Long and Yao Yu Yan could be considered a prince and a lady in the Yao Clan, nobody had ever considered them as such, so servants could bully them, too.

“I’ll kill you for humiliating my sister!” shouted Yao Yu Long furiously. He raised his fist and punched a few of them. Some other servants looked at him mockingly and hurried to join in.

At that moment, the man in white clothes stood up, still crying. He was a piece of trash, but he was still arrogant.

“Enough! Stop!” shouted someone suddenly. The servants stopped and retreated. Yao Yu Long clenched his fists and looked at the old man standing there furiously.

The old man was wearing yellow linen clothes, his Qi powerful. He was a medium-level emperor.

Not bad, thought Lin Feng.

The old man walked to the punk in white clothes. He looked at his son’s teeth, half of which were broken. He was furious. He suddenly turned around and threw a fist at Yao Yu Long, moving extremely quickly. Nobody had thought he’d attack. It was shameless, but it was understandable considering his son was crying.

Yao Yu Long couldn’t compete with the old man, especially when attacked by surprise. He didn’t even have time to react.

“I hate to see shameless old bastards! Their lives are useless!”

Huo Wu attacked in fury. She condensed fire strength in her fist and threw it out. The old man’s expression suddenly changed. He looked at Huo Wu, realizing she was a medium-level emperor too. Where had these two pieces of trash found such a friend?

A boom spread through the air. Huo Wu’s fist collided with the old man’s hand. The whole courtyard trembled for a few seconds.

The old man and Huo Wu were not injured, but the old man paled a little bit. He hadn’t thought this girl would be so strong. He had to remain vigilant. He would have been nicer if he had known ahead of time.

“Where are you from, young lady? Which clan?” smiled the old man bitterly. He ignored Lin Feng completely. He couldn’t see any pure Qi around Lin Feng, so he thought he was an ordinary man.

Huo Wu frowned and groaned icily, “I am Yu Yan’s friend. You better stop humiliating and bullying her.” 

“Uhhh, alright, alright. Since you’re friends with her, we won’t bully her again,” the old man smiled. It wasn’t a nice smile, because he looked angry at the same time.

“Hurry up and welcome our Third Lady,” shouted the old man, furiously pointing at Yao Yu Yan with his finger.

The people didn’t know what was going on, but Yao Yu Yan’s friend was extremely strong, so they didn’t dare humiliate her again.

“Please, Third Lady,” said the servants, smiling respectfully.

Yao Yu Yan glanced at Huo Wu. Huo Wu nodded. Yao Yu Yan smiled and slowly followed those people. Yao Yu Long and Lin Feng tagged along behind.

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