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PMG 2 Chapter 166: Now You Can Register!

PMG 2 Chapter 166: Now You Can Register!

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Yao Yu Long nodded and led the way for Lin Feng.

The registration counter was a stone table. Two men were seated at the table writing things. They were working for the local government, apparently.

“Go and register,” said Lin Feng, casually tapping Yao Yu Long’s shoulder.

Yao Yu Long looked skeptical. The registration process was over, why try again? But he listened to Lin Feng and walked over there.

“I want to register,” Yao Yu Long said to the two men.

Yao Yu Long and Lin Feng’s conversation had drawn many people’s attention. Some people also recognized Yao Yu Long as the one who had just been humiliated. Now he was back to register, what had happened?

The two men raised their heads and looked at him, frowned and said dismissively, “Your application was rejected. I told you that the registration process was over already. Come back in ten years. Have a good day.”

The man who talked looked annoyed and waved him away, before lowering his head again. He continued filling out the forms he had in front of him.

“You…” Yao Yu Long clenched his fists. He was angry, but they ignored him.

“Yu Long, where’s the one who got the last spot?” asked Lin Feng.

Yao Yu Long glanced around and pointed “It’s him.”

Lin Feng saw a man in the crowd. He was wearing bright yellow clothes and holding a long sword. He looked cold, his eyebrows sharp.

The man noticed Yao Yu Long was looking at him, so he glared back at him in cold mockery. Then he said, “Hehe, look, that’s the disgrace of the Yao Clan!”

Lin Feng didn’t think the man would be so virulent. He was almost as despicable as the woman he had met the previous day.

The man crossed his arms before his chest and continued making fun of Yao Yu Long loudly. Many people heard him and wandered over. Quickly, a hundred people were present.

“The disgrace of the Yao Clan?” asked a man.

The man in yellow clothes nodded and sneered, “Indeed, he’s the disgrace of the Yao Clan. The Yao Clan expelled him and his sister from the clan. I don’t know what’s wrong now, he surprisingly dared come here and he even tried to register for the Hundred Alliance ceremony’s competition. Haha!”

“Haha, that moron probably overestimates himself!” jeered another man. They all looked at Yao Yu Long as if he were a circus freak. Lin Feng guessed those two people probably knew each other, and were probably good friends.

Yao Yu Long was so furious, he shouted out and decided to attack.

“Haha, disgrace, you think we’re afraid of you?” jeered the man, laughing loud and scornfully before he punched out.

The crowd moved away, but they didn’t leave, just giving them space.

Yao Yu Long had just become a medium-level emperor, so he had no chance to win.

The man’s punch reached Yao Yu Long’s armpit. He grunted with pain and was pushed away. Lin Feng caught him. Yao Yu Long felt so humiliated, he didn’t dare raise his head again.

Lin Feng sighed. He walked back to the registration counter and asked, “Are all the spots taken now?”

“Indeed. No spot is left. If you want to register, you can do it in ten years,” replied the two men in charge while continuing to write.

Lin Feng looked down at them. He was a bit angry, so he raised his foot and kicked the table. It instantly broke apart and the two men were smashed away.

“When I talk to you, you better look at me!” shouted Lin Feng icily.

Lin Feng had destroyed the stone table by kicking it, which drew even more people’s attention. They instantly forgot about Yao Yu Long.

Only someone like Lin Feng dared destroy that table. The two men were under the orders of Savage Town’s great leader, and by breaking it, Lin Feng didn’t give the great leader face, it was even a humiliation. The great leader was one of the strongest people of the Savage Desert!

The two men put their hands on their aching chests. They felt humiliated and angry as they stood up and shouted at him, “What do you think you’re doing?!”

“Nothing. I just want to register,” said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently.

The two men pointed at Lin Feng and shouted, “There is no spot left! We already said it!”

“Is that so? What if some competitors got injured?” asked Lin Feng, smiling indifferently.

“Wh… what?” the two men were startled and stared at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng ignored them, turning around and looking at the man in yellow clothes. He slowly walked towards the arrogant fellow.

The man noticed Lin Feng’s attention and his expression changed drastically. He shouted furiously, “Try and dare! I am the young master of the Wang Clan!”

“Brother Lin Feng, what are…” Yao Yu Long was anxious, and wanted to ask Lin Feng what he intended to do, but he had no time, Lin Feng’s silhouette blurred. In the blink of an eye, Lin Feng arrived in front of the man in yellow and grabbed his left arm.

“Die!” shouted the man furiously, releasing his Qi. Everybody was astonished and staring at them, amazed by the man’s strength.

“You want to die, not me. You humiliated Yao Yu Long and replaced his registration, you shouldn’t have. You must be punished,” said Lin Feng indifferently. He gripped the man’s arm with full force, and bones crackled. Everybody looked stupefied.

“AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!! My arm!!” shouted the man. He sounded like a dying pig as his face paled. That was probably enough for him to stop humiliating Yao Yu Long…

“Alright, now there’s an open spot,” said Lin Feng, nodding and releasing the man, who fell down on the ground miserably.

Lin Feng walked back to the two men in charge of the registration. They looked scared and stepped backwards. One of them spluttered, “What, what are you doing?!”

“Registering, of course. There’s an open spot now. It must be filled,” said Lin Feng, smiling broadly back at the man.

The two men frowned. Lin Feng was way too arrogant and insolent! But at the same time, they had to watch out. Lin Feng could crush a medium-level emperor’s arm easily, he probably wasn’t an ordinary cultivator.

Suddenly, the two men noticed Lin Feng’s leather clothes. They were promptly terrified as they asked, “You… you’re the one who killed the chief?”

Everybody’s hair bristled, and they all stepped back. According to rumor, the one who had killed the chief was a great emperor!

Lin Feng looked at everybody and shook his head, “Hurry up and replace his name. I don’t have time to waste.”

“Uhhh, alright, alright, very quick, Master,” said the two men, truly scared now. They knelt down and looked for their sheets and pens. They quickly replaced the yellow-clothed man’s name with Yao Yu Long’s.

The hundred spots were filled once again.

Lin Feng smiled and nodded, satisfied. Then he smiled at Yao Yu Long smiling, “It’s alright now. Let’s go.”

Lin Feng walked through the crowd without a care.

Yao Yu Long looked shocked, but at the same time, he was delighted. He had a lot to learn from Lin Feng!

Yao Yu Long glanced over to the crippled man and said icily, “Wang Yi, you can only blame yourself.” Then he followed Lin Feng back to the bleachers.

There were many people in the bleachers, and they had all paid attention to what had just happened. Many people understood Lin Feng was the one who had killed the chief. Those who hadn’t seen what had happened because they weren’t in the bleachers quickly learned about it.

The two men in charge of the registration process left quickly. They had to report what had just happened. The presence of a great emperor was enough to draw the great leader’s attention. In the Savage Desert, great emperors were extremely rare…

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    This is true, for I am death… I am Lin Feng”

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