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PMG 2 Chapter 169: Winning Without Fighting!

PMG 2 Chapter 169: Winning Without Fighting!

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The town’s great leader broke the silence and announced the beginning of the ceremony. He looked at Lin Feng respectfully. He already considered Lin Feng one of the strongest cultivators of the region.

Nobody paid attention to the leader of the Mountain of Isolation anymore. He was one of the weakest great emperors present there, advancing to a great emperor only a short time before. Therefore, the other great emperors weren’t too shocked but they remained vigilant, especially the leader of the Savage Valley. The chief had been his brother!

Avenging his little brother’s death would be difficult. He was smart and hadn’t said anything, however.

The Hundred Alliance ceremony was finally going to start. The event wasn’t that big, actually, as there were only those few powerful influential groups and a few sects.

“First step, please call the competitors,” the town’s great leader said to the old servant, before taking his seat on the edge of the stage. He was facing Lin Feng.

He could sense some demon Qi emerge from Lin Feng’s body, but it was invisible and intangible, so he remained even more careful.

The old servant walked to the center of the stage with a list in hand. “The first one against the last one, Luo He from the Mountain of Isolation against Yao Yu Long, that’s…”

He suddenly stopped talking and hesitated, looking at Yao Yu Long. The Yao Clan had already ceased to exist, except in name. How come Yao Yu Long was participating in the competition?

However, the old man didn’t cause trouble. Luo He and Yao Yu Long both stood up. They were similarly strong.

“I am Luo He from the Mountain of Isolation, how come a tiny little clan such as the Yao Clan is participating in the competition? Surrender now. That way, I’ll move on to the second round. If you don’t cause trouble, I’ll help the Yao Clan. What do you think?”

Luo He didn’t intend to fight, smiling proudly and arrogantly. He had seemingly forgotten that the leader of the Mountain of Isolation had just been humiliated and had lost a finger.

The leader of the Mountain of Isolation looked at Lin Feng icily, and then at his disciple. He shouted coldly, “Make that little bastard of the Yao Clan surrender, or else-”

“He’s one of my external disciples. I protect the Yao Clan. So, what did you have to say?” The man didn’t even have time to finish his sentence when Lin Feng interrupted him. Everybody swallowed and looked at Yao Yu Long. They didn’t look down on him anymore.

Yao Yu Long was encouraged by the gesture once more. He also felt more determined than ever. Being backed up by such a strong cultivator was incredible. He now hoped he’d finish in the top 50, or even the top 25!

Luo He and the Mountain of Isolation’s leader, on the other hand, were both very anxious. Luo He even looked panic-stricken.

“I… I surrender,” said Luo He nervously. He was scared, pride and arrogance gone. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared from the stage.

“Haha! Is that how brave the members of the Mountain of Isolation are?”

“A disciple from the Mountain of Isolation just surrendered?”

Many people looked at Luo Hu mockingly. Of course, they just whispered those things. They didn’t want to infuriate the Mountain of Isolation’s leader. Lin Feng didn’t fear him, but they did!

The Mountain of Isolation’s leader’s cheeks were burning. He felt like he had been slapped in the face, and didn’t feel like staying there anymore.

“Great Leader, I’m off. I won’t get involved in worldly affairs anymore,” he said finally. He rolled up his sleeves and left. His disciple followed him.

The old servant watched the Mountain of Isolation’s leader leave, and glanced at the town’s great leader. The town’s great leader just nodded. The old servant smiled and said, “Since the Mountain of Isolation surrendered, Yao Yu Long is qualified for the next round.”

“Hey, good luck brother!” shouted Yao Yu Yan excitedly. Her heart was pounding as fast as a rabbit’s heart, and she looked just as cute as one.

Huo Wu smiled thinly. She knew that if Lin Feng wasn’t extremely strong, nobody would have feared Yao Yu Long.

Yao Yu Long was inspired once again, but he also regretted that he hadn’t been able to fight to get qualified. It was an unfair advantage in the competition. But Lin Feng was so strong and supported him, so that was a kind of strength, too.

When one was strong enough, one didn’t need to fear anyone!

Lin Feng was happy for Yao Yu Long. Lin Feng wanted to recruit Yao Yu Long as a disciple, but he had the impression he could only take him as an external disciple, although he didn’t know why.

Yao Yu Long didn’t know that in the Continent of the Gods, it would have been extremely difficult for him to become one of Lin Feng’s disciples. Of course, Lin Feng didn’t know that, either!

“Next round, Savage Valley’s disciple against the Sword Sect’s disciple, Ling Tian,” said the old servant waving and stepping back to give them space.

Ling Tian landed on the stage, holding his sword. He smiled and nodded at Lin Feng.

Everybody looked nervous. Did the Sword Sect have a good relationship with Lin Feng?

When the Sword Sect’s leader saw that, he was puzzled. Did Lin Feng and his disciple have a good relationship? Great!

If it hadn’t been a competition, he would have gone onto the stage and offered his services to Lin Feng!

Lin Feng nodded back at Ling Tian and smiled, then pointed at his opponent.

That disciple was called Gu Shan. When he saw Lin Feng point at him, he was frightened. He glanced at his teacher, the leader of Savage Valley.

The leader of Savage Valley nodded at his disciple to cheer him up. Gu Shan tried to remain calm, he cupped his fist and said, “Let’s start!” 

“Please!” “Please!”

One lifted his sword, and a cyan sword Qi surrounded the stage. The other one threw out his fist, which seemed as heavy as a mountain. But Ling Tian’s sword was sharp. He jumped forwards and rotated like a tornado.

Ling Tian’s sword collided with Gu Shan’s fist. The latter was pushed away a hundred meters and almost fell down from the stage.

“We surrender!” shouted the leader of Savage Valley at that moment. Ling Tian recalled his sword and stretched out his hand. Gu Shan smiled and shook Ling Tian’s hand before they left the stage.

There was a big level difference between the two of them. Ling Tian had already reached the top of the high Huang Qi layer, and was about to to become a great emperor. Gu Shan was just a medium-level emperor.

“I announce that Ling Tian from the Sword Sect is qualified for the next round.”

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