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PMG 2 Chapter 167: We’re Being Observed?

PMG 2 Chapter 167: We’re Being Observed?

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“Go and get ready to participate in the competition. Don’t think about anything else,” Lin Feng directed Yao Yu Long. Yao Yu Long left the bleachers and walked over to the stage.

The Hundred Alliance ceremony was going to start soon. Lin Feng also wanted to see how strong the cultivators of Savage Town were.

The leaders of the Mountain of Isolation, the Savage Valley, and the Savage School were all great emperors. The strongest cultivator of the Assassin’s Hall was their leader, who was a great emperor too.

Savage Town’s great leader hadn’t shown up yet, but many people paid attention to the three great emperors of the Savage Mountain. The Savage Mountain was the strongest group of the desert, their disciples were all extremely strong. The great emperors they had sent were just disciples.

The Savage Mountain had existed for ten thousand years. According to legends, after a god was sealed in this world, he had created the Savage Mountain, which had become one of the strongest sects.

During those ten thousand years, six of their cultivators had been selected by the great leader during the Hundred Alliance ceremony. The most astonishing part was that there were cultivators from the ancient times in the Savage Mountain. They even had celestial emperors. They were rulers in that world, but they were never seen.

Nobody dared mention the god who had been defeated.

“Everybody, keep calm. The great leader is about to arrive,” said an old man in blue clothes who was walking onto the stage. He was a cultivator at the top of the Huang Qi layer with a high rank. Yao Yu Yan explained to Lin Feng that that old man was the great leader’s servant.

An ordinary old servant wasn’t supposed to be qualified to stand there. There were so many strong cultivators, but that old man was different. He had saved the great leader’s life once and had also raised him. He was almost like a father to the great leader, and many people admired and respected the old man.

“Everybody, you came from all over the region to attend this ceremony. The leaders from the mountain, the valley, the hall, the school, and all the sects and clans are here! Dear friends, I would like to thank you in the name of our great leader,” said the old man, bowing and smiling calmly.

Many strong cultivators stood up and shouted in unison, “Don’t be too humble, Master! It’s an honor for us! We don’t deserve such kindness and respect!”

“Hehe, you are the pride of our region. Thank you!” said the old man, smiling politely and cupping his fist.

Blue lights flashed next to the old man, and a man in golden clothes appeared, wearing a golden crown.

Those clothes were the finest Lin Feng had seen since he had arrived in this region. That man was the highest-ranking person here, none of the leaders was daring to wear a crown.

Yu Yan told Lin Feng that this new arrival was the great leader.

The great leader declared, “Everybody, I invited all of you to come for the Hundred Alliance ceremony. It is an honor for me to see you here. It’s a great event for the Savage Desert.

“In the last ten years, many things have happened in the Savage Desert. The situation has remained stable, but…”

The great leader suddenly stopped. Everybody became nervous, but the atmosphere remained absolutely silent, and nobody dared to speak, including the leaders of the various groups.

“But I suppose everybody noticed something has changed recently. The legendary god might be observing us.”

“How’s that possible? Why would the god be observing us?”

“Right! We’ve been here for tens of thousands of years and we’ve never seen a god, why would he observe us?”

“I saw a god’s face in the sky, it was gigantic and terrifying! He looked ferocious! His Qi was extremely powerful. I couldn’t stop shaking when I saw him! I’m not lying!”

“I believe you! I saw it too! He looked terrifying, indeed.” ……

Everybody started talking when they heard that. The atmosphere became chaotic.

“Silence!” ordered the great leader. His voice was so loud that his it spread for dozens of kilometers around. Everybody stopped talking, and many people shuddered with fear. The god was watching them, was it a good or a bad thing?

“A god is observing this place?” When Huo Wu heard that, she walked over to Lin Feng on tiptoe. She said to him telepathically, “Lin Feng, if it’s true, maybe that god came to attack us?”

“Attack us? Did we offend him?” replied Lin Feng telepathically. He didn’t understand.

Huo Wu looked determined and said, “If you hadn’t become amnesic, you wouldn’t be talking such nonsense. We have to be vigilant!”

“Alright, I understand. I know my social status is not simple, and I know I’m probably the god they’re talking about. I will pay attention,” said Lin Feng, nodding and sighing.

Huo Wu glanced at him angrily and stopped talking. Lin Feng smiled carefully. He had the impression his relationship with Huo Wu wasn’t simple.

“Silence, everybody. Even though it’s difficult to believe, this time, the Hundred Alliance ceremony has a specific purpose. I discussed it with all the other great emperors and we made a decision.

“This time, we’ll choose the most outstanding disciple and the strongest leader, and return to the Savage Mountain. I cannot tell you why, though. I will tell those two people why when they are chosen,” said the town’s great leader seriously, his hands clasped behind his back. Everybody suddenly had cold sweats.

“In addition, I also want to tell you about something else that’s very important,” continued the great leader. Many people raised their heads and looked at him respectfully.

The leader glanced around and finally his eyes settled on Lin Feng.

Lin Feng stared back at him too, for a few minutes. Finally, the leader looked grim as he stated, “Everybody, you all know that the chief has been killed, he died a violent death.”

The leader hadn’t even finished his sentence when everybody was looking at him. The leader already knew about Lin Feng.

According to rumors, the one who had killed the chief was a great emperor, but nobody knew where he was from.

“Even though the chief wasn’t an extraordinary cultivator, he was in charge of managing the whole region. He had lots of responsibilities. Many people were angry when he was killed,” said the town’s great leader. Lin Feng stared back at him, since he couldn’t hide anyway.

As expected!

“But the most important thing is that I have finally found the great emperor who killed the chief.”

 The crowd started talking loudly again. They were stupefied.

“Who? I’ve heard that that guy was wearing leathers.”

“Do you think it’s him?” Everybody stared at Lin Feng glumly.

The leader smiled and pointed at Lin Feng, “Brother, you think you need to hide?”

Everybody was now looking at Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn’t disappoint the crowd, flashing towards the stage.

“How insolent! Who are you! You dare go onto the stage! Piss off!”

Lin Feng hadn’t even landed on stage yet, when all the leaders threw their hands at him angrily.

“I am Lin Feng!” shouted Lin Feng. He raised his left hand and threw it at the man who was the closest to him. Everybody turned their hands in astonishment. The man was blown away and crashed into the ground violently a thousand meters away, without any Qi left.

Lin Feng had just killed a leader so easily?

“That’s…?” The crowd couldn’t believe it their eyes. Even the great emperors on the stage were stupefied. They had not been certain Lin Feng was a great emperor.

Many people quickly understood that the leader who had just died was just a guinea pig, cannon fodder, sent to the front to evaluate Lin Feng’s strength. Poor guy!

“Brother, who are you? Where are you from?” asked the leader, giving Lin Feng a fake smile. He didn’t look angrily at all. The dead man was just an emperor after all, it would have been stupid to attack Lin Feng himself.

Dying for the chief who was already dead wasn’t worth it!

Lin Feng glanced around, back at Yao Yu Long, and shouted firmly, “My name is Lin Feng and I am a free man! I don’t belong to any group or sect!”

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