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PMG 2 Chapter 162: The Probable Existence of a God

PMG 2 Chapter 162: The Probable Existence of a God

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“Yu Yan, why are you so afraid? Isn’t the existence of a god a good thing?” asked Lin Feng, frowning.

Yao Yu Yan’s expression changed. She became even paler. She looked like an ancient beauty with lots of white powder on her face. “Because our parents… our parents… they died because of that…”

Yao Yu Yan could barely finish her sentence, Yao Yu Long clenched his fists and pulled a long face.

Lin Feng and Huo Wu finally understood why they were so afraid to talk about it. Their parents were dead, and it was because they had spoken about this topic.

Lin Feng remained silent, but his eyes flashed with anger. Why would someone be killed for talking about something? How horrible!

But life wasn’t fair, and strength determined everything. If the siblings’ parents had been strong enough, they wouldn’t have gotten killed, even if they had offended Savage Town’s great leader.

The strong bullied the weak. That never changed.

Lin Feng had a familiar feeling, as if he had already had thought of something similar. It was just a feeling though…

“Sister Yu Yan, so what you mean is that a god might exist?” Huo Wu asked when she saw Lin Feng remaining silent.

Yao Yu Yan looked at Huo Wu and at her brother. She didn’t want to continue talking about it, so she hoped her brother would help her.

Yu Long remained silent for a few seconds, then sighed, clenched his fists and said, “Maybe. It’s only a guess. According to legends, dozens of thousands of years ago, two gods fought in the Savage Desert and in the end, one of them defeated the other. The one who won sealed the desert to imprison the other one.”

“What about the legend we heard?” Huo Wu asked him.

“Indeed, the legend says that a god is sealed here. Another legend is that this place was sealed to prevent that god from leaving the Savage Desert.”

“What’s sure is that people who talk about the legend usually die. Our parents told us about the legend. Our father said that the god who had been defeated might still be in this world. And apparently, he may be the ancestor of the Savage Mountain,” said Yao Yu Long. He seemed so weak while talking about it, like a child. He was so exhausted that he sat down, looking both sad and furious.

He felt guilty too, because he was too weak and he couldn’t avenge his parents’ death, and the one who had killed their parents was probably still alive and leading a happy life.

“Brother, don’t be sad. Let bygones be bygones,” said Yao Yu Yan, smiling to cheer her brother up. She looked like a beautiful flower. Huo Wu felt compassion for them when she saw how soft and gentle Yao Yu Yan was.

Yao Yu Yan was particularly beautiful. She was also like a balm, it was difficult to get angry around her. It was almost bewitching.

“Lin Feng, should we go and see?” Huo Wu asked him telepathically.

Lin Feng frowned and looked at Huo Wu, perplexed. He didn’t understand why she asked.

“Why should we go and see?” he asked. He didn’t understand.

“Because we are gods, too. If a god exists here, he can help us break the seal and help you recover your memories. We could cooperate and leave the desert.”

“Your memories have only been sealed, that’s why you don’t know who you are. But trust me, you are an incredibly strong god. In the outside world, many people admire and respect you. You must leave this place, and I must leave it with you,” said Huo Wu. She rarely talked like that, she rarely needed to be serious in the outside world. But now that Lin Feng wasn’t able to control his own life, she had to face most problems herself and guide Lin Feng.

The whole thing was making her more mature.

Lin Feng nodded. He also wanted to leave this place and regain his memories, so he agreed.

Huo Wu was happy when she saw Lin Feng nod, and said to Yao Yu Yan, “We want to go to the Savage Mountain, what do you think?”

“You can’t. Don’t. It’s too dangerous!”  “You can’t go. It’s too dangerous!” said the siblings at the same time, without giving Huo Wu time to finish her sentence. Their parents had died because of it, they didn’t want anything to happen to Sister Huo Wu and Brother Lin Feng!

They had gotten close to Lin Feng and Huo Wu, and truly liked them.

“We know it’s dangerous, but we must go. We’ll tell you the truth,” Huo Wu sighed. She was about to tell the siblings the truth.

Yao Yu Long and Yao Yu Yan glanced at each other, and waited for Huo Wu to talk.

Huo Wu wanted to speak, when Lin Feng shook his head. When Huo Wu saw that, she stopped talking.

Lin Feng stood up and said to Yao Yu Long, “Let’s go and see the city center, alright?”

“Alright, Brother Lin Feng. The Hundred Alliance ceremony will start soon. We should go and have a look!” said Yao Yu Long. He looked happy. He hadn’t had fun for a while. He was bored most of the time, and would love to go and see the greatest event of the desert, the Hundred Alliance ceremony!

Lin Feng was wondering what the Hundred Alliance ceremony was. Regarding the Savage Mountain, he would decide what to do later…

“Alright, let’s get going then. If we leave now, we should arrive before it gets dark.”

Huo Wu didn’t understand why Lin Feng wanted to go to the city center but since it was his wish, she agreed.

“Brother Lin Feng, Sister Huo Wu, wait for me. I need to take something!” exclaimed Yao Yu Yan, hurrying away.

Lin Feng wasn’t in a rush, and waited patiently.

Yao Yu Yan came back quickly. She was holding a blue box with a pleasant smell. Some ancient words were written on it. It looked very old.

“This is the trousseau my mother gave to me. I have to take good care of it,” sighed Yao Yu Yan. Huo Wu smiled understandingly.

(Ed. Note: Before you google it, a trousseau is a bridal box/maternal inheritance.)

Yao Yu Long walked to her and squeezed her shoulder to cheer her up.

“Hehe, it’s alright. Let’s go!” said Yao Yu Yan, smiling softly. She blinked, but her eyes were wet.

Before leaving, Yao Yu Yan glanced at Lin Feng and blushed. Huo Wu noticed that and sighed.

Lin Feng was like a Chinese parasol tree, he attracted the attentions of so many beautiful lady phoenixes. She also liked him, and he already had so many wives…

Yao Yu Yan left first, Lin Feng, Yu Long, and Huo Wu followed her and left the Yao Clan. The Yao Clan was as good as nonexistent anymore. Only a few people were left behind.

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