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PMG 2 Chapter 164: But I’m Not Afraid!

PMG 2 Chapter 164: But I’m Not Afraid!

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“Yu Long, tell me about the Hundred Alliance ceremony.”

Lin Feng was looking out the window at the night. The atmosphere was dreary and eerie outside. He turned his head around and looked at Yao Yu Long.

Yao Yu Long was seated on his bed cross-legged. He was testing to see if he could break through to the second Huang Qi layer or not.

Yao Yu Long was very cautious the first time he met Lin Feng, but had gradually come to trust him. He had remained cautious until Lin Feng had killed the chief to protect his sister. Now, he truly respected him.

He stopped cultivating when he heard Lin Feng and replied, “Brother Lin Feng, the Hundred Alliance ceremony is a big event. Many sects and influential groups participate in it. The great leader of Savage Town organizes it every ten years. The biggest influential groups and sects are at the core of the event.

“For example, the leader of the Mountain of Isolation, the leader of the Savage Valley, the guru of the Savage School, the three great emperors of the Savage Mountain, and the leader of the Assassin’s Hall all play an important role in the Hundred Alliance ceremony. They are so strong that they control all people’s lives in the Savage Desert.

“Apart from them, a few second-class sects also take advantage of the event to rise, such as the Sword Sect, the Demon Sect, and a few others. They have privileges, but not many.

“It’s an opportunity to meet people, and also an opportunity to compare oneself to others in terms of cultivation. Each time, each group chooses one disciple to participate in the cultivation competition. Then the champion of the competition can learn from the great leader and benefit from all sorts of resources.

“Of course, I only know those few things. I’m not strong, so my knowledge is limited. We’re from the Yao Clan, which is tiny and insignificant. I wouldn’t be able to participate anyway,” sighed Yao Yu Long unhappily. He wanted to become extremely strong, and be able to protect his sister properly. But cultivation wasn’t something that could be changed from one day to another.

Lin Feng listened carefully and remained silent for a few minutes.

“Yu Long, close your eyes and focus on your dantian!” Lin Feng warned him suddenly. Yao Yu Long was startled at first, but quickly closed his eyes and focused on his dantian. Lin Feng was a great emperor, he was really strong, and obtaining Lin Feng’s help was an extraordinary opportunity!

Yao Yu Long focused on his dantian. A cyan light flashed there and surrounded his whole body. Yao Yu Long suddenly felt extremely good. A pleasant Qi enveloped his body.

Lin Feng frowned. It was the effect of the Tile Pill, it was too powerful. For Lin Feng, taking one-third of the pill was fine, but not for Yao Yu Long!


What Lin Feng feared happened as Yao Yu Long cried out in surprise. He was suddenly in pain. Yao Yu Long’s face paled, and cold sweat appeared on his forehead. Pure Qi surrounded Yao Yu Long and attacked him, he could lose his senses at anytime.

“Keep calm. Don’t think too much,” Lin Feng reassured him. He raised his left hand and released pure Qi, which penetrated into Yao Yu Long’s body before condensing in his dantian. Yao Yu Long sensed the pain fade, and even felt comfortable again. He had the impression he was bathing in the sea.

Yao Yu Long tried to do what Lin Feng was telling him, calming down and focusing on his Qi. Cyan Qi gradually condensed around him, and his body temperature gradually increased. At the same time, Lin Feng sensed that Yao Yu Long’s Qi was increasing, he was about to break through!

Lin Feng stopped disturbing Yao Yu Long. Cultivators didn’t rely on others to break through. Disturbing someone while they were breaking through could actually lead to their death.

“Yu Long, a cultivator must be determined and focused. That’s the most important thing. Cultivators can’t break through if they’re not brave and if they never face danger. But you can also stop any time.”

“I trust you. I will succeed.”

Lin Feng recalled his Qi and disappeared from the room, leaving Yao Yu Long focus.

Yao Yu Long felt more determined after hearing Lin Feng advice. He clenched his fists; if he pushed himself too hard and failed, he could die!

But when conditions are ripe, success is naturally achieved!

Lin Feng sat down on the roof and looked at the sky. Even though the night in the Savage Desert was dreary, Lin Feng found the place quite relaxing and calm.

Lin Feng felt sad when he thought about his lost memories. He wondered what it felt like to have a family and friends. He sighed and lay down on the roof.

“You’re the one who killed the chief, right?”

Lin Feng heard some steps, and Ling Tian appeared next to him. He was wearing his yellow robe and smiling at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng didn’t stand up. He looked at Ling Tian and said indifferently, “Why do you ask? I just did what I felt was right.”

“You’re right. I agree with you,” replied Ling Tian. He wasn’t surprised, he just smiled agreeably.

“But haven’t you thought that many strong cultivators would want to kill you if you killed the chief? Aren’t you scared?” Ling Tian asked. He looked serious now.

“If I were scared, would I have killed him?”

“If you were scared, it would mean you’re not strong. If you’re not scared, it means you’re extremely strong.”

“I don’t consider myself the strongest cultivator, but since I killed him, it means I am fearless. Strong cultivators might try to kill me during the Hundred Alliance ceremony, but I…” replied Lin Feng, and then he stopped.

Ling Tian asked, “But you…?”

“But I am not afraid!” answered Lin Feng, smiling easily. He didn’t look worried at all. He even looked amused. He didn’t know why he was so confident, but for some reason, he didn’t take the strong cultivators of the region seriously.

But I am not afraid!

Ling Tian’s hair bristled when he heard Lin Feng. Five words. Those five words perfectly described Lin Feng’s courage and confidence. At least, they had that power.

Ling Tian couldn’t see how strong Lin Feng was, and he might be hiding his real strength… but he was certain that Lin Feng was stronger than him. He was a high-level emperor, the second-strongest cultivator of the Sword Sect, the first one being his teacher.

Ling Tian remained silent. Lin Feng remained quiet too. Ling Tian also laid down and looked up at the star-studded sky.

The whole night passed quickly that way.

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