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PMG 2 Chapter 170: I Have an Objection

PMG 2 Chapter 170: I Have an Objection

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“Third battle, Savage School’s disciple against the Li Clan’s disciple.”

“The Savage School’s disciple wins.”

“Fourth battle, Wei Qing from the Savage Valley against Xu Lin from the Xu Clan.”

“Wei Qing wins.”


“Next battle, the disciple of the Savage Mountain against the Savage Valley’s disciple.”

“Next battle, Savage School against Savage Valley.”

“Final battle, Assassin’s Hall vs. Savage Mountain.”

The battles passed quickly. Lin Feng didn’t pay too much attention. In less than two hours, the fifty battles passed quickly. 98% of the fighters were from the biggest groups. Few disciples from small sects and clans participated. Yao Yu Long was an exception, because was backed up by Lin Feng.

“The second round is more about internal strength. Those who are qualified, please come to the front,”
said the old servant, looking at the fifty qualified competitors. He pointed at a gigantic yellow mirror on the edge of the battle stage. One could sense pure Qi emerging from it. It drew Lin Feng’s attention.

“What’s that?” asked the leader of the Savage School. He looked skeptical.

“That’s the Savage Mirror. According to legends, it’s a weapon a god left. It’s used to analyze pure Qi.”

“His Excellency the guru will test it for us,” said the old servant. He nodded respectfully and stepped back. The guru slowly came onto the stage. He walked up to the mirror, and raised his left hand. Golden lights flashed, and the mirror flashed with dazzling golden lights. Some ancient words appeared. Everybody recognized the symbols; it was a value, 950!

Lin Feng stared at the mirror. Huo Wu stared at it, too. She knew that bronze mirror, but it had disappeared from the Supranatural Region for twenty thousand years already. What was it doing here? So the legends were true?

The mirror reflected pure Qi. It had been made using three billion Godly Stones. It really could calculate the value of pure Qi. But that wasn’t the most important thing, the most important thing was that the pure Qi it reflected could be used to cultivate. It had been made using billions of Godly Stones, and could easily be used by a dozen High-Level Holy Emperors to break through to the Peerless Holy Emperor layer.

Huo Wu smiled. That mirror was a Godly Imperial weapon. It was even more valuable than Lin Feng’s Black Dragon sword! People in the outside world had been looking for it for twenty thousand years already. Lin Feng was lucky, it was right there in front of him. It was a great opportunity!

Even if people from there realized the pure Qi it reflected could be used to practice, it was useless because they couldn’t use it, only gods could use Godly Stones to cultivate.

950 was a good score for a great emperor; it meant they were at the top of the great emperor layer. If the value exceeded one thousand, it meant they were Celestial Emperors. If it exceeded ten thousand, it meant they were gods, or Half-Holy Emperors, already.

Above a hundred thousand, the scores weren’t in numbers anymore, but in godly circles. It meant the cultivator was a real god. Huo Wu’s dad had told her about the mirror, so she knew a lot about it.

“Everybody, please look. The number is 950 which is the score of my Qi. Stand in front of the mirror and you will see your score, too. You, come here,” the town’s great leader said to a competitor from the Savage School.

The guru of the Savage School was excited. He walked away and let his disciple test his strength. His disciple released as much Qi as he could to attack the mirror. He was extremely excited, too.

His Qi bombarded the mirror. Golden lights flashed, but he was quite weak. 480 appeared on the mirror.

“Hey, not bad. It corresponds to your real cultivation level, a high-level emperor,” said the town’s great leader flatteringly. He used to be a disciple of the Savage School as well, so he favored them.

The guru was happy. He didn’t sit down, wanting to see the results of all the competitors.

All the leaders rushed over to see better. Lin Feng also walked over to the mirror, and the other great emperors edged away from him.

“Your turn,” said the town’s great leader to Ling Tian. He was the only cultivator of the Sword Sect who had made it to the top fifty, the strongest one of the Sword Sect.

Ling Tian wasn’t nervous. Lin Feng nodded at him. Ling Tian took a deep breath and released as much Qi as he could. He did better than the previous people.

“495? How strong! You’re about to become a great emperor. Congratulations!” said the town’s great leader, startled, yet quite happy for him. One more great emperor in Savage Town, that would be great!

The Sword Sect was happy too, of course. The leader of the Sword Sect would be able to rely on his disciple!

Ling Tian nodded and walked away.

“Yao Yu Long, your turn,” said the town’s great leader, smiling indifferently. He sounded encouraging because of Lin Feng.

Yao Yu Long tried to look calm, but was quite nervous. He clenched his fists.

“Brother, good luck!” shouted Yao Yu Yan. She looked so cute and beautiful. When Yao Yu Long heard his sister, he was a little less nervous.

Yao Yu Long stood in front of the mirror and released energy. Golden lights flashed. He was much weaker than the two previous people.

“450, not bad, either. In twenty years, you’ll break through” smiled the town’s great leader.

Yao Yu Long nodded. He knew he couldn’t compete with the two previous people. They were high-level emperors who were about to become great emperors. He was satisfied with his result.

“Keep up the good work!” said Lin Feng, clapping his shoulders and releasing some pure Qi. Yao Yu Long suddenly sensed some more pure Qi flow in his veins.

“When you go back, try and become a high-level emperor. In the worst case, you’ll reach the very top of the medium-level Huang Qi layer,” Lin Feng told Yao Yu Long telepathically, before heading back to his seat.

After that, all the competitors tried. Most of them got between 300 and 400. One of them even obtained 498; he was stronger than Ling Tian, and would become a great emperor more quickly. Of course, it was a disciple from Savage Mountain. People were not surprised.

“After careful considerations, we decided that these five ranks of people are qualified,” said the town’s great leader, standing up. The other people in charge of the competition nodded approval.

“Fifth, Ye Shan from the Savage Valley.”

“Fourth, Assassin’s Hall, Cang Tian.”

“Third, Chen Zhi and Chen Fu from the Savage School, they both got 450.”

“Second, A Zhi from the Assassin’s Hall and Ling Tian from the Sword Mountain.”

“First, Hui Yuan, Hui Chen, and Hui Jin from the Savage Mountain,” said the town’s great leader, smiling broadly. Everybody understood that apart from Ling Tian, the others were all groups close to the government. If the Mountain of Isolation hadn’t withdrawn from the competition, maybe that Ling Tian wouldn’t even have been selected.

“Anyone have an objection?” asked the town’s great leader, smiling at the crowd. He didn’t look at Yao Yu Long, though.

Yao Yu Long was furious. He had also scored 450, the third and second places had obtained 450 too. Why wasn’t he in the final ranking?

Yao Yu Long looked at the leader of the Wang Clan, who sneered at him and scratched his beard. Yao Yu Long understood. That bastard had plotted against him!

“I do. This is not fair!” shouted Yao Yu Long furiously. The leader of the Wang Clan laughed mockingly.

Yao Yu Long shouted so loudly everybody heard him. Everybody looked at him and started whispering.

Lin Feng looked at the leader of the Wang Clan and a few other people, then at Yao Yu Long. Yao Yu Long had to solve this issue himself, but if he didn’t know how, Lin Feng had a plan.

“Ah? What do you want?”

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