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PMG 2 Chapter 159: The Death of the Yao Clan’s Leader

PMG 2 Chapter 159: The Death of the Yao Clan’s Leader

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Yao Yu Long was on his knees on the ground. He looked extremely worried and his face was ghastly pale as he stared imploringly at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng nodded. He glanced at the Yao Clan’s Leader.

The old man sneered and said, “You can think you can save someone from the chief?”

“You’re the Yao Clan’s Leader, why don’t you go and save Yao Yu Yan?” asked Lin Feng, ignoring the old man’s mockery, his temper finally rising.

The old man’s expression stiffened for a moment. He smiled mockingly again and replied, “Why would I save her? She’s just a girl and on top of that, if the chief really likes her, then the Yao Clan could benefit from their union. Haha!”

The old man smiled without the slightest scruple. He even looked excited. He knew that the chief had sent people to capture Yao Yu Yan. Otherwise, why would he have had his servants welcome Yao Yu Yan back?

The most important thing was that he knew that Lin Feng cultivated, because the chief’s servants had warned him beforehand. He had wasted time by humiliating Lin Feng. Now that the chief’s servants had kidnapped her, it was too late.

He wasn’t stupid, he kept making fun of Lin Feng, but not as much as his son. His son wasn’t very smart, after all.

When Lin Feng heard the old man, he understood why he had been humiliating him the whole time, to waste time and give the chief’s servants time to kidnap Yao Yu Yan.

Lin Feng was now angry, so he wanted to kill.

“Since it’s that way, the Yao Clan doesn’t deserve to exist,” said Lin Feng. He raised his left hand and released forbidden and absorbing strength around him. A frightening black demon Qi invaded the space.

The old man was suddenly panic-stricken. He could finally see how strong Lin Feng was.

He was a great emperor! The old man’s legs suddenly felt so weak. He regretted that he had offended him. He regretted that he had helped the chief kidnap Yao Yu Yan. The chief was a just a high-level emperor, but the cultivator in front of him was… a great emperor!

That was a huge difference!

“Haha, you think you can use powerful connections to intimidate people. You’re a piece of trash and that won’t change!” said his son at that moment, pointing at Lin Feng with his finger.

The old man’s face went ghastly pale and his expression changed drastically. He suddenly sensed a wave of energy rolling towards him. He gulped and was smashed away, coughing blood as he crashed against the wall.

“Indeed, a piece of trash is a piece of trash. Therefore, I’ll kill you, you piece of trash,” said Lin Feng. He stretched out his hand and released absorbing strength. The old man’s son couldn’t compete with him. Lin Feng dragged him over and grabbed him by the neck.

The idiot finally felt scared. He finally understood Lin Feng was actually very strong, but it was too late.

Lin Feng wrenched his neck with deadly force and crushed his bones effortlessly. Lin Feng was expressionless. He didn’t regret it, because the members of the Yao Clan deserved to die.

“The next one is you.”

The old man’s eyes were wide with a fool’s regret. He looked at Lin Feng’s eyes, which were as cold as those of a demon. When Lin Feng grabbed him, the old man couldn’t do anything.

He struggled to break free, and stared at Lin Feng imploringly.

“Please, I beg you, release me! Let the Yao Clan off! I’ll bring you to the chief immediately and we’ll save Yao Yu Yan! Please don’t kill me!” The old man was panic-stricken and shouting desperately. He didn’t want to die!

“Hehe, is that even possible? You’ve been making fun of me the whole time. Initially, I didn’t want to kill you because I thought it would make Yao Yu Yan sad.

“But you’re dull and stupid. You continued humiliating me, against all expectations. Therefore, I must kill you.

“The most ridiculous one isn’t you though; it’s your son, that piece of trash, hehe. He was so weak and yet he kept humiliating people. What a joke.

“You’re the leader of the Yao Clan and you helped strangers kidnap a member of your clan. You must pay the price for your actions, you must die!”


Another clear sound spread in the air, and the old man’s eyes turned red. His head fell aside, his neck broken. He was dead.

The father and son were dead, the Yao Clan was doomed. The other members of the Yao Clan were too weak. Fortunately for them, Lin Feng didn’t feel like killing servants. Even though they had helped the chief’s servants kidnap Yu Yan, they had just listened to orders. Even though Lin Feng could be cruel, he wouldn’t kill such weaklings.

He wasn’t going to let them off that easily, though!

Lin Feng went outside and destroyed their arms. That was a reasonable punishment.

“Yu Long, come with me. Tell me where the chief lives,” said Lin Feng, taking out his shuttle. Yao Yu Long jumped into the shuttle with Lin Feng.


At that moment, in the chief’s mansion, Yao Yu Yan was tied up and her mouth was muzzled. Her eyes were closed and she was crying helplessly.

“Hehe, you’re so sexy I could eat you,” said the chief. His hair was messy, and he was staring at Yao Yu Yan in a perverted way. He even licked her soft skin. Yao Yu Yan was terrified, and deathly pale. The more scared Yao Yu Yan looked, the more excited the chief got. He kept laughing happily.

The fact that Yao Yu Yan was crying aroused him!

“Everybody get out. Your chief wants to enjoy himself now. Hehe!” said the chief, patting his long hair backwards. Everybody left the room and guarded the entrance.

The chief stared at Yao Yu Yan, getting more and more aroused by the poor helpless girl. He had the impression he was burning with desire.

“Hehe, you should feel honored and happy, you’ll be the hundredth woman I have sex with.”

“I have more than a hundred servants. After fucking you, I’ll give you to them. They’ll also have a bite. Hehe! That’s what I’ve done with every woman I’ve had before. You should feel honored and happy. That’s how you feel, right?” the chief giggled as he rubbed his hands together.

Yao Yu Yan cried even louder in terror. What could she do, though? Nothing!

She was desperate. Was this how she was going to lose her virginity? Raped by so many men? She had hoped that she’d have her first time with a man she loved.

Thinking about that, she came up with one idea. As soon as the chief touched her, she would bite her tongue and commit suicide.

“Hehe, such a beautiful little woman. I’ll give it to you, darling,” purred the chief sickeningly. He looked so evil as he drew closer and closer to Yao Yu Yan. Suddenly, Yao Yu Yan sensed a strong wind, and a gigantic silhouette grabbed her. Yao Yu Yan got ready to kill herself by biting her tongue to keep her honor and integrity.

However, she suddenly felt the chief had calmed down-?

Yao Yu Yan was curious to see what was going on. She opened her eyes and suddenly, she was astonished.

A thin yet strong man was standing in front of her.

Yao Yu Yan looked at him, her heart pounding. She was shaking from her emotions as she blushed.

“Bro… Brother Lin Feng!” she whispered, smiling shyly.

Lin Feng nodded as he looked at the chief.

“Who are you?” the chief demanded.

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