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PMG 2 Chapter 16: Old Ox’ Strength

PMG 2 Chapter 16: Old Ox’ Strength

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Lin Feng smiled mockingly. He didn’t fear that man.

The man was even more infuriated. He looked at Lin Feng evilly and shouted, “What a good little boy! I see you really want to diel!!!”

“I want to die? Hmph. You’re a Half-Holy Emperor, and since you couldn’t do anything against Cheng Mo, you decided to release your anger at me. You think I’m a pushover?” said Lin Feng. The man was surprised.

“Hmph. Cheng Mo is from the Cheng Clan. I want to give the Cheng Clan face. It’s normal!” said the man. He didn’t know what to say.

“Hehe! No wonder you’re just talking bullshit. You don’t have anything under control. Let me see how you intend to kill me today. Come here little doggy, come and lose face!!!” said Lin Feng mockingly, smiling icily.

The man was getting more and more furious. He clenched his fists and threw himself at Lin Feng.

“Since you want to die, don’t blame me for being impolite!!” shouted the man of the Tian Clan ferociously. Then he threw his hand out at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently. A black light appeared in front of him, it was an old man. His Qi was even scarier than the Qi of the Tian Clan’s man, and swept away everything before it.

The Tian Clan’s man’s face paled. He instantly moved backwards again. His heart twitched. The two other Half-Holy Emperors were also stunned.

Cheng Zhe also showed up in the sky and looked at the old man in front of Lin Feng.

“Who are you, Master? What are you doing in the Cheng Clan?” Cheng Zhe respectfully asked the old ox.

The old ox looked around and finally settled his eyes on the man of the Tian Clan. The latter turned deathly pale.

“Piss off! Don’t disturb me when I’m having a rest!!!” shouted the old ox furiously. Nobody dared act recklessly because of his Qi.

“Sorry, Master. I’m off. If you want to come to the Tian Clan, you can be our guest of honor!” said the man of the Tian Clan, cupping his fist and smiling as he left. The two other Half-Holy Emperors also left quickly.

Cheng Zhe looked happy. The old ox was so strong he couldn’t see how strong he was, but he could sense that he was stronger than a Half-Holy Emperor.

“You and Mu Feng…?” asked Cheng Zhe. The old ox just ignored him and disappeared. He went back into Lin Feng’s world spirit as if he had never appeared.

“Brother Mu Feng, that’s…?” said Cheng Zhe, smiling wryly. He looked embarrassed.

Lin Feng smiled indifferently and shook his hand, “Sorry, Master Ox has a bad temper. I hope you don’t mind,” Lin Feng said to Cheng Zhe.

Cheng Zhe was surprised and smiled easily. “Brother Mu Feng, you’re really strong. Outstanding! Please come to the main hall for a cup of tea,” said Cheng Zhe smiling broadly. He sounded warm and friendly, but Lin Feng didn’t like him.

Why hadn’t Cheng Zhe shown up earlier? Why had he decided to show up when someone stronger than him had shown up on Lin Feng’s side? Didn’t it prove something? It proved that if the man of the Tian Clan had killed Lin Feng, Cheng Zhe wouldn’t have said anything. But since the old ox showed up, it showed Cheng Zhe that Lin Feng wasn’t a futile Supreme Holy King without any important background.

Cheng Zhe didn’t seem to be a good person, but Lin Feng didn’t care. It didn’t matter. He just needed to rely on the Cheng Clan to get to the central part of the Supranatural Region. It was an opportunity for him. He didn’t need new problems to crop up unexpectedly.

Lin Feng wasn’t interested in having friendly relations with the Cheng Clan. He couldn’t trust them. It was the conclusion Lin Feng came to when he saw how Cheng Zhe behaved. Of course, Lin Feng still thought that Cheng Shan was an honest man. But since Cheng Shan was a member of the Cheng Clan, Lin Feng didn’t feel like deepening his friendship with him.

“It’s alright, Leader. I feel exhausted. I need to rest. I’m off,” refused Lin Feng. It was also a way to tell Cheng Zhe that he wasn’t satisfied.

Cheng Zhe didn’t look happy when he heard Lin Feng’s response, but he smiled anyway and watched Lin Feng go back to his courtyard.

After that, he raised his head and shouted at the disciples of the Cheng Clan, “Everybody go back to rest!”


“Yessir!” said all the disciples of the Cheng Clan before leaving. The Cheng Clan was going to participate in the deployment spell competition so they all had to get ready, but they were all amazed, Lin Feng’s strength was incredible.

Lin Feng wasn’t just talented, he was also extremely strong. He also had incredible weapons, such as the Celestial Evolution Chessboard. He enjoyed exceptional advantages, which made them think they didn’t stand a single chance next to him.

Cheng Zhe watched all the people leave. After they left, some others quickly appeared.

“Luo Ze, Mu Feng is really strong. Besides, some unknown strong cultivators protect him. You won’t be able to get your revenge,” said Cheng Zhe, looking glum.

Luo Ze looked furious, his expression hideous. In the garden, Lin Feng had humiliated him, he really wanted to get his revenge!

“Father, during the competition, I will definitely defeat Lin Feng using deployment spells!” said Luo Ze smiling and cupping his fist.

There was nobody there, if anyone had been there and had heard Luo Ze call Cheng Zhe “Father”, they would have been astonished.

“Yes, Luo Ze, call me dad. I also regard you as my son-in-law. I hope you can do your best and make Ya Nuo fall in love with you as soon as possible,” said Cheng Zhe smiling and nodding at Luo Ze.

(Translator’s note: as mentioned in PMG 1, when you are married with someone in China, you call your partner’s parents “mother” and “father”)

Luo Ze looked really happy, he cupped his fist and said, “Don’t worry, father, I will. Last time, I had a draw against Tian Qiong. I will definitely win against him during the competition!” said Luo Ze, clenching his fists. He looked very confident. Cheng Zhe nodded in satisfaction. He clapped Luo Ze’s shoulder and left.

Luo Ze was wondering what he could do during the competition to humiliate Lin Feng. He didn’t know that Lin Feng had helped his draw against Tian Qiong the other day. If Lin Feng hadn’t helped him, Tian Qiong’s deployment spell might have killed him!

People like him were the most pathetic, the most miserable, and the most ridiculous.

Lin Feng had seen so many conceited and proud people in his life. They liked to call other people “trash” but when they fought, they just humiliated themselves. People they called “trash” could usually defeat them easily. Such people were just ridiculous.


At that moment, Lin Feng was in his room. He went into his own world and went to see the old ox.

“Master Ox, I have so many doubts,” said Lin Feng honestly.

The old ox smiled patiently. He already knew Lin Feng had doubts. He nodded and said, “Just ask me. If I can help you, I will,” replied the old ox.

Lin Feng was happy, and asked the old ox some questions.

“Master, how strong are you? Can you tell me?”

Lin Feng was convinced he wasn’t the strongest cultivator in the world, he was maybe considered the strongest cultivator in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. In the Continent of the Gods, there were many people who were stronger than him.

If Master Ox hadn’t been there on that day, what would Lin Feng have done? Half-Holy Emperors were stronger than him. He probably couldn’t compete against three of them.

Lin Feng was convinced that the old ox was stronger than a Holy King.

When the old ox heard Lin Feng, he remained silent for a few seconds, finally, he sighed and smiled wryly, “Lin Feng, I want to answer your question, but I can’t because I don’t know it myself.”

Lin Feng was astonished.

“How is that possible?” Lin Feng didn’t believe the old ox.

The old ox continued, “Indeed. Back in the days, when my master picked me up back in the days, he said I had a particular body, that the standard rules of cultivation didn’t really apply to me. Therefore, I don’t know what my cultivation level is. But if you compare my strength with other people, I can easily kill Half-Holy Emperors, that’s for sure!!” the old ox smiled.

Lin Feng was stupefied. “Master Ox, who’s your Master?” asked Lin Feng.

The old ox remained silent. He just glanced at Lin Feng and disappeared.

Lin Feng’s spirit world was really big. Finding the old ox who was stronger than him was difficult.

Lin Feng couldn’t do much more, so he just left his spirit world.

A few hours later, it was bright outside.

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  1. redhub January 4, 2019 at 3:21 pm - Reply

    Wasn’t the ox just a Peerless Saint before? And is being “Supreme Holy King” the same as being a “God”. Or is it “Peerless Saint”?

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    im ignore flaws like that and just enjoying reading, the only thing im disaapoint are lin feng should make all those bad shrine a slave and torture them everyday.

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