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PMG 2 Chapter 171: Who Do You Think You Are To Sermonize Others?

PMG 2 Chapter 171: Who Do You Think You Are To Sermonize Others?

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The town’s great leader looked amused, as if he had been waiting for Yu Long to speak.

Yao Yu Long was furious and glanced at the leader of the Wang Clan. That man had killed his parents. Yao Yu Long said, “My score was 450 too, why am I not third?”

Yao Yu Long pointed at the two people who had been chosen to rank third, one more in the third position wouldn’t have been a problem.

The two men glanced at each other and then smiled mockingly.

“What’s your social status? What is our social status? Don’t think you can act as you wish because that guy protects you. Watch your words! We are strong. We aren’t a frog in a well, you can’t understand how strong and powerful we are. And you, Lin Feng, we don’t give a damn where you’re from. In Savage Town, you better be a bit more discreet,” one of the men said aggressively and arrogantly, as if he were qualified to criticize Lin Feng and Yao Yu Long.

“Lin Feng, since you’re seated there, you better not cause trouble. You should know this is an honor nobody has had for a hundred years,” said the other disciple. He knew that now that Yao Yu Long had gotten angry, Lin Feng would probably want to intervene. Indeed, why wasn’t Yao Yu Long qualified to rank third like them? How was that possible?

“Lin Feng, my disciples are right. You should be reasonable. Even though you are qualified to be arrogant, we are many great emperors, you can’t compete with so many of us,” said the guru of the Savage School when he heard his disciples. He even stood up. He was sermonizing Lin Feng!

“Lin Feng, we are all great emperors. We should get along well. If you’re honest and motivated, you should create a sect here, that’d be great, right?” said a great emperor of the Savage Mountain as he also stood up. It was the first time he had spoken up, and he didn’t even sound too harsh.

“Lin Feng, the Hundred Alliance ceremony is something we all cherish, no matter the tensions which might exist between our different groups. We are responsible for ensuring the whole event happens without any problem.”

“Lin Feng, do you understand? Initially, when you appeared in the Savage Desert and became a threat to the harmony and security of the region, we wanted to join hands to kill you. But then we all thought that it would be a pity considering your great cultivating abilities so we decided to let you off. We hope you can admit your mistakes and cherish this opportunity!” said the strong cultivators of the Assassin’s Hall and the Savage Valley, standing up as well. They were also sermonizing Lin Feng.

Everybody stared at Lin Feng. Initially, Yao Yu Long was the one who was angry, but at that moment, nobody was paying attention to him.

Yao Yu Long was still standing there. He realized that he had made a mistake, that they had infuriated him on purpose. That way, they could preach at Lin Feng.

 But damn, those guys had a plan. They were the strong cultivators in the region.

“Brother Lin Feng, I…” Yao Yu Long pulled a long face, feeling guilty.

“I’m alright, move aside,” said Lin Feng shaking his head expressionlessly. Yao Yu Long nodded and went down from the stage, back to Huo Wu and his sister.

Yao Yu Yan looked nervous. She was extremely worried. So many strong cultivators were criticizing Lin Feng, she hoped he wouldn’t start fighting against them…

Huo Wu wasn’t nervous at all. On the contrary, she was quite amused! All these people were provoking a god? It was laughable! Even though Lin Feng’s strength was sealed, his body was already almost indestructible. He had the body of a god, a golden body, which hadn’t changed. Could great emperors’ attacks even harm him?

When the strong cultivators saw that Lin Feng remained expressionless, their faces fell and they released Qi. Lin Feng raised his head and glanced at the six strong cultivators in front of him. The six cultivators were the leader of Savage Valley, who was also the great chief’s biological brother; the three great emperors of the Savage Mountain; the guru of the Savage School; and the leader of the Assassin’s Hall. If the leader of the Mountain of Isolation hadn’t left, seven strong cultivators would have joined hands to fight against Lin Feng.

Many people were stirring with excitement. Could Lin Feng fight against so many great emperors alone? To them, great emperors were like gods, but now six of them needed to join hands to fight against Lin Feng, because they couldn’t do anything alone.

Most people were rooting for the six strong cultivators. Lin Feng’s influence was limited. Even if he had forced the leader of the Mountain of Isolation to leave, many people just thought he was lucky, and his sword was a powerful weapon.

“Lin Feng, come on, admit your mistakes and we’ll let you off,” the leader of the Assassin’s Hall wheedled glumly.

“Lin Feng, remember what I said. If you stop being so stubborn and admit your mistakes, we will support you and accept you in Savage Town. You can create a new group, or even join an existing one. We’d love to have you among us,” said another great emperor from the Savage Mountain. He sounded proud and arrogant.

Lin Feng looked amused. He smiled icily, which them feel even angrier.

“What are you laughing at?” shouted the leader of Savage Valley furiously. He was now holding his weapon, a whip. If Lin Feng remained silent, he would attack and kill Lin Feng.

“I’m laughing at you, guys. You really overestimate yourselves. You are not qualified to preach to me!” said Lin Feng icily. He raised both hands, and energies poured out in waves. Everybody was tense. Lin Feng looked really angry…

The leader of the Savage Valley shouted furiously, attacking Lin Feng with the whip in his hand. “Attack! Let’s all kill him!” shouted the leader of the valley. He disappeared and reappeared behind Lin Feng, lashing his whip at him.

Lin Feng remained expressionless. He flashed forwards and released an aggressive energy. The leader of the valley suddenly sensed a Qi he couldn’t compete against. How come a great emperor like him was strong?

Lin Feng didn’t give him too much time to think, though. Punching him violently. The leader of the valley was smashed away. He crashed to the battle stage and rolled to its edge.

The leader of the Savage Valley was really strong, and had now had lost against Lin Feng, many people were astonished. But it was just the beginning!

“Go, let’s kill kill him!”

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