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PMG 2 Chapter 165: Trouble During the Registration!

PMG 2 Chapter 165: Trouble During the Registration!

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Very early in the morning, Lin Feng and Ling Tian didn’t talk, they just cupped their fists to one another. Ling Tian left with his female junior fellow disciple. The girl glanced at Lin Feng angrily as they left. Lin Feng just looked after Ling Tian, with whom he had spent the night on the roof, and ignored the girl.

“Brother Lin Feng, thank you.”

When Lin Feng arrived back in their room, Yao Yu Long came out running, and didn’t even close the door. He hugged Lin Feng emotionally.

Lin Feng had transferred some pure Qi to him and he had broken through. He was now a medium-level emperor! One more step and he’d be even closer to the strongest cultivators. Of course, by strongest cultivators, he was thinking of the strongest cultivators of the region.

“You broke through, that’s great! Protect your sister well now that you’re stronger,” said Lin Feng, smiling encouragingly and clapping Yao Yu Long’s shoulders.

Huo Wu and Yao Yu Yan heard Yu Long shout, so they rushed over, thinking something had happened. Yao Yu Yan looked at her brother nervously and asked, “What’s wrong, brother?”

“Me? Haha! Nothing. I’m fine! Hehe!” said Yao Yu Long. He was so happy. He didn’t even know what to say, smiling ear-to-ear. Yao Yu Yan was even more nervous on seeing this.

“Nothing. He advanced to medium-level emperor. He’s just a bit shaken. It’s alright,” said Lin Feng, smiling at Yao Yu Yan. She took a deep breath, happy and relieved. Her brother neglected food and forgot about sleep to cultivate every day. He had been practicing cultivation for almost thirty years and finally he had made it to medium-level emperor!

“It’s not early. Should we go to the official buildings?” suggested Huo Wu. Everybody agreed, especially Yao Yu Long. He was excited now; he had broken through, so he was now qualified to represent the Yao Clan at the competition, even though the Yao Clan had stopped caring about them after their parents’ deaths.

But Yao Yu Long saw things differently. His family name was Yao, and if his parents had still been alive, things would have been different in the Yao Clan. Yao Yu Long suddenly felt like changing the fate of the Yao Clan. Even though the Yao Clan’s leader had died, he could become their new leader!

Everything depended on strength! Yao Yu Long was becoming braver and more determined. Lin Feng was happy for him.


Lin Feng and the others didn’t eat breakfast, leaving straightaway.

The leader’s official buildings weren’t very far, so Lin Feng didn’t use his shuttle. In the desert, they could use it, as nobody paid attention to them in the desert, but in the city center, it was different, especially around the leader’s official buildings. If they arrived in a shuttle, people would notice them, and some would probably attack them.

There were no shuttles in the Savage Desert> At most, stronger cultivators rode flying beasts. Lin Feng didn’t want to attract trouble by using a shuttle, so they walked.

It took them half an hour to arrive. When Lin Feng saw the official governmental buildings, he sighed. Strong people truly had the best things.

It was the finest building Lin Feng had seen so far in the Savage Desert. It wasn’t made of ordinary white stone, it was made of beautiful blue lapis lazuli. It looked luxuriant and grandiose compared to all the buildings he had seen so far.

Outside the building was a stage, over a hundred meters high. There were walls around it to prevent energy spilling over during battles. The bleachers were made of bluestone, stretching a few thousand meters high. The bleachers were vast because the members of the various influential groups would come and watch, and the participants would also be waiting in the bleachers.

Lin Feng and the others arrived at the foot of the stage, where a big crowd was assembled. People were registering for the competition. People from some big sects didn’t need to register, their spots were reserved, but people from smaller groups had to register and they also needed to prove they were strong enough.

“Brother Lin Feng, I’m going,” said Yao Yu Long. Lin Feng nodded. He had faith in Yao Yu Long.

“Let’s find a place to watch. I can’t wait to see how well Yu Long will do,” Lin Feng said to Huo Wu and Yao Yu Yan. The two women nodded and followed after him.

They found some nice seats together. The bleachers had been designed so that people could watch the battles easily.

“Brother Lin Feng, you think my brother is strong enough?” asked Yao Yu Yan hesitantly. She felt embarrassed to ask.

Lin Feng didn’t mind her expression, he smiling reassuringly. “Of course! Your brother is now a medium-level emperor. As long as he doesn’t need to fight against a high-level emperor, he should be fine.”

“Oh, alright, what a relief!” said Yao Yu Yan, nodding and smiling back. She really looked like a flower. However, Lin Feng wasn’t interested in picking that flower, so she was disappointed.

Huo Wu watched Lin Feng’s expression. She was nervous, hoping Lin Feng wouldn’t try to seduce every woman they encountered. Luckily, Lin Feng was colder and more detached since he had lost his memories. He was different from before.

“Eh! Brother, how come you came back so fast?” Yu Yan asked suddenly. Her brother was back, and looking glum, his face pale.

“What’s wrong, brother?” asked Yao Yu Yan. She looked worried when she saw her brother’s pale face, and the anger behind it.

“Brother Lin Feng, I failed, my registration was rejected!” Yao Yu Long’s face was red from anger and his fists were clenched in powerless frustration.

Lin Feng didn’t understand, so he asked, “Why? You’re strong enough to register.”

“But…” Yao Yu Long wanted to say something, but words didn’t come out. Lin Feng had the impression something unusual had happened.

“Tell me,” said Lin Feng grimly.

Yao Yu Long grit his teeth and nodded. “When I went there, only one spot was still available. Initially, I managed to register, but then, an arrogant little bastard arrived and forced the one in charge to replace my name with his. I talked to him, but he humiliated me. We fought, but he was already at the top of the medium Huang Qi layer, so I lost and my registration was replaced.”

He spoke fast, trembling with anger. He had been humiliated, again!

“What to do?” Huo Wu asked Lin Feng. She knew that Yao Yu Long wanted to participate in this competition to become stronger, replace his parents, and make the Yao Clan rise.

Lin Feng gazed into the distance. There were fewer people at the registration counter, which meant the registration process was over.

“Let me wander over there…”

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  1. Maruchi February 22, 2019 at 12:35 am - Reply

    Team, thanks a lot!

  2. Gray June 5, 2019 at 3:01 am - Reply

    Offcourse he didn’t take that flower.

    But if that flower is like YI REN LEI, then it will be another story.. Hahahaha
    Well i miss that lady. Sad.

    I bet some or many of you has forgotten that Female Character. Especially this New Author who ruin Lin Feng life in PMG2, damn it.

    • Reasonable June 12, 2019 at 2:36 am - Reply

      Brooo i also liked yi ren haha. Yes i miss yi ren too but i personally think she’ll be lin feng’s wife

  3. Meng qing September 22, 2019 at 5:25 am - Reply

    Can we tslk about hiw basically everything before has actually notjing to do with this novel and its not even better. Why the fuck dont they switch mc since he is completely different and he lost his wifes and firends and family wtf. So much unfinished shit. i AM SO UNSATISFIED IM IN ANGER AND PAIN DAMN IT!!???

    • Meng qing September 22, 2019 at 5:28 am - Reply

      So much chapters for no reason, time spent on a story that never finished… upsett but feeling better. Imma finish tjis and see if im going to continue. I’ll treat this like a new story and mc. But will never feel that satisfaction… ?sorry for outburst and ill hope to see you hardcore fans in other novels ??

  4. mysterious zun-kun December 1, 2019 at 4:21 am - Reply

    Can we just talk about how it took Yu Long 30 years of cultivation but it took LF 50+ years?

  5. mysterious zun-kun December 1, 2019 at 4:22 am - Reply

    To reach the Haung Qi layer i mean

  6. Heavenly Star July 24, 2020 at 1:36 pm - Reply

    If anyone is reading this around the same time that I am then listen to to what I have to say. I’ve seen many stories like this before and I might be a little bias since I love this story so much but I feel that this is a very good point in this story, just because he lost his memory doesn’t make the story any worse and they always say this on thing in the story, “you can’t get stronger without going through hardships” and I feel that this is really the most I’ve see that phrase come into play.

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