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PMG 2 Chapter 168: Beginning of the Great Ceremony

PMG 2 Chapter 168: Beginning of the Great Ceremony

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“I see, you’re very strong for an independent cultivator! Impressive!” said the leader, cupping his fist.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything else. The atmosphere became eerily silent. Many participants looked at the other great emperors.

Finally, a great emperor broke the silence, but he wasn’t happy. He said icily, “Your Excellency, since you don’t belong to any group, what are you doing on stage? Please come down.”

“Indeed, since you don’t belong to any group, you can’t stand there. Why cause trouble during the ceremony? Hurry up and get down,” said another one, both angry and firm.

The town’s great leader just looked on. He wanted to see where Lin Feng’s limits were. That way, he’d be able to think of a plan.

“Even though you’re a great emperor, you’re not from a powerful clan, and you’re not the disciple of a holy place, either. What are you doing up on stage? Besides, you killed the great chief, you should already be grateful that we didn’t punish you! Hurry up and leave!” ordered a man in red clothes coldly. He had a sinister face, with rat-like, small eyes.

What a petty and miserable man, thought Lin Feng.

Lin Feng glanced at the three other men. They were the leaders of the Savage School, the Assassin’s Hall, and the Mountain of Isolation, all great emperors.

“Why are you allowed to sit there, and why wouldn’t I be allowed to stand here?” retorted Lin Feng unhappily. Of course, he wasn’t mad, getting mad because of these people was pointless.

“Why? Hmph! Because you don’t belong to any group, nobody knows you, how could you compare yourself with powerful and influential groups?”

“A wolf is a wolf, but without a pack, a wolf is a piece of trash. Now, stop wasting our time and piss off!”

“Hehe, how could that piece of trash be compared with a wolf? If you said a dog, I’d agree, though!” sneered the leader of the Mountain of Isolation, laughing coldly.

“Come on, he’s a great emperor, give him face, will you? Hahaha!”

Finally, a leader of a big clan also started making fun of Lin Feng. He could sit with all those great leaders, which proved his clan was probably a big one. Lin Feng noticed Yao Yu Long looked furious.

Lin Feng asked him telepathically, “Yu Long, what’s wrong?”

“Brother Lin Feng, that’s Wang Yi’s father,” Yao Yu Long replied angrily.

“Wang Yi?” Lin Feng didn’t understand. Who was Wang Yi?

“The one who humiliated me during the registration process, you broke his arm.”

“Ah, I see. Don’t get angry because of that.”

“His father… is the one who killed our…” Yao Yu Long took a deep breath. It was difficult for him to talk about it.

Lin Feng remained silent. He already had a plan. He glanced at Yao Yu Long.

Many people wondered how Lin Feng could stand hearing so much mockery. Did he want to flinch?

“Are you done talking?” Lin Feng asked apathetically.

“Wh… what?”

They all looked astonished, and didn’t understand. Then they smiled mockingly, “What? What do you intend to do?”

“Hehe, nothing! If you’re done talking, I’ll just have a seat,” said Lin Feng, smiling widely and shaking his head. He raised his left hand and released absorbing strength. A cyan chair fell from the bleachers and slammed down next to him. Lin Feng walked over to the chair and sat down with an indifferent smile.

The crowd at the foot of the stage couldn’t help but look at Lin Feng in admiration.

The great emperors were extremely angry. The leader of the Mountain of Isolation shouted furiously, , “You stupid moron! Piss off!”

“You’re from the Mountain of Isolation? I want to talk to you about something,” replied Lin Feng, pointing back at him with his own finger.

“What, then?” demanded the man impatiently.

“I hate it when people point at me with their fingers, so I’ll cut off your finger.”

Lin Feng looked amused. Many people’s eyes went wide. Lin Feng wanted to attack a great emperor?

That thought quickly became reality. Lin Feng disappeared from his seat and reappeared next to the leader of the Mountain of Isolation. He released a black light from his left hand, containing demon strength.

The man’s expression changed drastically when he sensed that Qi move towards him quickly. It was even more powerful than the Qi in the mysterious Savage Mountain.

The man took his hand back and tried to dodge, but it was too late. He shrieked as blood sprayed.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHH!! My finger!” the man wailed miserably. Drops of blood fell on the ground and a finger tumbled into the blood.

Lin Feng recalled Black Dragon. Even though he didn’t know what kind of sword it was, he had the feeling he was very close to it, so he used it easily.

Black Dragon was a demon sword, a godly imperial weapon. Cutting a great emperor’s finger was a piece of cake for it. It could even kill Low-level Holy Emperors!

“In the future, leader of the Mountain of Isolation, you should rename the Mountain of Isolation to Fingerless Mountain, it suits you. Hehe!” Lin Feng smiled coldly. He disappeared and reappeared on the cyan seat.

The atmosphere went eerily silent. People didn’t even dare breathe loudly, scared to offend Lin Feng. Everyone had seen how easy it was for him to cut off a great emperor’s finger.

The town’s great leader looked extremely nervous. He glanced at his old servant, who looked dumbstruck. Lin Feng had managed to cut off that great emperor’s finger so quickly, most people hadn’t even had time to see what had happened. Only terrifyingly strong cultivators could do such things!

Thinking about it, the two men couldn’t help but wonder if it was truly Lin Feng’s real strength, was he really only a great emperor? Maybe he was a… Celestial Emperor!

Thinking of those two words, the town’s great leader remained vigilant. He was one step away from becoming a Celestial Emperor. If Lin Feng was really a Celestial Emperor, nobody could defeat him!

He hastily raised his head and said to everybody, “Alright, let’s stop wasting time, let the ceremony start.”

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