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PMG 2 Chapter 172: The Strongest One?

PMG 2 Chapter 172: The Strongest One?

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  The three great emperors of the Savage Mountain attacked too. One of them appeared above Lin Feng and threw a kick at him. His foot was filled with Qi and seemed as heavy as a mountain. Another one attacked from the left and punched out at Lin Feng’s chest. The other one was wielding a long sword and attacked Lin Feng from the front.

The Qi became so dense all around that observers found it difficult to breathe. The town’s great leader looked nervous.

Yao Yu Yan looked nervous as well, on the verge of tears. Yao Yu Long clenched his fists. His whole back was covered in cold sweat.

Huo Wu looked calm and composed. If those great emperors attacked Lin Feng, it would be such a joke.

The three enemies continued attacking Lin Feng, trying to crush him… but Lin Feng looked completely indifferent.

Lin Feng shouted, raised his left hand, and blue lights flashed. His attackers were shocked to realize they couldn’t do anything to him. The blue lights became wider. The three of them felt powerless as the blue lights stopped them.

“Some people can join hands and kill me, but not you. But I understand it hasn’t been easy for you to reach such a cultivation level, so I’ll spare your lives,” Lin Feng promised. He raised his fists as the blue lights disappeared. Space and time Dao appeared. When the three cultivators sensed the Dao, they were completely stunned, and their blood started boiling. They were hurled away violently, but they weren’t as lucky as the leader of the valley. They crashed head first onto the bluestone stage and their facial bones cracked.

The physical pain wasn’t any worse than the mental pain, they felt so humiliated. Lin Feng used their own reasons not to kill them. They wanted to crawl into a hole…

Everybody remained astonished, they were speechless. Lin Feng was so strong. Were the strongest cultivators of the Savage Mountain the only ones who could defeat him?

But wasn’t Lin Feng just as strong?

And what about the leaders of the Savage Valley and the Assassin’s Hall?

Everybody was stunned. The town’s great leader’s face was white. These people were unable to kill Lin Feng!

They had plotted, it had worked, they had infuriated Yao Yu Long on purpose, and then they had sermonized Lin Feng to provoke him. They were sure they would be able to kill him!

Nobody had thought Lin Feng was so strong! Where was he from?

“Brother Lin Feng, please don’t be angry,” said the town’s great leader, smiling nervously. Lin Feng was too strong for the town’s great leader’s way of thinking. He initially thought Lin Feng was as strong as all of them, but he was stronger!

The three cultivators of the Savage Mountain crawled back to their seats, not daring to speak further to Lin Feng. The leader of the Savage Mountain was completely furious, but he also understood that avenging his younger brother’s death was impossible.

The leader of the Wang Clan was scared, realizing Lin Feng was truly terrifying. He was the one who had come up with the plot. He couldn’t defeat Lin Feng alone. The other leaders couldn’t defeat Lin Feng, either.

“Great Leader, the competition should continue.” He was scared, so he tried to change the topic.

But that drew Lin Feng’s attention. Lin Feng remembered that guy was Yao Yu Long’s enemy, and knew how evil that person was.

“There is something I need to do… Great Leader,” said Lin Feng, looking at the leader of the Wang Clan and smiling casually.

The town’s great leader’s face fell. He glanced at the leader of the Wang Clan, who had just gone pale. Lin Feng was about to attack him.

“Wang Long, die!” shouted the town’s great leader suddenly. His expression changed to something ice-cold as he punched out. He was at the top of the Di Qi layer, and could easily kill the leader of the Wang Clan.

Lin Feng was startled, and couldn’t believe his eyes. When the great leader saw Lin Feng’s expression, he had the impression he had made a mistake, but it was already too late. He had nothing to regret since it was done.

“Brother Lin Feng, he plotted against you. He had to die,” said the town’s great leader, smiling broadly.

Lin Feng smiled and nodded back in a strange way. Then he pointed at the leaders of the Savage Mountain and the others, and said mockingly, “They helped him plot against me, why don’t you kill them, as well?”

“I, eh… Hehe. Brother, you’re joking! They are friends of the Hundred Alliance. We can’t offend them. And if we did, everybody in Savage Town would be saddened.

“Think about the well-being of the people of this region. Let’s not ruin our alliance. These people would be sad if we did,” said the town’s great leader cupping his fist and bowing. Many people looked at him in a strange way, but most people thought he was right. Lin Feng was strong, so he could contribute to the harmony of the region.

Strength was the most important thing!

Lin Feng remained silent and nodded. The town’s great leader was delighted, but at the same time, the great emperors were definitely not. Could it be that Lin Feng could decide whether they deserved to live or not?

They didn’t dare say anything, though, as they were afraid of death. They could just silently endure the humiliation.

The town’s great leader’s old servant looked at Lin Feng and walked back to the center of the stage. He said hoarsely, “The top five must be modified.”

“No need. Yao Yu Long and I don’t give a damn about your ranking. If you are happy with your little games, good for you,” said Lin Feng, shaking his head. The ranking list didn’t mean anything to him. Strength determined everything.

The competitors’ faces turned red when they heard Lin Feng. They attached great importance to the rankings, but Lin Feng didn’t. Some felt embarrassed, some others felt furious.

“Alright, then, the first step of the Hundred Alliance ceremony is over. The first place is the champion.

“Now we need to find the strongest person. First bring the champion to Savage Mountain. We have things to discuss,” said the town’s great leader. He knew he had made a mistake. He watched the crowd, most of whom were looking at Lin Feng.

“The strongest person? The strongest ones needs to be chosen?”

“Yes, right! He killed the great chief, he made the leader of the Mountain of Isolation leave, he made six great emperors retreat, isn’t he the strongest one?”

“No need to choose, then, Lin Feng is the perfect choice.”

“Indeed. Let’s choose Lin Feng. He’s the strongest one!” started shouting many people. They were so excited, but why? Lin Feng belonged to no group. He represented ordinary people. He was independent. They had to support him!

When the town’s great leader heard them, he wasn’t happy. Initially, he wanted to choose himself, as he wanted to go to the Savage Mountain, but now he had no choice. If he wanted to change things, he had to challenge Lin Feng.

But he would have no chance to win if he challenged Lin Feng!

He decided he’d see how things were in ten years. Maybe Lin Feng wouldn’t be able to participate anymore.

The town’s great leader looked at Lin Feng and said, “Brother Lin Feng, you’re the strongest cultivator here. Please go to the Savage Mountain with the champion, alright?”

An eerie silence came over everything. Everybody looked at Lin Feng and waited for his answer.

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